• UnpackError while building gstreamer1.0 with Yocto Thud

    Hi,   I'm currently trying to build gstreamer1.0 with Yocto Thud. My host machine is a Debian 9 (stretch) Linux. It always succeeded with previous version of Yocto rocko and sumo.   But there with thud I...
    Karim Atiki
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  • ECSPI Slave Mode TXFIFO problem

    I'm having some trouble using the ECSPI on an i.MX6ULL in slave mode in a continuous streaming application.   Data received by the part is fine but I'm getting repetitions in the transmitted data i.e. words that...
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  • JailHouse hypervisor support in imx8

    Hello, I see that JailHouse is supported by nxp on imx8 platform. https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/i.MX_Virtualization_User's_Guide.pdf However, there are only binaries available for Android P. Can I get sourc...
    prabhuraj tavag
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  • i.mx6dl VDDUSB_CAP issue

    Hi Team:      Could you please tell me VDDUSB_CAP if can support 3.4V?  the spec request is 3.0V output , but why the registor can be programmed VDDUSB_CAP up to 3.4V? if VDDUSB_CAP is progr...
    zhongwei he
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  • Signal Integrity Problem 

    Hi,   I am working on i.MX8M MINI processor based design. I have completed the PCB layout activity and now want to do the Signal Integrity. I have downloaded the processor IBIS Model from below link.  ...
    Sameer Pitre
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  • Pepper flash for chromium on iMX8/8M BSP?

    Hi,   We are evaluating the i.MX8 platform for our use case. We want to run Pepper flash on Chromium for i.MX8 platform. Please help us with the following questions.   1. Does the BSP of i.MX8 support Pepp...
    Gaurang K
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  • U-boot Environment Variables Source Code

     Hello NXP,   I am looking for the U-boot Environment Variables Source Code in imx6 android 9 architecture. but if i am not wrong i am able to find the setenv and printenv only two variables source in...
    Nandish SG
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  • how to implement imx1050 external bootloader

    Dear , I know there is an internal bootloader in 1050 chipset, but it can NOt meet our requirement, so we need implement second bootloader. so normally, after power on, the internal bootloader in imx1050 will load th...
    ivan li
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  • Accessing mode register MR33 in LPDDR4 with i.MX8

    Hello!   there are LPDDR4 DRAMs which have integrated ECC error correction functionality (IME4G32L4HABG). These devices even have additional ERROR-pins which could be used to trigger an interrupt routine or rese...
    Thorsten Wronski
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  • imx6q: OpenGL "Hello World".

    Hi,   I'm not new to embedded linux but I'm a newbie to OpenGl programming.   I would like to compile a Simple OpenGl program to be able to run on an iMX6Q board (running linux: framebuffer build). Can an...
    Prasant J
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  • OpenGL Utility Toolkit library for i.mx6

    Hi.   We are testing the imx6Q GPU performance using the Xwindow for linux. Three libraries( OpenGL , OpenGL Utility, OpenGL Utility Toolkit ) need to do that. But, one thing is not enough, OpenGL Utility Tool...
    wongon lee
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  • SSH on I.Mx8mmini

     I want to access the board from network so How to enable SSH on I.Mx8mmini.
    Santhosh Kumar
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  • OTA update Stopped in Android 9 iMX8QM

    Dear NXP,   I am working on IMX8QM with Android 9.  I got following error when do OTA update. Coped update.zip file in cache folder.    OTA update failed after reboot recovery.   E: could...
    vinothkumar s
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  • Armhf linux for iMX6ul evk

    Good afternoon. I need to make armhf linux for iMX6ul. When I bitbake image-core-base, then "uname -a" command return that system has armel architecture and noway to install armhf package with apt-get. How can I confi...
    Vladislav Redin
    created by Vladislav Redin
  • CS42888 codec not working in i.mx6q Sabre AI having Android M

    Hi I am working on  I.MX6Q Sabre Auto Evaluation board having Android M.  This is my bootargs for only enabling LVDS   setenv bootargs console=ttymxc3,115200 init=/init video=mxcfb0:dev=ldb,bpp=32 vid...
    Deepika Teriar
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  • IMX6ULL Processor canfd clock

    hii, i am installing the tcan4x5x canfd driver processor used is imx6ull, i had apply cclk(can clock) of 40Mhz.in hardware it is external crystal oscillator, how can i enable the clock in software? one host clock ...
    Pooja Todakar
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  • NTP Server Synchronization on LTIB 2.6.35 build

    Hi,   I need to add support for NTP server synchronization on LTIB 2.6.35 build. Please let me know how to proceed with the same.           - Thanks  Iju
    Ijaz Fazily
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  • why print 'cpu cpu0: _opp_is_duplicate: duplicate OPPs detected. Existing: freq: 900000000, volt: 1275000, enabled: 1. New: freq: 900000000, volt: 1275000, enabled: 1'

    u-boot: 2016-03 kernel: 4.19.35 board: imx6ull     chip id:   xxxxx08aa i use my config boot the kernel, in last it print duplicate OPPs detected,it's that:  Starting kernel ... [ 0....
    he lun
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  • IMX8mq摄像头video问题

    您好:    在做camera移植,想添加RGB565图像格式遇到以下问题: 1、mbus_code选择MEDIA_BUS_FMT_RGB565_2X8_LE,有多种情况,这个是根据传感器模式选择么? 2、cr18配置选项怎么配置? 3、colorspace的选择,这个跟什么有关?
    ma qiang
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  • Is there support for ADC in i.MX 8M Mini series of processors?

    Hi, I was wondering if there is any support for ADC in i.MX series of processors?     Thanks and Regards, Nayana Gopalraj
    Mahesh Devadiga
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