• compile error in kernel 5.4

    Hi guys,   I have using standlone kernel build in kernel 5.4, but when i am building 5.4 in standalone mode, there is always compile error below: scripts/extract-cert.c:21:25: fatal error: openssl/bio.h: Could...
    Yibeom Han
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  • How to config MIPI DSI clock and data rate on imx8mq?

    hi all: Now we are porting a 5" LCM on imx8mq playform with LCDIF. we got panel timing data as below, and vendor stated that is base on mipi bit rate 540MHz display-timings {      ...
    CS Lin
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  • imx6solosabresd do_image_wic failed

    您好,我在ubuntu18.04环境中,LF_L5.4.3_1.0.0生成针对imx6solo的 image,uboot等,但是最后阶段报错误,无法生成u-boot.imx,最后也无法生成需要的image等文件,不知道是什么原因,谢谢。   DISTRO=fsl-imx-fb MACHINE=imx6solosabresd source imx-setup-release.sh -b buildminimal echo...
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  • imx6ull使用bitbake fsl-image-qt5构建yocto出现问题

    在使用imx6ull在线构建yocto时出现如下问题,不知道什么原因?谢谢!   ERROR: cpuburn-neon-20140626-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 4, output: failed: Connection refused. failed: Connection refused. ERROR: ...
    hy xu
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  • Video size is only 595

    Hi,  I'm using FLEX-iMX8MM with Yocto image. I tried to record video with gstreamer framework but after recording. Video size is only 595. Note that while recording, no any error or warning occur.  This is...
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  • Why two codec drivers in iMX7ULP

    Hello,   I was going through audio codec flow in iMX7ULP and i could see, there are two drivers which are controlling the wm8960 codec in the iMX7ULP eval board:   In the M4 SDK, components/codec/wm8960/fs...
    jai ganesh sridharan
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  • Want old design data for i.MX6Q-SDB

    Hi all, I am using i.MX6Q to check S/W operation for my customer. Unfortunately I have only an old revision (SCH-27516 Rev.B3) board in my hand. Please provide design data for this revision to someone.   BR, ...
    George Fukutomi
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  • For UART DMA hardware flow control (CTS\RTS additional wires) should be applied.

    HI Muhin It seems I see the issue also. Could you show more details?   Thanks BR
    Hongxing Yu
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  • imx6sx: uart6 and rpmsg issue

    Hi all,   i am on a simple busybox-based  rootfs, 4.14 imx-2.0.0 kernel, and observing a strange issue:   by a simple bash script, i am performing a simple read / write test from uart2 to uart6, and j...
    Angelo Dureghello
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  • iMX8MQ processor Socket Based EVK for secure boot (OTP)

    Hi,   We are planning to work for a secure Boot on iMX8MQ. For secure boot, we need to program the fuses on i.MX8MQ(processor) and as per our understanding this is a one-time programmable process. So in the de...
    Nilesh Patel
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  • How to swap UART5 TX/RX in imx6

    I use CSI0_DAT14 and CSI0_DAT15 for UART5 ,  on default , CSI0_DAT14 = UART5_RX  and CSI0_DAT15 = UART5_TX, But I want to swap them, so in my dts file i change as following: pinctrl_ua...
    Jerry Yan
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  • qca6174 driver problem after enabling docker associate kernel options.

    Hi:    I've ported ubuntu18.04 on i.mx8mq-evk, and enabled the docker by modifying the kernel options.       But, for now, on this platform(ubuntu with docker), I can not insm...
    downey downey
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  • too fast playback speed of video, recorded by gstreamer on i.mx6

    Hello. Is it possible to record framebuffer on imx.6 via gstreamer ? I've tried to use multifilesrc, but something went wrong.   For test I used command: while [ true ] ; echo `date` > /dev/tty0 ; slee...
    Eugene Kruglikov
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  • Ethernet not working in iMX6UL EVK

    I built Yocto project for iMX 6UL EVK from imx-4.19.35-1.1.0.xml - imx-manifest - i.MX Release Manifest  and unable to get Ethernet on this build. root@imx6ulevk:~# ifconfig lo Link encap:Local Loopback i...
    Kanimozhi Thangappan
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  • console log do not output after uart cable plug out and re-connect

    Dear Nxp       i use the imx6solo and  run the linux , the kernel is 4.14.78.       the ttymxc0 is the debug port, i pass the parameter "console=ttymx...
    Vecio Lin
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  • Max RAM can be used from M4 in IMX7ULP

    Hello,   I am trying to find how much max memory can be used in Cortex M4 of IMX7ULP in Low power mode.   As I see from the ref manual, it seems that max 256KB can be used from internal RAM.  Ca...
    Vivek Rajpara
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  • i.MX8QM with EDP Panel

    我现在需要调试IMX8QM EDP 屏幕,但是没有找到EDP 屏幕对应的AUX 信号,我要读正确的EDID的话是要去接HDMI 的AUX 还是DDC呢?
    George Li
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  • NULL pointer deref in sdma_int_handler (sabreboard i.MX7D)

    Hello everyone! When the mikrobus on Sabreboard with i.MX7D is used as a UART, and RX and TX are connected with acable (see https://photos.app.goo.gl/kbtempE6Us5vtatSA, red and white cable are interconnected), then t...
    Christina Quast
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  • iMX8MQ got stuck during booting rootfs

    Hi,    I'm tring to use NFS to mount rootfs at iMX8MQEVK. The images used could boot from emmc normally. When I downloaded the image & dtb by DHCP and mounted the rootfs using NFS, the boot log showed t...
    Ida J
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  • Opencv on i.MX8 Yocto

    Hello,   About i.MX8 Yocto,does the Opencv in aarch64-mx8-poky-linux will upgrade? Now we use i.MX8 QM 2.3.0 Yocto release the OpenCV version is 4.0.1,we want OpenCV version 4.1.2 does it will upgrade or ...
    Xu Ji
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