• imx6q(E9_V3开发板)支持lvds屏显示异常

    hi all, 硬件平台:TQ E9_V3开发板 Linux version: 4.1.15 我现在使用i.mx6q的LVDS0接口来驱动9.46inch LVDS接口的LCD,24bit。   现象:静态界面显示色彩不对,播放视频时还会闪屏并出去其他杂色(见图片)   uboot command: => printenv mxcfb0 mxcfb0=video=mxcfb0:dev=ldb,...
    CC Dason
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  • xen and jailhouse virtualization

    Hi      I am using i.mx8mq, from recent its BSP, it only supports jailhouse, do you think it is possible to run Android inside it? I want to run yocto+android together over i.mx8mq.    ...
    Weide Ding
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  • iMX6DL IPU 1080p green lines

    I have a program that will capture camera frames at 1080p UYVY, use the IPU to convert to YUV420.   I have noticed that if I have the IPU output 1080p, there are green lines in the image.  If I use the IPU ...
    Chris Roed
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  • iMX6UL: Power-down counter Event

    How do we test iMX6UL power down counter event in Sec 58.5.3?   In uboot, we don't touch WDOG1_WMCR PDE bit. It stays 1 and expect CPU to reboot after 16 seconds but CPU does not boot.  Am I missing a...
    Prabhat Kumar
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  • kernel memory corruption in galcore under high load

    Hi everyone,   I am encoutering an issue with what I suspect is a galcore crash. For testing purposes, I put an i.MX6 QuadPlus under high load (CPU, VPU and GPU).  After a few seconds or minutes of this wor...
    Théo Bueno
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  • Errors to build core-image-minimal-initramfs

    Hi, I tried to build zImage-initramfs, I could not run following command, what I could be missing?   $ MACHINE="solar" DISTRO="solar" bitbake core-image-minimal-initramfs ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'initramfs-m...
    jupiter hce
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  • RT1064 Flashloader to load application image

    Hello, I am working with the RT1064 Evaluation board and I am attempting to set it up to run an application via the MCUBOOT Flashloader (v2.7.0). First, I am generating the flashloader binary image using the els...
    Alin Butoi
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  • Kernel panic

    Hi community!   My custom device is i.MX6Q with andoird 4.4.2,Linux version is 3.0.35. Sometimes our devices running good but suddenly reboot, I get the last_kmsg and find kernel panic crash. Could anyone help me...
    Qiulong Li
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  • Yocto convenience

    hello! i see no advantages to use Yocto. Could you give me some resons or links to elucidate Yocto convenience. Thank you.
    oleg scherbinin
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  • How to config boot_cfg1 boot_cfg2  boot_cfg4

    Hello         I am using i.MX6ULL (Y2CVM08AB) and Nand flash which is W29N01HV, and the nand datasheet please refer to the attachment.  According to the datasheet, I did that f...
    国承 张
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  • How to disable serial boot mode with fuse blowing?

    Hello Folks,   I am working on imx6 dual lite board, I have programmed SRKH keys successfully by blowing fuses from kernel in /sys/fsl_otp. Now, once board comes out of the factory or during production I wanted ...
    Shital Gandhi
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  • i.MX25 - SDIO WIFI not detected

    Hi,   I have a custom board with Linux v2.6 running perfectly. I am updating Linux (Yocto-thud) and I will configure another SDIO wifi module. I tried communication with the 2 SDIO WIFI modules, but it´s n...
    Renato Chinelatto
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  • iMX6- How to configure ppp package to access internet with GSM module

    Hi everyone, I have a small question in ppp. My appication is access internet via GSM module. My configuration: iMX6 UltraLite EVK with Distro 4.9.88-2.0.0 (rocko) and  pppd version 2.4.7. GSM module -...
    Dao Van Toan
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  • iMX8M-Mini 4GB LPDDR4 RAM

    Hi, Is there a single chip LPDDR4 4GByte RAM chip that is compatible with the iMX8M-Mini processor?
    Graeme Price
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  • Build libfslcodec-4.0.8 on Ubuntu 16.04 for IMX6Q

    Hi Experts  I installed Ubuntu 16.04 with kernel 4.1.15 and successfully boot. I used This instruction for install just change distro and solve some issues by myself. Just now I tried compile  lib...
    Amir Farahani
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  • IMX6_ST7701s_MIPI_DSI_Display

    Hi    Am trying to Enable MIPI DSI display driver imx6 with linux kernel 4.1.15  i followed the NXP community to modify the following part in device tree file   aliases {     ...
    Natarajan Viswanathan
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  • Xorg support for iMX8

    When will iMX8 specific Xorg drivers be available?      There was a previous question about this that was marked "Assumed Answered". The answer provided was that there was no X11 support at the time of...
    Tony Riederer
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  • iMX8MQ custom board flashing issue using UUU utility

    Hello,   Release: Yocto-Sumo (4.14.78_1.0.0_GA) Board: i.MX8MQ based custom board   We are working on iMX8MQ based custom board and facing issue while flashing image into eMMC using UUU utility on Linux 1...
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  • When will Kernel 5.x be available for iMX8mq?

    Kernel 5.x has new features for ethernet switch. It integrated some common ethernet switch  such as: KSZ9893, KSZ9477... rtl8366. I would like to know when we can use kernel 5.x on imx8mq-evk? is there ...
    Thinh Nguyen
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  • iMX8mq QSPI pads configuration

    In the source code of imx8m_evk.c; There is some code to configure pin for QSPI. I would like to understand the #define line. What does PAD_CTL_DSE2 | PAD_CTL_HYS mean?    #define QSPI_P...
    Thinh Nguyen
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