• Question about i.MX8M Nano JTAG with 1149.6 AC-coupled support

    According to the reference manual of  the i.MX 8M Nano, 1149.6 AC-coupled test is supported. But from BSDL of i.MX 8M Nano from https://www.nxp.com/downloads/en/ibis-model/IMX8MNANO-BSDL.zip , t...
    光晓 徐
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  • RM67295  + IMX8MM

    Now  I use RM67295  to display,but there is just RM67191 in the source. So can I  change the code of RM67191 to RM67295? If NXP have the code of  RM67295  pls update it to the git .T...
    qiao weibiao
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  • IMX8MQ不能运行weston服务

    问题:不能成功运行weston服务。 环境:使用IMX8MQ log:[20:24:23.513] weston 5.0.0                https://wayland.freedesktop.org       ...
    cang yue
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  • Can PF1550 handle CC charge lower than 100 mA in WARM stage?

    I have a product with a PF1550. I want to charge the battery using constant current of 25 mA max for high temperatures.   In order to do that, I set a CC 100 mA charge limitation for the JEITA1 NORMAL ...
    Anthony Loiseau
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  • Ubi error during boot

    Hello all, I try to use Imx287 with nand, i haved build mfg tools un kernel, I can flash the nand with mfg tools and make ubi fs. But the kernel can't read the ubifs. The error is:   0x000001400000-0x0000200...
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  • i.MX28 Linux 2.6-imx

    Hello!    We're still using i.MX28 / Linux-2.6 with Yocto 1.8 Fido in production. For that build "linux-2.6" repository located at git://git.freescale.com/imx/linux-2.6-imx.git is not available any mor...
    Dmitry Varakin
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  • Boot command using hab_auth_img

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to use HAB for the kernel verification. I managed to sign the kernel image and to get "No HAB Events Found!" calling  hab_auth_img 0x40480000 0x13c6f60 0x13c6000.   I have two ...
    Paolo Gentili
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  • switch_root from initramfs is failing

    Hi everyone, we're trying to implement an initramfs with the intent of: Open a LUKS partition (using a key saved on TPM) Mounting the partition RO Mounting an OverlayFS switch_root to the new system   The f...
    Paolo Gentili
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  • qemu build error in imx-5.4.3-2.0.0_genivi.xml

    DISTRO=fsl-imx-wayland MACHINE=imx8qxpmek source imx-setup-release.sh -b bld-wld bitbake core-image-minimal     | /home/yang/elinux/imx-yocto-bsp/bld-wld/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/qemu-native/4.1.0-r0/qemu-4.1...
    计龙 杨
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  • i.MX 8M Family DDR Tool Hangs on Waiting for the target board boot

    Hello everyone,   We have designed a custom board with i.MX 8M Quad CPU. We controlled the voltages and clocks on the board. But when we try DDR Tool, it prints the logs given below Tool does not print anything ...
    Onur Calili
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  • IMX8M General Purpose Fuses

    Are the general purpose fuses free for user usage? When I read their values on a fresh IMX8M it appears quite a few of the bits had already been blown (ex. OCOTP_HW_OCOTP_GP10 was set to 0xd503201f). If they aren't fr...
    Brendan Krieger
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  • auto suspend or shutdown after innactivity

    Hello,   We're using Android 9 from NXP for our I.mx8 boards.  It has some customization for some of our custom hardware but mostly the UI and Android is all stock.  I've read some posts about auto sus...
    Dennis Muhlestein
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  • EVK-MIMX8MM: Cortex M4 debug w/ J-Link v8/v9

    Hello. Is it possible to debug Cortex M4 aux processor on IMX8MM (evk board) with Segger J-Link v8 or v9 (_not_ J-link plus as mentioned in "Getting started with MCUCpresso SDK for EVK-MIMX8MM") ? I am going to use O...
    Dmitry Bogdan
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  • iMX8MQ processor Socket Based EVK for secure boot (OTP)

    Hi,   We are planning to work for a secure Boot on iMX8MQ. For secure boot, we need to program the fuses on i.MX8MQ(processor) and as per our understanding this is a one-time programmable process. So in the de...
    Nilesh Patel
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  • imx6ul usb gadget connect/disconnect/suspend/resume events ?

    Using g_ether USB gadget with imx6ul under linux. We can disconnect USB cable and reconnect with no problems. Link goes and comes back just fine.   But how do I get an hotplug type event (kernel or udev trigge...
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  • About ADC channel assignment

    Hello,Community Assigned to ADC1_IN0 to ADC1_IN3 in Table 99 of the data sheet. On the other hand, in the ADC memory map of Reference Manual, ADC1 has CH_A to CH_D. Is it possible to assign Channel 0 to CHA_SEL, Ch...
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  • Cannot find wayland-0 socket under non-root user

    Hi, I'm trying to launch a GUI application on my system (iMX8MM, Yocto Sumo) without root permissions.   When I login with my non-root user I have this situation: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR = /run/user/1000 wayland-0 do...
    Paolo Gentili
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  • Secure Boot on imx8mq.

    Hi, What are the step for secure boot on imx8mq?   Thanks, Nilesh Patel
    Nilesh Patel
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  • The download link of Linux 5.4.3 demo image is invalid

    Hello, NXP FAE team:   I am trying to download linux 5.4.3 demo image for i.mx8mm EVK. It looks the download link is invalid for i.mx8mm and i.mx8mn. (The download link is fine for i.mx8mq EVK). i.MX Software ...
    Richard Hu
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  • Guide on MXRT1050/1052 Interrupt

    There is a small section dedicated for i.MX RT1050 Interrupts in Chapter 4 but it covers on which interrupts are available on the processor and DOES NOT provide any detail information on GPIO interrupts. I am looking...
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