• Linux imx change MTU size > 1500

    Hi!   we  need to change MTU size more than 1500 default on imx6ull/ul   linux imx ifconfig eth0 mtu 2000 we get ifconfig : SIOCSIFMTU invalid argument   Please explai...
    vladimir chernin
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  • fb0 can't be recorded normally on i.mx6

    Hello. Is it possible to record framebuffer on imx.6 via gstreamer ? I've tried to use multifilesrc, but something went wrong.   For test I used command: while [ true ] ; echo `date` > /dev/tty0 ; slee...
    Eugene Kruglikov
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  • Power Management

    Hi All, We are implementing the Power Management for Android Automotive on NXP  IMX8QM-MEK board.   As a part of the implementation, we want to know:  Does schematic of IMX8QM-MEK board is matc...
    vinothkumar s
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  • MIPI-CSI2 reset and initialization procedure for i.MX8QXP

    Hello,   From IMX8DQXPRM.pdf (Rev.0)     I am trying MIPI-CSI2's driver porting to other OS. Please let me confirm detail of above procedure.   <Development Environment> SoC : i.M...
    Kazuma Sasaki
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  • PLM_CTRL configuration for i.MX8QXP

    Hello,   From IMX8DXAEC.pdf (Rev.0):     Regarding ADDR field in PLM_CTRL register. We can select the destination module via this field. Which module we can select at this field? Could...
    Kazuma Sasaki
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  • How to boot into a luks encrypted rootfs partition from initramfs on i.MX6ULZ?

    Hi everyone,    I am trying to do disk encryption on i.MX6UL. The device is USB armory II. It has DCP and no CAAM.   This is my plan: 1、Two partitions. One for /boot, one for rootfs. Bootloader and k...
    Shaokang Wang
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  • i.MX6ULZ CCM_CLK1_N/P question

    1. Can CCM_CLK1_N/P output 32.768KHz? 2. Can CCM_CLK1_M/P still output in suspend mode?
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  • Questions about IMX8QXP Seboot  function

    dear expert :   now i debug seboot of IMX8QXP , i have  some questions which need answer;   1、i fuse my board and sign the flash.bin  refer to introduction_ahab.txt and mx8_mx8x_secure_...
    ma shaofeng
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  • Adaption of Internal Load Capacity of i.MX 8QM Crystal Interface

    Hello,   we are trying to change the Load-Capacity for the 32kHz and the 24MHz crystals, which has to be done inside the i.MX 8QM. How can we do so? We found BRD_OSC_CAP_TRIM_VALUE_24M and BRD_OSC_CAP_TRIM_VALU...
    Adrian Merrath
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  • MIPI-CSI2 PHY_CTRL register

    Hello,   From RM IMX8DQXPRM.pdf (Rev.0): RM does not have any description for MIPI-CSI2's PHY_CTRL register. Also, Linux BSP's source code too. Could you please explain us meaning of each bit fields...
    Kazuma Sasaki
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  • About STREAM_FENCING_CONTROL register for i.MX8X

    Hello,   MIPI-CSI2 has STREAM_FENCING_CONTROL register. I have checked following VC enabling patch. It seems like the STREAM_FENCING_CONTROL register is not using by linux BSP.   Could you...
    Kazuma Sasaki
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  • Downloading binary to SDCARD(SD4 Slot) using MfgTool on the MCIMX6SX-SDB board

    Hi,   I'm using MfgTools in Windows 10. The MfgTool_MultiPanel(Library: 2.7.0) was performed by executing the mfgtool2-yocto-mx-sabresd-sdcard-sd4.vbs of L4.9.88_2.0.0_mfg-tool. LOG : MfgTool_Initial.log ...
    DongHyun Kim
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  • compile error u-boot-fw-utils under yocto zeus

    I am trying to compile the u-boot-fw-utils under yocto zeus. Earlier i was getting compilation error but somehow imanages to replace my config with mx6sxsabresd_optee_defconfig as defined in default configuration...
    Nikhil sahu
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  • i.MX8M Mini MIPI CSI RGB888

    Hi guys,   I'm just working on a project, that requires support for RGB888 video data over the i.MX8's CSI interface.   Unfortunately the current drivers don't support RGB888 data, so I tried to add suppor...
  • Dual display (HDMI + OLED) on i.MX 8M Quad EVK

    Hi All,       I try to use dual display via HDMI + OLED panel on i.MX 8M Quad EVK, but default fsl-imx8mq-evk-dual-display.dts is used for HDMI + MIPI DSI to HDMI. so, Is it p...
    Sam Wu
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  • CST HSM 3.2.0 compiled against Openssl 1.1.1f leaks memory and segfaults

    Hi,   I'm attempting to compile CST against OpenSSL 1.1.1f. To achieve this I've recompiled libfrontend (as the packaged one seems to be compiled against older openssl) and used this binary to compile the comple...
    Atte Pellikka
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  • Secure Boot on imx8mq.

    Hi, What are the step for secure boot on imx8mq?   Thanks, Nilesh Patel
    Nilesh Patel
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  • How to calculate sleep timings in i.MX6solo processor

    Hello Sir/Madam,   In our custom board we are using processor i.MX6solo(MCIMX6S6AVM10AC), i need to keep this device for sleep mode so i need to know how long it can be in sleep mode.  If you any calculati...
    Ramesha S P
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  • i.MX7ULP: IO configuration

    Hi,   I am planning to use imx7ULP in one of the medical applications device. And require 3 Mic to interface with iMX7ULP. And it is battery operated device so we have to select iMX7ULP. I have some of the ...
    Mrudang Shelat
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  • Android 10 - i.MX8MMini - g2d rotation issue

    Hi,   I've found an issue with the G2D HWC layer on i.MX8M Mini, here is my setup: - Android 10.0.0-1.0.0 release - i.MX8M Mini EVK platform - MIPI display (1280x800 in my case) - SF_PRIMARY_DISPLAY_ORI...
    Gary Bisson
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