• imx8mm evk HABv4 problem

    Dear nxp     use   i.MX_Android_Security_User_Guide.pdf documents verification 8mm HABv4 Funtion,the motherboard cannot start or burn. What caused this problem. Have you encountered such a pr...
    Aber fu
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  • i.MX8M EVK MIPI CSI Camera Frame Rate

    Hello, We have purchased NXP MIPI-CSI camera MINISASTOCSI kit and followed the instructions in this application note https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN12187.pdf  to test the camera on NXP i.MX8M EVK...
    Felix Radensky
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  • error: expression .... ->CCM_Type::ROOT[0].CCM_Type::<unnamed struct>::TARGET_ROOT' has side-effects    kCLOCK_RootM4_1 = (uint32_t)(&((CCM_Type*) ... ->ROOT[0].TARGET_ROOT),

    The solution to this problem is to use the offsetof, review this single line in the fsl_clock.h that needs propagated for both enums that use the CCM macro and all their entries.      /*! @brief ccm ro...
    Thomas Orsi
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  • How to access to the top address of OCRAM for i.MX8QXP

    Hello,   From RM (IMX8DQXPRM_Rev.0.pdf)     OCRAM is mapped to address of 0x100000 to 0x13FFFF. But, I could not access to address range from 0x100000 to 0x117FFF by u-boot prompt. Can w...
    Kazuma Sasaki
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  • onnxruntime fetch fail

    Hi All Right now ,i am try to build the new yocto bsp 4.19.35 to generate the eiq for our algorithm development , but i encouter the issue showed below .   bitbake imx-image-full     WARNING: onnxrun...
    King Liu
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  • i.MX8 MM Not detected eMMC Slot

    hi communicators.   I have one specific question plz help...   - My NXP Board Description Picture:    i.MX 8M Mini ----------------------------------------------------------------------------...
    lim eon
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  • Want old design data for i.MX6Q-SDB

    Hi all, I am using i.MX6Q to check S/W operation for my customer. Unfortunately I have only an old revision (SCH-27516 Rev.B3) board in my hand. Please provide design data for this revision to someone.   BR, ...
    George Fukutomi
    created by George Fukutomi
  • Application Layer: IMX8MQ to IMX8MQ communication using PCIe cross-link

    Hi NXP Team,   We have gone through the reference of the below link: i.MX6Q PCIe EP/RC Validation System    In our end application we want to establish full-duplex communication between two ...
    Harshit Shah
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  • PMIC read error | imx6q sabreAI

    Hi All, I am working on imx6q based sabre AI custom board, running android 7.1.Everything works fine on our first version but in our latest version of our custom board,it is showing PMIC read and write error and boot...
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  • Imx6ull buildroot flash with mfgtool

    Hi,   I have custom imx6ull board and I need to flash nand with buildroot. I think that better is to flash device to SD card via mfgtool before try to boot to nand version.   I have two boards. One with n...
    Janne Terho
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  • Problems with imx7d overlay setting rgb565 mode?

    Hello everyone On imx7d, I successfully enabled the overlay layer, and my screen resolution is 720x1280. And when bits-per-pixel = <32>, everything looks good except for screen jitter. Later I set bits-per-pixel...
    其东 刘
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  • i.MX8QXP+MAX9286

    Now,our customer is use i.MX8QXP L4.14.98 +SerDes MAX9286+MAX96705+Sensor AR1043 as Sourding 360 solution. MAX9286 and MAX96705 should be found and initial is ok.But:  Error:write reg error:reg=0x3024,val=0x1. ...
    George Li
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  • imx8mm worrior build fails on busybox

    hi We are upgrading our BSP to the worrior on the imx8m-mini but when i build with fsl-image-qt5 the busybox fails.  Value of CONFIG_SH_IS_NONE is redefined by fragment .config.app.suid: | Previous value: # CON...
    ran gree
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  • I can't find i.MX 8QuadMax / QuadPlus register Manual on Nxp website

    Hello, everyone   I can't find i.MX 8QuardMax / QuadPlus  register manual on nxp website
    William Gou
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  • iMX8QXP Bare metal Cortex m4 cache initialization

    Hi,    I'm currently working on a baremetal application on the M4 inside the i.MX8QXP and I'm having issues activating the cache. I would like to make sure I'm not missing any steps. I based my configu...
    David Binet
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  • Where is the iMX8 Nano JTAG_TRST pin?

    On the iMX8 Nano, where is the JTAG_TRST pin (also mentioned in the Reference Manual as the JTAG_TRSTB pin)? For example, in the Reference Manual I can find things like this: And things like this:   It...
    frank van hooft
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  • A7/M4 timing issue using power_mode_switch example

    Hi,   My use case: when A7 goes to VLLS, switch M4 to VLLS and wait for an event (GPIO or LPTMR) to wake up, then wake up A7 too.   Platform: 7ULP EVK 7ULP: any default image (using core-image-base) M4 SDK...
    Guillaume Audirac
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  • LVDS format in the device tree

    hi i am connecting my imx8m-mini to a custom LVDS screen. i changed the device tree LVDS timing but still did not get a picture. at the end i change the lvds-format value from 1 to 2 and it fixed the LVDS output. I t...
    ran gree
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  • build apt-get  code in yocto image failed in maaxboard  board

    hi, I want to build apt-get  in my yocto image in maaxboard  which is porting  from imx8  imx8mqevk board , so I can install executable code from board.  I add some lines in my loc...
    peter zhang
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  • Nandflash migration boot problem

    Hello,   I work on a custom Imx6 board :      * Model : MCIMX6Q7CVT08AD     * Nand : MT29F8G08ABABAWP-ITX:B TR   We have a full Yocto bsp made for this b...
    Jean Chabrerie
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