• Unknown description in "i.MX 7Dual Applications Processor Reference Manual"

    Hi, Community   I am reading "i.MX 7Dual Applications Processor Reference Manual". There is the following description on page 1237. ----------------------------------------------------------- IOMUX co...
    Yuichi Takeda
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  • about PMIC_ON_REQ state

    Hello,Community   Does PMIC_ON_REQ continue to output a high state when the state transitions in order from 1 to 3 below?   1.VDD_SNVS_IN is always on, high is output from PMIC_ON_REQ, and Core power suppl...
  • IMX6UL asrc SAI clock source

    Hi, page 517 of the IMX6ULL reference manual it is stated that the clocks for the asrc filter can be provided by the Serial Audio Interface SAI (see image below). However the description of the Clock Source Regist...
    Manuel Bertran Alvarez
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  • u-boot from code aurora fails to build

    Hi, I know that this exact question has already been asked and, partially, solved here: u-boot from code aurora fails to build  So, it's even more disappointing that after 6 months I had to re-ask the same ques...
    Andrea Tomassetti
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  • How to use bluez to connect the imx6dl controlled Bluetooth chip to mobile phone Bluetooth.

    hello       I want to use bluez to connect the imx6dl controlled Bluetooth chip to mobile phone Bluetooth.       My current Linux BSP version is&...
    weibin chi
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  • IMX6UL ethernet does work in u-boot but it doesn't with Kernel 4.1.15_2.0.0

    I use imx6ull-14x14-evk ,in uboot mode, it can ping host through eth0,but when start kernel, it can't ping host.The indicator light for the Ethernet interface is also not on.I refer to the  IMX6UL ethernet d...
    小飞 张
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  • rcu_bh_state detected stall and rcu_preempt_state detected stalls in Android 6.0.1 (MarshMallow)

    Hi, We are working in iMx6Q processor which runs on Android 6.0.1.(MarshMallow) and Linux Kernel version is 4.1.15. We are getting rcu_bh_state detected stall prints in dbug terminal while we run the processor for lo...
    Winston Jacob
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  • Cannot set pixel clock

    HI , we use i.mx8m to turn on lcd panel with sn65dsi84. when we set pixel clock to lvds , and we will see error message. How do we know that the pixel clock has support  on i.mx8m ? Thanks. [ [0;32m OK  ...
    hank wang
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  • Could not debug my new custom board

    I am trying to debug my code using my new custom board that has iMX RT1062 MCU on it and a 16 MB flash on it: IS25LP128F-JBLE.    I verified that my boot configuration is correct. I set it internal boo...
    Farid Mabrouk
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  • iMX51 and boundary scan

    When connected via JTAG, 3 devices are detected. Using TOPJTAG! Two devices are known - the i MX51 chip itself and the core! The third device is identified with ID=0, most likely it is SDMA! IR length?
    Sergei Molotkov
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  • Clocks issue when capturing 4K@30 RAW10 in i.MX8M

    Hi,   We've been working with an IMX334 image sensor on the dart-mx8m development kit. We are trying to capture a 4K@30 fps streaming. We configure the image sensor to use 4 lanes (891 Mbps/lane) ...
    Jafet Chaves
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  • Linux freez when MIPI & M4 are used

    Hello   Hardware: i.MX 7Dual revision 1.2 and 1.3 Software: Linux, based on NXP 4.14.98-2.0.0_ga.   Scenario: * The M4 core is executing a program that continuously generates UART messages and chan...
    Uri Mashiach
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  • MX8  SAI & Tensilica HiFi 4

    Hi!   Please can you share any information regarding the interaction with the Tensilica® HiFi 4 DSP and what Linus support will be available.  This DSP is really quite powerful for audio processing. &...
    David Smith
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  • imx8mmevk lcd output

    How do I modify the yocto build for imx8mmevk to allow use of the MIPI-DSI-OLED. Was looking for both how to modify via uboot and through bitbake.  
    James Dluhy
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  • How to set IMX8MM colour space for G2D conversions

    The IMX8MM reference manual section on the G2D specifies support for BT.601 and BT.709 YUV to RGB color conversions, including the formulas used. How are these set as they are not exposed in the G2D API?   ...
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  • How do i make sure iMX8 A35 core(s) and M4 core are communicating well?

    i.MX 8DualX/8DualXPlus/8QuadXPlus @iMX8 :    How do i make sure iMX8 A35 core(s) and M4 core are communicating well on Linux version 4.14.78-toradex_imx_4.14.78_1.0.0_ga-bring_up ? Could share detail docu...
    sri patcha
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  • Unable to send Data on FlexCAN interface on iMX6ULL

    Hi All,   I am trying to bringup FlexCAN on a custom board running iMX6ULL. The issue that i am facing is, i am able to create a CAN interface but i don't see any data coming out of my CAN port. I probed the po...
    Biju Nair
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  • how CANFD istallation in imx6ull processor?

    hellov, i am installing CANFD tcan4x5x driver in linux kernal 4.19.21 .ir supports the "bosch mram_cgf" means non iso. but i am getting error as unsupported version so how would i overcome this problem?
    Pooja Todakar
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  • How to build right version ATF+OpteeOS+uboot on i.MX8MQ-EVK ?

    How can I build right version ATF + OpteeOS + uboot on i.MX8Mq-EVK board ? I try imx-atf + imx-optee-os + uboot-imx and imx-mkimge, not any branch is run OK. 
    Victor Yu
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  • i.MX8M OPTEE TA Build

    Hi experts,   I just got my i.MX 8M Evaluation Kit and I want to enable the OPTEE OS on the board. I found one tutorial about Yocto Project to enable optee on i.MX8. So far,  I already boot th...
    Shengye Wan
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