• CTP coordinates do not match screen size

    Hello,   I've added a custom LCD with touch panel to an imx8m processor.  The LCD is 720x1280.  The CTP has the same size.  Both my custom LCD driver and built in touch screen driver (GT911) seem ...
    Dennis Muhlestein
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  • mfgtool2 with -l ""eMMC-Brillo-uboot-fuse"" damage my SOM pico-i.MX7D

    Hi,   In this link: https://community.nxp.com/thread/452013 (stepes 1 to 5) I used the mfgtool2-brillo-mx7d-multa-emmc-firmware script instead of the mfgtool2-brillo-mx7d-pico-emmc-firmware script. The...
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  • building U-boot failed: cannot find -lgcc

    Hi,   I'm following the BSP Porting Guide and created the u-boot building script:   #!/bin/bash export ARCH=arm export CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/poky/1.8.1/sysroots/i686-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/arm-poky-linux-gnu...
    Hepei Li
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  • I have some questions about Imx8QM technology

    Hello! I have some questions about Imx8QM technology. 1 Is there a detailed description of the peripheral clocks for M4_1 and M4_0. 2 How to add a LCD screen with LDVS interface when using DPU in M4_1, is there any do...
    军军 李
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  • FOTA Update procedure for iMX8MM

    Hello, I want to know about FOTA Update procedure for iMX8MM with Android 9 OS.   Chapter 7 of user's guide describes OTA update procedure . however I could not find FOTA Update procedure(with recovery consol...
    Seiji Inamura
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  • Hab encrpyted image boot for rt1050

    Hi all,   I want to create hab encrypted image boot for the rt1050 evkb, I have some trouble about certificate authority and the dek.   HAB Security Boot  1. CA step issue: The BootRom can ...
    JingHuan Huang
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  • Boot_cfg fuse issue

    Hi all,   With the rt1050 evkb, I need to check something about the Boot CFG[0:11], When Boot CFG[0:11] set up, The FDCB of the Boot image is error value, Can used the "NXP Boot Utility" rebuild or erase flash (...
    JingHuan Huang
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  • when my application keep on runing about 10 h,cpu stalls

    the kernel version is 4.14.98, the cpu is imx6q , who can help me, thanks a lot
    cheng haibo
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  • Does OV5642MRSL-A01A Camera Module work for iMX6SoloX?

    Hi all,   I got a camera module(OV5642MRSL-A01A with a adapter board(700-27820)) from a MCIMX6Q-SDP Kit. And I want to use it with a iMX6SoloX-SDB. However, when I check the schematics, I found they have di...
    chiahui chen
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  • Kernel prints are not coming while booting in custom imx6ull

    Hi, Kernel prints are not coming while booting Linux 4.1.15 on custom imx6ull board. I am using UART 8 as my debug port, related to that I have done configuration in boot arguments at U-boot, Kernel and roo...
    Rohit Raj
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  • AP6212 WIFI

    你好, 我在使用的芯片是i.MX8M mini(BSP 4.14.98 ),使用了一个AP6212的wifi模组(SDIO),使用内核中的broadcom驱动,驱动加载正常,可以生成wlan0,但是有个奇怪的问题,只有部分路由可以连接,连接另一些路由器时出现如下错误:   root@myd-imx8mm:~# [ 56.167871] brcmfmac: brcmf_cfg80211_escan: Connecti...
    扬 杨
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  • pcie打开内核不能启动

       imx8mq板子android9.0.1.0系统,dts中设置pcie0是okay,clk、en、rst引脚都配置正确,内核就起不来了,具体查看代码是卡在这里,打印日志如下: [ 3.259858] ak4458 2-0010: ASoC: failed to probe component -6 [ 3.260418] imx-ak4458 sound-ak4458: ASoC: fai...
    ma qiang
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  • RGMII TXC signal integrity

    Hi community,   I have a signal integrity problem on one of our new design. This board contains a IMX6QP5EYM1AB processor with associated components including DDR3 memory and a Marvell 88E6352 Ethernet switch. T...
    Daniel Kubiak
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  • DMA support in Secure World for i.MX6

    Hi, I'm using MCIMX6Q-SDB which equiped i.MX 6Quad* processor. Now I can use SDMA to transmit data from non-secure memory to the peripheral‘s FIFO in Normal World. I want to use SDMA(Smart Direct Memory Access ...
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  • imx6 csi camera capture issue

    Hi all,   i am on a imx6sx based custom board, moved from a Freescale linux-imx 4.9 kernel to a Freescale 4.14.98 2.2.0 (from Codeaurora). Using a i2c/CSI camera (hi253) that uses an out of tree driver, well wo...
  • i.mx6ul uboot 如何修改内存大小

    hi  我在用4.1.15的内核,uboot中如何修改内存的大小,我用256M,修改了.h的大小,但是实际不是那里
    haifeng jin
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  • iMX8MQ EVK DisplayPort

    I am evaluating DisplayPort support on iMX8MQ ( with the DisplayPort EVK board ). I am using NXP release L4.14.98_2.0.0_ga_images_MX8MQEVK binaries. I update the boot image with imx-boot-imx8mqevk-sd.bin-flash_d...
    Stan Bertrand
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  • IMX8M mini mipi ov5640  ok!

    开发板是imx8M mini,我们自己做的板子,使用官方镜像yocto 4.14.98,OV5640 mipi摄像头,验证及其测试: root@imx8mmevk:~# uname -a Linux imx8mmevk 4.14.98-imx_4.14.98_2.0.0_ga+g5d6cbea #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Dec 12 08:23:58 UTC 2019 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 ...
    jianfei chang
    created by jianfei chang
  • imx6声卡接口能否不使用sdma

    请问,imx6dl的声卡接口,可以不使用sdma吗?是因为我们跑双系统,core1已经使用了sdma,core0 linux需要屏蔽sdma。
    建辉 卢
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  • Failed to use MfgTool for i.MX6 with Yocto Project

    We want to upgrade from i.MX6 DualLite to i.MX6 QuadPlus. In i.MX6DL, we used i.MX Yocto Project BSP with imx-4.1.15-2.1.0.   In i.MX6QP, we also used the same setting. We built image in the following commands...
    Yuhui Liu
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