• Dual camera(ov5640) in iMx8 M mini

    We are trying to implement dual camera(both are ov5640) in imx8 m mini, but the processor has only one csi controller, is it possible to realize this?
    Anusha N
    created by Anusha N
  • imx6dq 升级android6.0后,千兆网不可用

    dear all imx6dq with ar8035,in android4.3,Gigabit Ethernet is working well ; but now we upgrade to android6.0,and kernel4.1.15; Gigabit Ethernet is not  working ,and ping  failed ,do you have idea to solv...
    卫 陈
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  • imx7d MX7D_PAD_LCD_DATA04 cannot be used

    Hello everyonemy development board is IMX7DSABRE. Linux kernel version is 4.9.88 After MX7D_PAD_LCD_DATA04 and MX7D_PAD_LCD_DATA08 are multiplexed as GPIO functions, the state of the gpio pin cannot be changed throug...
    其东 刘
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  • IMX8MM M4 pwm3 signal disappear when linux boot up

    Hi community:         I use IMX8MM-EVK board to test M4 driver demo,refer to the document, I download the SDK_2.5.0_EVK-MIMX8MM.tar.gz and compile a demo about pwm SDK_2.5.0_EVK-MIMX8MM/boar...
    coin du
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  • How to add more FLAG of reason cause reboot with watchdog in Linux ?

    Hi, I'm using iMX8MM with Yocto. I'm trying to figure out the reason cause reboot with Watchdog.  I find out watchdog.h and there are a lot of FLAGs:  #define WDIOF_OVERHEAT 0x0001 /* Reset due to CPU ove...
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  • IMX6ULEVK: Yocto Zeus build error with fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs

    Hi,   I am getting build error when I tried to build yocto zeus version of imx6ulevk. Can some one help?   $ repo init -u https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/imx-manifest -b imx-linux-zeus -m imx-5....
    Sivakumar Rajachidambaram
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  • Latest BSP porting guide not valid for Zeus?

    I'm trying to follow the Linux BSP porting guide and build an image for a design I have. (https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/i.MX_BSP_Porting_Guide_Linux.pdf )   Currently we have a working environment ...
    Diarmuid Collins
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  • Does the i.MX8 Processor support DirectX on Windows 10 IoT Core?

    Hardware acceleration is really important for UWP applications. The i.MX6 didn't support DirectX, does the i.MX8?
    John Drinkall
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  • who can recommend   IMX.8 Quadmax  single boads?

    hi all, in our project,  we want to use  IMX.8 Quadmax single boards (not mother board and daughter board together,only one board). I tried to search online, but can not find!  the functions are that i...
    peter zhang
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  • Controlling SNVS mode for i.MX8M

    Hi,   Current we're using an imx8m processor. I'd like to be able to make the processor sleep from a button, particularly the "SNVS/RTC mode" where almost everything is turned off. The PMIC used is the PF4210. &...
    Yannick B
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  • EC/NR imx8qm DSP

    Hi, We are designing IVI with i.MX8QM running Android Pie Automotive. Does DSP present in i.MX8QM supports Echo Cancellation & Noise Reduction - or it has to be done using some open source/3rd party libraries? &#...
    Abdul Redwan
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  • FM Tuner interface

    I am looking for interface between si4731 -DEMO board with imx8m-mini development board. I think i have to add device driver for si4731 I2S integration part. I saw there is a kernel support for SI476x series codec fro...
    Malay Dhrangadhria
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  • Can LCDIF and LDB2 display on same time?

    Hello all, My test env: HW: iMX8QXP MEK revB board         iMX-lvds-hdmi connect to MEK board DSI1/LVDS1 sock SW: yocto branch imx-linux-zeus  with manifest imx-5.4.3-2.0.0....
    Ping Wu
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  • how to use watchdog in imx8 m40 without modifing scfw

    My project will use the watchdog in imx8 m40/ In code i test a situation---trigger the watchdog, but the whole system hangs on include linux of A core。 By reading the scfw_port.pdf, there is a way to use watchdog co...
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  • DDR Access from M4 when A7 is in VLLS (IMX7ULP)

    Hello,   In our setup, we want to put A7 in very low power mode but at the same time, we want to access DDR from the Cortex M4.    The main reason for this design to have around 10MB available with M4...
    Vivek Rajpara
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  • Altium Files for i.MX 8M Mini EVK

    Hello,   Is it possible for me get the Altium Design files for 8MMINILPD4-EVK SoM Board. I am unable to convert the Allegro files to Altium from the Data pack provided in the .zip file.   Kind Regards...
    Arun Pan
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  • Issue in flashing images onto IMX8MM based board

    Hello,   I am using a custom board with IMX8M Mini processor and not able to flash the board's emmc. The board is newly fabricated so the emmc is completely empty. The emmc is 8GB in size and part number is MTFC...
    Naman Thaker
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  • Altium Files for IMX8M Nano DDR4 Evalboard

    Dear Victor, can you please send Altium Files for 8MNANOD4-EVK to th FTP account I sent you via email?
    Markus Hager
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  • Opencv on i.MX8 Yocto

    Hello,   About i.MX8 Yocto,does the Opencv in aarch64-mx8-poky-linux will upgrade? Now we use i.MX8 QM 2.3.0 Yocto release the OpenCV version is 4.0.1,we want OpenCV version 4.1.2 does it will upgrade or ...
    Xu Ji
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  • PCA9450 i2c address question

    I am developing custom board based on iMX8M mini + PCA9450A. static const struct udevice_id pca9450_ids[]={ {.compatible = "nxp,pca9450a", .data=0x35,}, {.compatible = "nxp,pca9450b", .data=0x25,}, {} } I can't ...
    chile heng
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