• i.MX8 LPDDR4 how to change DDR clock

    Hi,  We are using i.MX8MQ with LPDDR4, using DDR Controller Configuration Spreadsheet we could able to configure the DDR clock to 1600,800,334,and 200MHz.   how can we configure the DDR clock to 225MH...
    manoj kumar
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  • [imx6] RS485 could be supported on Imx6 series ?

    Hi imx-developers,   Good day !   It's simple. Could imx6 chipset support RS485 ?   There are many related questions posted on this community about RS485. Many patch codes exist as well but I no...
    keres kim
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  • How many data lane in use (MIPI-CSI2) ?

    Hi, I'm using iMX6 Solo board with OV5645 camera (MIPI-CSI2). For some cases, I also use USB Camera Logitech C270. As I refer, iMX6 Solo has 2 data lanes(MIPI-CSI2). So, I have some questions: How many lane in ...
    Dao Van Toan
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  • System not booting into OS when HDMI cable is not connected

    We are facing an issue with our customized imx8mq linux BSP of kernel version 4.14.78.   The system is not booting into OS when HDMI is not connected to target board.   But the board boots into OS at times...
    Antony Abee Prakash
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  • No response from OV5640

    Hello, I am making a program that uses MINISASTOCSI (OV5640) and cortex-M4 to communicate by I2C with iMX8MminiEVK. However, I cannot confirm the response from the I2C camera. The I2C driver uses MCUexpressoSDK (SDK_2...
    Tetsuya Sugiyama
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  • How to access GPIO in iMX7ULP eval board

    Hello, I am working with im7ulp eval kit and wondering how to access any GPIO from linux terminal. Usually, there will be GPIO bank and port number (like GPIO2_IO31 in imx6) which we would convert into GPIO number an...
    jai ganesh sridharan
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  • iMX8M Mini / IoT Core: power management support?

    Greetings, we're evaluating power management capabilities of NXP's Windows 10 IoT Core BSP for iMX8 Mini EVK (W1860_1_0_1_IMX-IOTCORE-B191011). Power management is claimed to be supported, but powercfg reports on...
    Gennady Kuznetsov
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    Hi       Where can I find 8MMINILPD4-EVK-DESIGNFILES REV C3,thanks。
    liven deng
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  • Can i.MX8M mini use DDR3?

    Hi  I purchased i.MX8M mini EVK The EVK I purchased has 2GB of LPDDR4 designed. (There are also EVKs designed with DDR4) Can I change to  DDR3? Can I design with 512MB or 1GB?   The product I am des...
    Danny KIM
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  • How to test USB eye diagram on i.MX8M?

    Hi , we want to test USB eye diagram on iMX8M But we don't know how to test , we have already seen this link i.MX6Q/eye pattern of USB HS1 setup  We have tried the register (DCTL) #./memtool -32 0x3810c704=0x0...
    charles huang
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  • I.mx8m mini add new mipi lcd panel

    hi,    I got a imx8mm evk board and a panel (IMX8_DSI_OLED1). Now, I plan to use a new mipi lcd panel (ZJJ05005-LCM) to display instead of IMX8_DSI_OLED1, ZJJ05005-LCM's driver IC is NT35523.  ...
    王 澳刚
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  • How to update pre-build images in to multiple SOM eMMC ?

    Hi Team,   Currently we are using imx6ul SOM with yocto build images for product development, I searched in forums and got information that multiple ways like recovery sdcard,usb and netboot etc to update images...
    naveen kumar
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  • i.MX6ul ECSPI DMA conflict

    We are using rel_imx_4.1.15_2.1.0_ga version kernel. And enable ecspi3/4 with spidev.   &ecspi3 { pinctrl-names = "default"; pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_ecspi3>; cs-gpios = <&gpio1 20 GPI...
    Bob Lu
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  • How to configure vpu enc when recording video on imx8qm

    Hardware platform: imx8qm software platform: imx-p9.0.0_2.1.1-auto-ga-android   I wrote an application for recording 4-way videos, the application using Camera 1.0 Api. When the recording application is st...
    yingjin yan
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  • i.MX8M USB_OTG_CHD_B USB 2.0 Charger detection signal missing but documented

    i.mx8mq usb2.0   The IMX8MDQLQCEC Data Sheet describes the USB_OTG1_CHD_B signal but I can't find it anywhere else.     I am looking at implementing USB 2.0 BC 1.2 and hoped that that f...
    Donald Russ
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  • yocto项目修改busybox

    在使用yocto项目生成image过程中涉及到一些busybox中的命令行增加、删除,比如,我想删除busybox中的udhcpc的命令: bitbake -c menuconfig busybox 去掉udhcpc的选项 bitbake busybox 重新编译busybox bitbake core-image-base重新生成image,生成的image中仍然带udhcpc,我该如何修改busy...
    luo yaojun
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  • rm67191 Driver

    IMX8M平台 linux系统    rm67191的配置: static const struct display_timing rad_default_timing = { .pixelclock = { 66000000, 132000000, 132000000 }, .hactive = { 1080, 1080, 1080 }, .hfront_porch = { 20, 20, 20 }...
    tan yd
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  • 用gstreamer播放rtsp实时流

    有没有谁能做gstreamer播放rtsp实时流的? 需要实现一个网络广播讲话系统(单向实时直播),实现如下功能: 用户手机采集传到服务器 \ --- 服务器转发 --- 设备接收并播放 pc + mic采集传到服务器 / 我要做设备端, 设备环境: imx6solo yocto poky/1.7 qt5 linux 3.14.28 拟用gstreamer播放rtsp实时流。 愿意做的私聊我哈。qq:405856291
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  • Memory range of DDR Stress Test

    Hi all,   I have a question about i.MX 6/7 DDR Stress Test Tool . I would like to know the memory range of the test.   Does it test the whole DDR memory range ? If not, which range does it test ? &#...
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  • CCM_CLKO2 clock output on MXRT1064

    Hello, I am trying to output the clock of CCM_CLKO2 from GPIO_SD_B0_05 on i.MXRT1064. I set pins and clocks in MCUXpresso Config Tool and implemented them, but I cannot observe the clocks from the pins. Do I need t...
    T. Y.
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