• 2GB Micron DDR4 configuration for i.MX8M Nano

    Hello, We're trying to generate DDR configuration for our i.MX8M Nano board with 2GB Micron DDR4 DRAM. The DRAM datasheet is available at https://www.micron.com/products/dram/ddr4-sdram/part-catalog/mt40a1g16knr-075&...
    Ofer Austerlitz
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  • [iMX8MM] Change UART console

    Hello I'm using flex-imx8mm I want to change console from UART 2 -> UART 3. I changed it in the u-boot, but I can't start kernel. Please help me. Thanks you [UPDATE] Change 0x30890000 to 0x30880000 ...
    Oliver Vu
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  • IMX8QM mek board kernel crash

    We're running kernel (version: 4.14.98 which is included in SDK imx-p9.0.0_2.1.0-auto-ga) on mek board. It frequently reports: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address xxxxx, in random ...
    ye huang
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  • Hab encrpyted image boot for rt1050

    Hi all,   I want to create hab encrypted image boot for the rt1050 evkb, I have some trouble about certificate authority and the dek.   HAB Security Boot  1. CA step issue: The BootRom can ...
    JingHuan Huang
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  • No audio from i.MX 8MIC-RPI-MX8 mic board on i.MX 8M MINI EVK

    No audio from i.MX 8MIC-RPI-MX8 microphone array board on i.MX 8M MINI EVK.  I followed the procedure described in a quick start guide here https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/quick-reference-guide/IMX-8MI...
    Kyaw Naing
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  • Arm Trusted Firmware debug output

    Hello,   I am using Android on a i.MX 8QuadXPlus MEK board. And there I wanted to enable UART output in the Arm Trusted Firmware (ATF) by setting DEBUG_CONSOLE to 1 in $AOSP/vendor/nxp-opensource/arm-trusted-fir...
  • usb 1-1: device descriptor read/64, error -110

    When I use a USB flash drive, the USB flash drive can be read at first, but the USB flash drive cannot be read after a while.usb Linux version 3.0.35 in imx6q. The diary is as follows:       ...
    优悠 宋
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  • MIPI DSI LCD display of i.mx8mq

    Hi, I am trying to use jdi-lt070me05000(1200x1920 mipi dsi display) on i.mx8mq custom board. I saw HDMI working fine with DCSS, but now I tried to enable the LCD mentioned above with DCSS(mipi dsi) Referencing the ...
    James Ko
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  • Couldn't write/read  CAAM registers in imx6

    Hi I want to use CAAM for random number generation...But i couldn't write/read to CAAM job ring registers.. I tried with other CAAM registers but same...I came to know that i need more permissions to write to those r...
  • IMX6ULL + WM8960. Microphone isn't working.

    Hello. Trying to get microphone and audio working using WM8960 codec based on ReSpeaker_2_Mics_Pi_HAT dev board with custom IMX6ULL board. Here is schematic of ReSpeaker_2_Mics_Pi_HAT dev : ...
    Almaz Khamidullin
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  • How to use Sysfs GPIO on pad EIM_D29 of the IMX6dl

    I cannot get the GPIO working on one of the pins on the efusA9 SOC. It concerns the EIM_D29 pin. I did get the EIM_D28 to be controllable through the sysfs interface. In the default configuration provides by F&S t...
    Thijs Boerman
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  • RX fifo overflow on MIPI-CSI2 i.MX8MQ

    Hi, We are using a variscite iMX8MQ board attached to a custom PCB. This PCB has a VGA image sensor outputting RAW12 using 4 CSI MIPI Lanes, and is connected to the MIPI-CSI2 port of the iMX8. Using linux build 4....
    Twan Spil
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  • Proper way to modify imx/aosp kernerl with git?

    I want to make a customized kernel for Android p9.0.0_2.3.0. I see the kernel source is located at  vendor/nxp-opensource/kernel_imx git remote shows  https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/linux-imx&...
    Lei Shi
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  • IMX6ULL video streaming awful delay

    Hi! Have a custom device based on IMX6ULL and OV5640 camera module.   We have working video streaming. IMX6ULL: 1.  gets raw camera data by CSI interface (80 Mbit/s) 2. encodes camera data us...
    Almaz Khamidullin
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  • imx8m mini flash img error

    I develop a custom board with imx8m mini ,when we execute the command "sudo ./uuu_imx_android_flash.sh -f imx8mm -u ddr4 ", the result is failed .it stop at the result "3:13 1/ 1 [=================100%=============...
    tang wei
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  • BSDL File for MCIMX7D5EVM10SD

    We want to test our board with boundary scan. Therefore you need the BSDL file for the following processor: MCIMX7D5EVM10SD (CPU IMx7DUAL BGA541 19x19mm) Who can deliver them?
    Roberto Foelix
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  • Can PF1550 handle CC charge lower than 100 mA in WARM stage?

    I have a product with a PF1550. I want to charge the battery using constant current of 25 mA max for high temperatures.   In order to do that, I set a CC 100 mA charge limitation for the JEITA1 NORMAL ...
    Anthony Loiseau
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  • who can recommend   IMX.8 Quadmax  single boads?

    hi all, in our project,  we want to  IMX.8 Quadmax single boards (not mother board and daughter board together,only one board). I tried to search online, but can not find!  the functions are that ...
    peter zhang
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  • "AVC reordering" issue when availing hardware codec on i.MX8 QuadXPlus

    Hello,   We are facing below errors when availing hardware codec for increased performance. We are currently using this sample Native Codec OpenGL based application as litmus test :  https://github.com...
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  • integration of a LCD panel (ST7701 MIPI DSI controller) into NXP iMX8MM

    Hello   I am looking for support with the integration of a LCD panel (using the Sitronix ST7701 MIPI DSI controller) into the linux 4 / Android Q source code of the NXP iMX8MM EK (Evaluation Kit)   My...
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