• I.MX8M Revision Register?

    Is there a register on the I.MX8M that distinguishes between Silicon Rev. A and B (rev 1.0 and rev 1.1)? EB00870 (i.mx 8m Mask Set 1N14W to 2N14W Migration Guide) refers to a "Silicon version register address" at...
    Mike James
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  • Debug iMX8M with Dstream

    Hi,   Is there a tutorial or guide to debug an imx8m board with Dstream?   Thanks.
    Iñigo Vicente
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  • iMX8MM: FreeRTOS and QSPI

    Hi, referring to FreeRTOS releases 2.5.x I cannot find a sample reference code for iMX8MM. I can only find it for iMX8MQ. I'm planning to use QSPI_B functions: is there any know limitation? Thanks BR Pier
    Pierluigi Passaro
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  • yocto的一些疑问

    bitbake生成rootfs后如何删除?每次执行bitbake xxx-image后在deploy目录下都会生成一次rootfs.xxx的文件,如何清除它们? config/local.conf中IMAGE_INSTALL_append添加的内容无法保存?每次进入编译都需要修改append宏才能生成我要的rootfs? IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " e2fsprogs" 无法将属于e2fsprogs包的...
    luo yaojun
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  • iMX6Q/S CSI capture from FPGA

    Hello all, I have a question a little bit on a silly side. I have a FPGA unit which outputs pre-configured 1080@30 fps video (with typical parameters one can see in such signals), and I want to capture it with gstream...
    J G
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  • i.MX6ul ECSPI DMA conflict

    We are using rel_imx_4.1.15_2.1.0_ga version kernel. And enable ecspi3/4 with spidev.   &ecspi3 { pinctrl-names = "default"; pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_ecspi3>; cs-gpios = <&gpio1 20 GPI...
    Bob Lu
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  • IMX28 ENET_CLK as a 50Mhz

    Hi    in IMX28 platform using kernel version     i want to get a clock on ENET_CLK with 50Mhz   i tried reg &= ~BM_CLKCTRL_ENET_SLEEP; reg &= ~BM_CLKCTRL_ENET_CLK_OUT_EN;...
    shashikant h
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  • i.mx6 Solo PCIe Endpoint device without DDR

    Hello!   I use a congatec conga-QEVAL debugging Board with the qseven conga-QMX6 module installed on it (NXP i. MX6 Solo ARM Cortex A9 1 x 1.0 GHz, 512kB L2 cache, 3W) I have a task to use conga-QMX6 as a PCIe E...
    Azamat G.
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  • Correct device settings for display Tianma nl10276bc13-01c

    Hello all! I want to create correct device tree for Tianma nl10276bc13-01c with BSP for imx6qp (TQMa6x platform) . I've built OS image and currently try to use imx6qdl-mba6-lvds-tm070jvhg33....
    Maksim Mel
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  • How to copy zImage and imx7d-sdb.dtb files into sd card

    We are interesting the model, and will purchase it: MCIMX7SABRE: SABRE Board for Smart Devices Based on the i.MX 7Dual Applications Processors  I see the system is boot up from the sd card. Now I re...
    Thai Nguyen
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  • what is the purpose of linux-fslc git?

    As of 3/22 the linux-fslc repo has been refreshed from downstream (kernel.org) to 5.4.28 but the support in imx-linux @ 5.4.3 for imx8mp is still missing.   We used to get imx-linux from freescale's git but now ...
    dave carlson
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  • i.MX8M USB_OTG_CHD_B USB 2.0 Charger detection signal missing but documented

    i.mx8mq usb2.0   The IMX8MDQLQCEC Data Sheet describes the USB_OTG1_CHD_B signal but I can't find it anywhere else.     I am looking at implementing USB 2.0 BC 1.2 and hoped that that f...
    Donald Russ
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  • imx-gst-plugin for imx8 returns 0 features

    I am using Yocto (Thud) to build for coral-dev board with iMX8 Quad chip. I see that the imx-gst-plugin recipe is included and the version/tag used is "MM_04.04.02_1808_L4.9.123_MX8MM_GA" There seem to be ...
    Prakash M
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  • ConfigTools problem with I2S

    I am having trouble setting up an I2S peripheral in ConfigTools/Peripherals for iMX RT1020.   The ADC is I2S format, ADC is the source for all I2S clocks, L and R channel, 24 bits packed in 32 bit word, sample r...
    Graham Haddock
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  • toolchain

    luo yaojun
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  • Difference between Reference Design Voltage and Measured Voltage

    Hi,   We are bringing up a board based on the NXP Volansys Modular Gateway Reference Design. We are setting 5.2V on the power supply to achieve 5.0V on the J15 connector. The current drawn by the board (as show...
    Aquiel Godeau
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  • Galcore module and cache-coherency

    Please advise on the following regarding CMA and galcore cache-flushing. This is on an iMX6q, kernel version 4.9.88.   The galcore module allocates a large CMA region defined by contiguousSize at module load. Th...
    Todd Blanchard
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  • iMX8MQ 8GB memory

    Hi Yuri, you have mentioned the A53 address space is limited to 4GB   How should I interpret the two different memory maps for Cortex A53 and M4 A53: 1_0000_0000 1_3FFF_FFFF DDR Address 1024MB DDR Memory (Qua...
    Matthias Ehrenfried
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  • MIPI DSI support for i.MX 8QuadXPlus in Android P9.0.0

    Hi, specifically referring to iMX8QXP, in Android 9 NXP provides a single dtbo, only supporting HDMI using LVDS to HDMI bridge. I'm not able to find references to MIPI DSI support, neither in the boot options n...
    Pierluigi Passaro
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  • IMX8QXP: tamper pins usage

    Hi, I'm interested in using  tamper pins for tamper detection with iMX8QXP in Linux. In the iMX8QXP Reference Manual I can find several information but nothing usable from kernel/userspace. The Yocto docu...
    Pierluigi Passaro
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