• Opencv on i.MX8 Yocto

    Hello,   About i.MX8 Yocto,does the Opencv in aarch64-mx8-poky-linux will upgrade? Now we use i.MX8 QM 2.3.0 Yocto release the OpenCV version is 4.0.1,we want OpenCV version 4.1.2 does it will upgrade or ...
    Xu Ji
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  • error: ethernet@30be0000 address not set.

    Hi, I am getting the below error for the Phy IC DP83848 in RMII Mode in IMX8MMini Error: ethernet@30be0000 address not set.   Below is the uboot log ----------------------------------------------------------...
    Santhosh Kumar
    created by Santhosh Kumar
  • compile error u-boot-fw-utils under yocto zeus

    I am trying to compile the u-boot-fw-utils under yocto zeus. Earlier i was getting compilation error but somehow imanages to replace my config with mx6sxsabresd_optee_defconfig as defined in default configuration...
    Nikhil sahu
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  • i.Mx6d Android board lvds panel display problem

    I have a i.mx6d borad, and i transplant Android4.3 system to it,  the display panel is lvds 1024*768 60HZ, it goes very ok when it power on, but after 10minutes, the display screen occur overlays. see the image.&...
    martin li
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  • imx6q EIM 异步模式读不到FPGA数据

    1、16位地址,16位数据,非复用模式。 pinctrl_fpga: weimgrp { fsl,pins = < MX6QDL_PAD_EIM_CS0__EIM_CS0_B 0xb0b1 MX6QDL_PAD_EIM_LBA__EIM_LBA_B 0xb0b1 MX6QDL_PAD_EIM_BCLK__EIM_BCLK 0xb0b1 MX6QDL_PAD_EIM_OE__EIM_OE_B 0xb0b1 MX6...
    dawei li
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  • Porting G2D to custom OS: where is G2D repository for i.MX7ULP ?

    Hi all,     As we plan to port in-house kernel to i.MX7ULP to support 2D only applications, we would like to port G2D infrastructure. Section 2.4 "Support of new operating system in G2D" of document "i.MX ...
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  • i.MX8 MM Not detected eMMC Slot

    hi communicators.   I have one specific question plz help...   - My NXP Board Description Picture:    i.MX 8M Mini ----------------------------------------------------------------------------...
    lim eon
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  • openocd imx8 coresight address help

    refer to imx7 openocd tapid and debug base help   i.mx8 questions 1. whats address of CoreSight Debug Access Port   DAP   2.whats address Base addresses of cores   3. do imx8 have Secure ...
    jesse stone
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  • Cannot find wayland-0 socket under non-root user

    Hi, I'm trying to launch a GUI application on my system (iMX8MM, Yocto Sumo) without root permissions.   When I login with my non-root user I have this situation: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR = /run/user/1000 wayland-0 do...
    Paolo Gentili
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  • I.MX8M would automatically crashes under do not do anything

    Hello experts ,   I found my I.MX8M board would automatically crashes under do not do anything, ( can't output log or key any command )     it might happen between 1~2 hour,   but after &#...
    Dylan Lin
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  • imx8qxp 双屏显示的应用问题

    各位:         我们基于NXP kernel-4.14.98版本开发了demo板,目前已经成功驱动2个LVDS屏幕,可以通过鼠标将QT应用拖拽到不同的屏幕上显示。为了实现双屏同显和双屏异显,我们参考了imx6的配置方法,但imx8qxp显示框架为drm,imx6的方法在imx8上无效。目前我们遇到的问题:         1.双屏异显:在命...
    Jinlong Bai
    created by Jinlong Bai
  • How to enable interrupts of EXP_GPIOs from PCA6416 in IMX8M Mini EVK

    Hi,   I'm working with IMX8M Mini EVK. I'm trying to handle interrupts from EXP_GPIO, but got -6 when calling gpiod_to_irq(). The node setting of pca6416 in dts is like below: ========================  ...
    Hao Qian
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  • iMX8M 1PPS in

    Having difficulty getting 1PPS input on a GPIO1_IO08 tp work. My device tree fragments are: pinctrl@30330000 {    compatible = "fsl,imx8mm-iomuxc";    reg = <0x0 0x30330000 0x0 0x10...
    Aaron Goldsworthy
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  • Where is the iMX8 Nano JTAG_TRST pin?

    On the iMX8 Nano, where is the JTAG_TRST pin (also mentioned in the Reference Manual as the JTAG_TRSTB pin)? For example, in the Reference Manual I can find things like this: And things like this:   It...
    frank van hooft
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  • imx8mm evk HABv4 problem

    Dear nxp     use   i.MX_Android_Security_User_Guide.pdf documents verification 8mm HABv4 Funtion,the motherboard cannot start or burn. What caused this problem. Have you encountered such a pr...
    Aber fu
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  • A7/M4 timing issue using power_mode_switch example

    Hi,   My use case: when A7 goes to VLLS, switch M4 to VLLS and wait for an event (GPIO or LPTMR) to wake up, then wake up A7 too.   Platform: 7ULP EVK 7ULP: any default image (using core-image-base) M4 SDK...
    Guillaume Audirac
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  • CST HSM 3.2.0 compiled against Openssl 1.1.1f leaks memory and segfaults

    Hi,   I'm attempting to compile CST against OpenSSL 1.1.1f. To achieve this I've recompiled libfrontend (as the packaged one seems to be compiled against older openssl) and used this binary to compile the comple...
    Atte Pellikka
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  • iomux register read and write

    I am using memtool to read the value from iomux register; for example, I want to read the SPI2_CS0 with the address of 0x401C0, but failed with bus error. But I can read the 0x5A000000 (version id register for spi) ...
    andy G
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  • Programmer for PF4210

    Hi, may I know what tool I need to program the PF4210 please? Only one i found is the KITPFPGMEVME MMPF0100 - Programmer , can it be used for PF4210  also ? Many thanks,
    Enoch Arthur
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  • i.MX8MQuad Android P9.0.0_2.0.0 (4.14.98 kernel) AVB support

    Does i.MX8MQuad support Android Verified Boot (AVB) using Android P9.0.0_2.0.0 (4.14.98 kernel)?   I notice there is no i.MX_Android_Seurity_User_Guide.pdf file under Android P9.0.0_2.0.0 doc...
    Bin Lin
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