• setting repo

    I do it as up following,but always fault, i wander why.
    zhang baobing
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  • Signing error in i.MX8M Mini - FIT Image

        I've followed this tutorial (Manually build Boot binary for i.MX8M Mini) for building U-Boot and successfully got the FIT image without HDMI component. And when I tried signing the FIT image followi...
    Kanimozhi Thangappan
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  • Has the imx28 revisions been updated for ERR010873

    Hi All,    We have a big concern about the ERR010873. We want a clear information about if imx28 ROM code has been updated for it.Is the uboot patch enough for preventing  hacker attacks?
    xing liu
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  • bitbake fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx ExpansionError

    Hi, I have recently purchased imx8mini board. I have installed ubuntu16.04 in the vmware I have download the yocto project by using "repo init -u https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/imx-manifest -b imx-linux...
    black huang
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  • setting repo fault

    .2 Setting up the repo utility Repo is a tool built on top of Git that makes it easier to manage projects that contain multiple repositories, which do not need to be on the same server. Repo complements very well the ...
    zhang baobing
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  • imx6q reset error form linux

    The imx6q board designed in this paper will have problems when it is reset after entering the Linux system.but when reset from uboot is ok. when reset from linux,the system will enter uboot,but just show the log is as...
    andy lu
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  • PWM of IMX6SX cannot be generated continuously

    Hi All,    I am working on     pwm changes randomly 
    long hao
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  • Adding HDMI in i.MX8M Mini U-Boot - Yocto

        I'm building Yocto's warrior core-image-base for i.MX 8MM and sound that the produced U-Boot is void of HDMI component.       I want to build U-Boot with HDMI so any help in en...
    Kanimozhi Thangappan
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  • Timer in Arm-cortex M4 Core

    Hi All,   Implement timer concept in Arm Cortex M4 Code. (SDK: 2.5.1). Will you please provide some example ?   I need example for start timer and wait for 5 min to execute statement.     Thanks...
    vinothkumar s
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  • ECSPI demo stop working in MCUXpresso Software Development Kit

    I'm using M4 core's ESCPI in i.max8mq and I want to start with the follow example code: boards\evkmimx8mq\rtos_examples\freertos_ecspi\ecspi_loopback boards\evkmimx8mq\driver_examples\ecspi\ecspi_loopback Both of t...
    Wen Fu
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  • iMX8MM - LPDDR4 memory mode register read

    I need to read some mode registers from LPDDR4 memory with iMX8mm. I tried to use 'lpddr4_mr_read()' function from ddrphy_utils.c, but this command hangs. It looks that it accesses registers (DRC_PERF_MON_MRR0_DAT) wh...
    Arkadiusz Karas
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  • IMX8QM Inconsistent shareability domain on tlbi instructions

    I'm using a IMX8QM system which features a dual-core A72 cluster plus a quad-core A53 cluster. Running on EL2 from one of the A53 cores I want to unmap a single page for all cores, so after I remove the entry for the ...
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  • Missing iMX 8M Mini support for Media controller API

    Hi, I am using iMX 8M Mini with several MIPI CSI sensors (OV, IMX). The Linux kernel is based on codeaurora imx_4.19.35_1.1.0 (v4.19.35-5188-g8507afc3a397).   It's very important to have the media controll...
    Krzysztof Kozlowski
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  • full memory test

    Hi,         I am trying to do full dram memory test from the user space in imx6q sabre sd. But if I run my code, system will hang. I know the problem is with already using memory. Pleas...
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  • DM-Verity singing/verification in i.MX8MQ

    Hi All,   I want to understand DM-Verity singing/verification process of system and vendor images on i.MX8M Android platform.   We are using i.MX8MQ custom board. DM-Verity support is enabled in kerne...
    pratik manvar
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  • IMX8QM-MEK Power Management difference between Linux and Android

    Dear NXP,   I got observation when I try to send  suspend-to-ram command ( echo mem > /sys/power/state ) from Android and Linux   Suspend to Ram in Android OS,       ...
    vinothkumar s
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  • Adding a sensor to Android but HAL doesn't seem to be initialized.

    I'm trying to add an Ambient Light Sensor to an imx8mq Android 10 project.   Steps so far: BoardConfig:   + BOARD_USE_SENSOR_FUSION := true   MyBoard.mk  +PRODUCT_PACKAGES += \   ...
  • HDMI CEC not working in IMX6Q timing is not correct

    HI   I have a custom board with IMX6Q , in which I am trying to use the HDMI CEC   Bellow mentioned are my configurations :   Device tree pinctrl_hdmi_cec: hdmicecgrp {      ...
    agnel terry Thiburcius
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  • i.MX6 SoloX Processor Top Marking

    Where I can find the Part marking details for following parts?   I am not able to find details in the datasheet.   MCIMX6X4CVM08AC MMPF0200F6AEP   Thanks & Regards, Muneeswaran R
    Muneeswaran R
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  • How to get a size of SRAM, DRAM, NOR FLASH in imx6 sabre sd

    Hi,       I want to print size of SRAM, DRAM and NOR FLASH in imx6 sabre sd using c programming. Please tell me how to do it.   Thank you.
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