• MX8M GPIO Input_Val Setting conflict for i2c2

    Hello,   I am currently using yocto for the VAR-SOM-MX8M-MINI which uses the freescale imx8mm-var-som.dts file.  In this file, the I2C2 SDA and SCL signals are defined with an input_val of 0x400001c3.&...
    Matthew Mader
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  • Boot from SPI NOR on iMX 8M Mini

    I try to boot from SPI NOR connected to ECSPI2 interface on EVK board. I successfully prepared dtb file to activate spinor in Linux (5.4.24). After some patches in kernel module for CS0 (GPIO) I have working mtd devic...
    Miroslav Ondra
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  • No pwmchip for sysfs imx6

    Hello,   I am uncertain what might be missing from my device tree or kernel configuration, if anything, that might be preventing my linux image (Yocto Zeus - kernel 5.4.3) from including the /sys/class/pwm/pwmch...
    Nathan Binford
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  • imx8m Yocto Zeus:Cannot initialize MCP2517. Wrong wiring?

    Hi, We are working on MCP2517FD CAN interface bring up on our imx8m custom board. We are using yocto Zeus kernel 5.4.3 We have two ecspi in our custom board. This CAN controller is connected in ecspi2 of our custom...
    Antony Abee Prakash
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  • Occasional Rolling Video mx6 & adv7282-m

    Hello,   There is some relation to this questions and other posts on this forum, i figured it would be best to start a new thread though?  So i have followed advice on posts like this one:  iMX6, ...
    Jarrod Cook
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  • H264 over RTP - missing h264 sequences

    I can show a h264 stream over RTP on my display by using GStreamer. Bandwith usage is approximately at 25Mb. When I connect a second streaming source to my display the video is juddering. But only one stream. The Ban...
    Michael Stahl
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  • imx8mqevk, hardware acclerators for object detection

    Hi , We are using v4l2 mipi camera on imx8mqevk, its very slow to respond on the display. Since there are no g2d support for imx8mqevk to make it fast responsive,should we move to g3d APIs? can you please confirm o...
    Manivannan s
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  • Warping on video output: imx8qm

    Good morning,   I need to make the warping on the imx8x, for 2 video output. Looking by example in the document iMX8QM_RM_Rev_F.pdf for the imx8qm, I can see that some registers for managing the warping are men...
    lorenzo sarchi
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  • Does anyone have patch for rpmsg wakeup source for kernel L4.1.15

    Hi,   As per below document, iMX8QXP: Use RPMSG to wake up M4 and A35    patch : L4.14.78_rpmsg_wakeup.patch is for only L4.14.78.   Is there any patch for L4.14.15 as I see there are many...
    Rakesh Patel
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  • i.MX7ULP support camera interface type

    Hi,NXP Friend What kind of camera interface is supported on i.MX 7ULP platform? thank you very much.
    Alvin Li
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  • [HID(R):LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT ] SDPS: boot -f imx-boot-imx8qxpmek-sd.bin-flash

    The DDR configuration is modified when the Linux of the IMX8QXP is started. When the compiled flash.bin file is burnt using UUU, the following error is reported, and no information is displayed on the serial port. The...
    chao qian
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  • Is 2-lane eDP supported on IMX8M?

    Hi, everyone.   I am reviewing IMX8MD and IMX8MQ. I'm reviewing eDP and MIPI-DSI to use dual displays, but there's too little data on eDP. I would like to know if 2-lane eDP is supported in IMX8MD or IMX8...
    Youngjoo Kim
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  • iMX6Q Yocto version for optimal graphical performance

    Hi   I got an iMX6Q board. Specifically this one: i.MX 6Quad SABRE Development Board | NXP    I have been using the zeus branch of meta-freescale, and thereby using the 4.9 kernel including the vivan...
    Christian Sørensen
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  • Steps to do dm-crypt for RootFS partition on Imx6Q.

    1. Can anyone share the steps to do dm-crypt for RootFS partition on imx6Q? Also let me know, 2.Is it possible to do filesystem encryption on FAT32, which holds the zImage and  dts files?dm-crypt imx6q sa...
    Kather Rafi
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  • iMX6Q Android 8.0 1366x768 support

    Hi, we are having problem using a 1366x768 LVDS panel with Android 8.0. When the system boots into kernel, we can see the 4 penguins get displayed correctly, and if we direct the console message to the LVDS, it also ...
    Moses Yang
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  • setting repo

    I do it as up following,but always fault, i wander why.
    zhang baobing
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  • imx8: running pyeiq facial expression detection on 5.4.24 bsp with video source thowing error

    I could run facial expression detection on imx8mq evk(5.4.24 bsp) with input image. Same i tried to run with video source but its thowing error. Here are the logs:   INFO: Created TensorFlow Lite delegate for NN...
    vipul Suneja
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  • imx8: pyeiq facial detection & face eye detection not working with live camera(v4l2, ov5640)

    pyeiq facial detection & face eye detection working fine with USB cam but same is not working on nxp ov5640 camera on imx8mq evk (5.4.24 bsp) target. Streaming is fine but false detection happening with wrong mark...
    vipul Suneja
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  • Cannot build the imx8MQ project in imx-yocto-bsp-5.4.24, when added CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "chromium-ozone-wayland" in local.conf

    Hi iMX8MQ support team,    The iMX8MQ Linux project cannot build in imx-yocto-bsp-5.4.24, when added "CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "chromium-ozone-wayland" " in local.conf file. see the log info.  ...
    Sawyer Liu
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  • How to flash rootfs.ubi with UUU

    Hi,   I'm using UUU tool to flash my SW image into NAND Flash on an iMX6ULL device. I compile a U-Boot image (u-boot.imx) and a root file system rootfs.ubi (containing Kernel, Device Tree and rootfs). I can flas...
    Jari Peltonen
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