• SCFW and cortex-A lpuart

    Hi, I'm using iMX8QM MEK. I would like to use the M4_0 UART (J18 debug port) from the Cortex-A cores (A53 or A72). I will need to change the SCFW to initialize power for the UART for Cortex-A. Also, not move it to th...
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  • How to use the whole rootfs via overlayfs, and how to configure initramfs for that?

    Hi, I have problems to build a yocto Linux (based on sumo) which consists of rootfs and Linux kernel bundled with an initramfs. The whole stuff is driven on an NXP i.MX8mmini evalboard, following the instructions ...
    F B
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  • iMX8QXP SCU wakes up once a second during suspend?

    Hi,   SCFW: Linux BSP: 4.19.35 SoC: iMX8QXP PMIC: PF8100   When I put the system into suspend (KS1) I can see the PMIC coming out of standby via the SCU disabling SCU_PMIC_STANDBY. The PMIC then tu...
    John Ernberg
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  • imx8mnevk-ddr4 SPI data transfer issues

    I am attempting to test SPI functionality on the i.MX 8M Nano DDR4 EVK using the Linux tool spidev_test with the MISO and MOSI pins connected on the J1003 connector. When using 8 bits per word I can specify a tra...
    Joseph Durrant
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  • Android 9 Automotive USER build variant going to Recovery

    Hi All,   I am working on IMX8QM-MEK Android 9 Automotive. I am using  imx-p9.0.0_2.1.1-auto-ga source Actually i have to create user build variant. Currently, we are using user-debug. I added this lun...
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  • imx-image-full fails building. Some packages failed with an error during build

    Hello Guys,   I want to use the i.MX8M mini for some ML & KI Application. Therefore I want to build the imx-image-full with Yocto. I followed the Instructions on the YoctoUserGuide Rev. L5.4.24_2.1.0, 06/20...
    Patrick Stenger
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  • how to add meta-clang to Imx8qm  iwave board yocto?

    how to add meta-clang to Imx8qm  iwave board yocto?   ERROR: Layer clang-layer is not compatible with the core layer I am using meta-clang commit 6475bb23b98160bfe6c5b2acf3e5e76ad8a05345 to add meta-clang i...
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  • Ethernet Communication over longer cable length

    Hi NXP Team,   We are designing a product on i.MX8M Mini processor and Ethernet signals are used for VoIP calling and we have implemented Microchip PHY- KSZ9031.   We are trying to check the communication...
    Dhara Pillai
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  • i.MX8MSCALE DDR Tool - TrainInfo Detailed Debug Information

    We use the i.MX8MSCALE DDR Tool (i.MX 8M Family DDR Tool Release ) für i.MX Nano (Rev.3.10) to stress and analyse our LPDDR4 Memory interface. We want to increase the debug Output and set TrainInfo fro...
    Daniel Koethe
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  • Does anyone have patch for rpmsg wakeup source for kernel L4.1.15

    Hi,   As per below document, iMX8QXP: Use RPMSG to wake up M4 and A35    patch : L4.14.78_rpmsg_wakeup.patch is for only L4.14.78.   Is there any patch for L4.14.15 as I see there are many...
    Rakesh Patel
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  • IMX8M populate sdk error

    system info: Linux Version:Ubuntu 19.04 BSP version :repo init -u https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/imx-manifest  -b imx-linux-zeus -m imx-5.4.24-2.1.0.xml  Build command:DISTRO=fsl-imx-xwayland ...
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  • USB OTG Eye Diagram test for i.MX6Q

    Hi,   I referred to https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-105609 (I.MX6 series USB Certification Guides) to configure the eye Diagram test , With reference to https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-94460?commentID=17030...
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  • imx8mm lpddr4 issue: Fail to resume from suspend

    Hi,        I encounter issue on our imx8mm board when resume from suspend. Comparing to imx8mm-evk, we use lpddr4: FORESEE_LPDDR4X_NCLDXC1MJ512M32. both hardware design and software code are ...
    Junsheng Zhang
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  • Configuring ECSPI2 SS0 to Low in iMX8MM EVK

    Hi,   I am working with iMX8MM EVK and Yocto distribution 4.19.35 version   Build Configuration: BB_VERSION = "1.42.0" BUILD_SYS = "x86_64-linux" NATIVELSBSTRING = "ubuntu-16.04" TARGET_SYS = "aarch64-poky-l...
    Sreedhar A
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  • Replacement part number for i.MX8M EVK BOM (Crystal and RJ45 connector)

    Hi everyone, I am going to design a custom board based on i.MX8M EVK. First of all, I have checked i.MX8M EVK BOM in terms of market availability of components in Digkey, Mouser,.. I founded all the components except ...
    saeid fallah
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  • Secure boot issue  for i.MX6DL custom board

    Hi Yuri and all,   As you may noticed, with help from Liu Kui, I managed to resolve the HAB_INV_ADDRESS issue. However, my first custom board was locked (bricked) after programming to close the device...
    Shunnian Zhai
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  • Same content on LCD as on LVDS

    Hello, We have a custom board (imx6q) on which one time a LVDS panel is connected, and another time an lcd panel. These are connected on the same IPU - DI. I thought it was going to be as simple as just configure the...
    Wouter Vanhauwaert
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  • How to up eth0 when power on  at imx8qxp

    How to up eth0 when power on  at imx8qxp ? 1.Hi,I am debug imx8qxp and sja1105r 1G communication.but first up eth0 then up sja1105R P0 port .imx8qxp and sja1105r can communication success. 2. kernel version 4.1...
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  • IMX6D 可见光滚屏

    你好!           imx6DQ 移植xc7160外置isp +  imx298 sensor,可见光滚屏,    正常成像:    滚动异常成像如下:          更详细的滚动现象见附件...
    Lee Shuai
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  • IMX6Q 高温环境下开机无法进入kernel

    问题现象: 1,在高温环境下(60℃以上),CPU温度在85摄氏度以上,反复开关机的过程中(上电3min,下电1min),开机串口打印大概率会卡在如下图示的界面。     已经做得修改和测试: 1,将ldo_bybass模式改为ldo_mode,高温开机卡死概率降低,但还是出现。 2,将DDR压力测试工具得到的验证结果写进uboot,高温开机卡死还是出现。 3,修改OTD,由40ohm改为48ohm...
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