• imx6ull custom board with eth0 down

    Hi, my custombord with IMX6ULL designed on EVK bases, has now the eth0 not working.   This is the behaviours   root@imx6ull14x14evk:~# ifdown eth0 root@imx6ull14x14evk:~# ifup eth0 Micrel KSZ8081 or KSZ80...
    fabio mario poiatti
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  • IMX6ULL-TCAN4550 Bringup issue

    Hi, We are using 4.1.15 Linux NXP kernel for IMX6ULL platform. We are using TCAN4550 module from TI, which is connected to processor through SPI. Ported TCAN4550 driver in 4.1.15 Linux kernel.  We are fa...
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    BSP:4.1.15-1.2.0 Kernel:4.1.15   dts文件:BLTP01lvds_lvds_hdmi.dts、blt-p01-test.dtsi   当设置fb0为ldb的时候,lvds能正常显示1920x1080 当设置fb0为hdmi的时候,hdmi能正常显示1920x1080 但是就是不能同时显示,求指导 Qiang Li - Mpu Se   mxcfb1: f...
    Liang JiaXing
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  • HOW to flash EMMC in imx7 with android image?

    hello all,   i am working in custom board based on imx7 evaluation board by NXP, now i am trying to flash EMMC with an android image (i am using marshmallow with linux kernel version 4.1.15) i come across diffe...
    Flaby Jacob
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  • NTP Server Synchronization on LTIB 2.6.35 build

    Hi,   I need to add support for NTP server synchronization on LTIB 2.6.35 build. Please let me know how to proceed with the same.           - Thanks  Iju
    Ijaz Fazily
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  • imx7d not booting upimx

    hello all, we  are working with custom board based on imx7d, our board is not booting up as our board have same basic interfaces like SD card in MMC0 interface and uart is also same initially we got two boards,...
    Flaby Jacob
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    Hi,  we are using iMX6ULL processor in our IoT based project. At the bring up time, getting VDD_ARM_CAP and VDD_SOC_CAP about 1.175V. But the expected voltage for 800MHz chip is 1.2 - 1.26V. Is it an iMX6 proce...
    Dibin G
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  • How to See the All CPUs load in IMX8M Mini on Console

    Hi,   We are working with IMX8M Mini EVK target. Our program utilises all CPUs. We would like to see the load of all CPUs on console.  I guess top command gives the all CPU load usage as single ...
    Sreedhar A
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  • QT listwidget bug

    Hi:          I have test 4.9.88 and 4.14.98 linux version and found the QT listwidget have some bug.When selecting an item of the list control, it does not disappear.       &#...
    coin du
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  • About queues in the V4L2 framework

    Why join the queue in the V4L2 framework?Interrupts and queues are not used in SDK routines. But it can also be displayed。So what's the point of being in a queue?
    song zhiyuan
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  • failed to build fsl-yocto-L4.1.15_2.0.0-ga

    I failed to build fsl-yocto-L4.1.15_2.0.0-ga, build-x11/conf/local.conf PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_ipk"   please help me. thank you !   system :   WARNING: Host distribution "Ubuntu-16.04" has no...
    东方 杨
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  • imx8mq DDR stress Tool Can't Calibration on 3GB(LPDDR4)

    Hi, I have Micron LPDDR4 SDRAM Type is MT53E768M32D2(attach spec file 200b_z2bm_ddp_s_lpddr4_53E.pdf). MSCALE_DDR_Tool seems doesn't support this type dram. I use MX8M_LPDDR4_RPA_v22.xlsx to generate .ds file that...
    raisaac wu
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  • i.MX 8M Mini eMMC Boot Fusing

    Trying to get eMMC booting going on an i.MX 8M Mini based design I stumbled over several shortcomings of the current reference manual (IMX8MMRM Rev. 2, 08/2019) which require clarifying:   Table 6-3. GPIO overri...
    Marcel Ziswiler
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  • imx6ull的NAND_DQS引脚使用

    针对MCIMX6G3CVM05AA芯片,将nand配置为Asynchronous Mode使用,不占用AND_DQS引脚, 1、上述情况下,AND_DQS引脚能否作为普通GPIO使用?最好是用作中断。 2、上述情况下,测得AND_DQS引脚一直为高电平,为什么?
    特 孙
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  • imx8mq sai

    hello!   I used imx8m sai3 TXD TXC TXFS RXD to connect to the I2S sound card, but the card only supported the I2S main mode.Can TXC and TXFS capture I2S clock as input? Thank you very much!
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  • imx8mm bluez5 obex

    Hello, Team:      How to transfer files via bluetooth. Follow is detail.     Core:imx8mm     OS:yocto     Kernel:4.14.78    ...
    hong li
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  • UBoot i.MX6 can't build dts

    Hello,  We built the version  2018.03 of u-boot and got the error message "No rule to make target 'arch/arm/dts/unset.dts'. How can we to do ? The platform is i.mx6UL and BSP is 4.14.78. 
    hank wang
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  • [i.MX6ULL] Key path control fuse

    IMX6ULLSRM.pdf, page 162, section "AES OTP Key" Depending on the key path control fuse, the DCP receives the CRYTPO KEY either directly or indirectly through the SNVS trust controller module. The CRYPTO KEY i...
    Christian Eggers
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  • Where is the data collected by the camera

    This is the idmac configuration void ipu_general_idmac_config() {  uint32_t channel = 0;  /* enable channel 0 */  ipu_idmac_channel_enable(channel, 0);  memset((void *)ipu_cpmem_addr(channel), 0...
    song zhiyuan
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  • Interface an external RAM with i.MX RT 1062

    Hello everybody,   I was asked to make a project which requires the fastest access possible to a RAM (write and read). I am still in a study phase and at the moment it seems to me that the SEMC interface on a i...
    Fabrizio Benatti
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