• What desired graphical backend needs to be specified in building Yocto Project?

    I'm building Yocto Project for  iMX8QXPMEK board.  What desired graphical backend do I need to specify?   5.1 Build configurations i.MX provideds a script, fsl-setup-release.sh, that simplifies the set...
    Amer Naseem
    created by Amer Naseem
  • Does iMX8M CSI support metadata/embedded data?

    Hello,   We are working with a sensor that outputs a RAW12 (0x2C) image plus Embedded Data (MetaData) (0x12) as shown in the image. We are getting completely correct images from the RAW12 data and...
    Twan Spil
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  • GUI overlay on video in IMX8m mini

    I would like to overlay GUI on top the video stream. When i use the gstream gdkpixbufoverlay with a simple image the cpu usage is high (100% on one of the four CPUs). In the future i would like to overlay my QT qml. ...
    ran gree
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  • fuse prog

    Dear . the uboot(imx6q-2014.04) Provided a command  fuse like as  fuse read 4 2 2 will show MAC and fuse prog 4 2 0x11223344   the question.  I can read mac info through command fuse read 4 2 2...
    li fusong
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    I’m working with a MEK iMX8QXP development board from NXP and I have to send commands from the M4 core to the A53 core. After going through the documentation, there is an RPMSG mechanism that can be used. This ...
    Paul Oates
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  • SignedU boot fails to load on the board with closed configuration. Cannot use the easy installer application on closed device

    Hi, I have built a signed U-boot image following the steps from the NXP document AN4581. I was successful in the open configuration mode. As the signed image booted correctly without any HAB errors in open configurat...
    Adeneo Engineering Team
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  • iMX8QM DDR Configuration

    Hi,   I would like to understand how to configure DDR for iMX8QM system. Our board has 8Go of DDR4 which is more than the iMX8QM MEK board.   How to configure the system to indicate additional RAM to init...
    Stan Bertrand
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  • How to make iMX8QXP MEK as USB device?

    After the iMX8QXP MEK board is boot from SD card or eMMC, I connected USB-C port to a PC running Windows10. Then PC cannot detect the board as USB device. However, if boot from serial download mode, then PC can detect...
    Chad Gong
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  • Where to find latest SDMA firmware for imx6ul?

    Hi,   Looking for the latest SDMA firmware for the IMX6UL.  I have 3.3   Thanks
    Jim Brooke
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  • 2 LVDS screens on imx6 - How to get one fbdev device per screen?

    Hello, I've found many questions that looked similar but still could not find an answer for my problem. I'm trying to set up 2 screens on imx6q. I want to be able to display different applications on each screen. &#...
    Fabien Pollet
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  • Shutting down the Cortex M4 core on the iMX7d processor

    Our device is currently not utilizing the Cortex M4 core on the i.MX7d processor. Is there any means (GPIO, SMBus,etc.) to power off the Cortex M4 core?
    Cameron Napolitano
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  • Building later Opencv versions in Yocto

    I am following the NXP eIQ direction to build some machine learning based platforms based on IMX8M. The Linux 4.14.98_2.0.0 Yocto build just fine and works. My issues is it looks to build and include OpenCV 4.0.1. I...
    David Vescovi
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  • imx8qxp Android BSP change dts issue

    Dear Expert:    I changed dtb file in Boardconfig.mk  as the below and rebuild android image  modify code in line 213 : # imx8qxp standard android; MIPI-HDMI display #TARGET_BOARD_DTS_CONFIG += ...
    Penny Lin
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  • Inquiry i.MX28 internal DC-DC converter function architecture

    Dear Sir,   Customer used i.MX28 and have some power question. They want to know internal DC-DC converter function architecture likes TPS5430 functional block. I checked and don't find it  on i....
    Andy Chien
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  • microSD Card not working in custom imx7d board

    Greetings! I am using micro SD Card in my custom imx7d board in accordance with the reference of the imx7d Sabre board. The issue I am facing is I am getting the initial pulse of SD card detection on SD1_CLK pin, whe...
    Vikrant A P
    created by Vikrant A P
  • GTK on IMX8MQ and IMX8MM

    Hi,   We are trying to run an application (Electron) that uses the library gtk+3 on the iMX8MMini on Yocto 4.14.78. We are getting an error “undefined symbol: gdk_x11_display_get_xdisplay”. This appl...
    Quang Phan
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  • Mixed criticality solution with Linux and safe RTOS

    Hello.   Does there exist a certified hardware+software solution for a mixed criticality system, where: - A generic Linux runs on one of the cores and uses one of the GPUs (hardware accelerated graphics over Op...
    Fatih Erol
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  • How to fixed execute "gst-launch-1.0 playbin ..." will show error message?

    Hi All   Platform: i.MX8M-EVK Software:Linux 4.9.51_GA   In the console execute as below command will show error message.   root@imx8mqevk:~# gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=file://$FILE1 video-sink="ove...
    Felix Hsu
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  • MIMXRT1010 Boot

    I have recently bought the MIMXRT1010-EVK and have been playing around with it. I managed to get the SDK Samples loaded and debugger working. However, I now have the board in a state where it will no longer jump ...
  • P9.0.0_2.2.0-ga on imx6 getting hot and shutting down

    Hi,   Using i.MX Android™ P9.0.0_2.2.0-ga release on imx6. On running a graphics test app (GPUBenchmark3D), system is getting hot and shutting down. Is this a known issue? What could be the reason?  &...
    Sreejith S
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