• Android USB Camera - How is it tested?

    I'm running Android P (2.3.4) on iMX8MQ and trying to use an external USB camera. I haven't seen anything that implements the Camera2 external camera config (External USB Cameras  |  Android Open Source Proj...
    Michael Brooks
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  • why the Flexcan can't be set bitrate with 5000bps

    Hello, is there someone can help me ?    I get some problems when development with imx6ul processer, that i can't set the bitrate with 5000bps;   what i have done: 1. ifconfig can0 down...
    mio zhang
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  • Where can we find the USB Certification Guide for i.MX8M Mini?

    Where can we find the USB Certification Guide for i.MX8M Mini like below? https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-105609 https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-333262
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  • Does IMX8MM support WQHD?

    Hi Community.   I set a 2400x480 display to panel-simple.c with IMX8MM, I am getting the following error.   [ 0.000000] Kernel command line: console=ttymxc0,115200 earlycon=ec_imx6q,0x30860000,115200 root=...
    Takashi Kashiwagi
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  • Can anyone explain how and where display is configured in windows 10 IoT for imx8mq ?

    In imx-iotcore\driver\video\imxdod directory, I found display driver which has code related to HDMI for imx8mq and MIPI DSI, LCDIF for imx8mm. But the driver seems incomplete as there is no code for DCSS for imx8...
    Abhishek H
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  • DDR4

    hi,         My chip is i.MX8M MINI, I replaced DDR, use 4GB ram, uboot will get stuck every time.       1.     I used mscale_ddr_tool_v310 to test,     &...
    扬 杨
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  • USB3.0 device mode speed in IMX8X

    Hi,   We are working with IMX8X based device , where the device will act as a webcam and using the USB3.0 port. The device is now getting detected as a  super speed uvc gadget device. We have the requiremen...
    ros M
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  • IMX6 Fast Boot

    Hello I am using Linux 4.1.15 on IMX6 and need to have a faster boot time.   Unit spends 12 seconds waiting for random number entropy. ie 'non blocking pool initialisation'.   Is there a way to disable, po...
    Ian Fox
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  • Cannot wake from deep sleep on imx8m (Google Coral dev board)

    Hi,   I'm using the Google Coral Dev Board (i.mx8m SoC) running BalenaOS , and I'm trying to wake the board from deep sleep.   I'm entering deep sleep using   echo mem > /sys/power/state   I...
  • i.MX 8M Nano - Enable .NET Core on Yocto Linux

    Hello team,   I have customers how are trying to Enable .NET Core on Yocto Linux. .NET core it's a runtime for C# programs, mainly works on Debian Distribute, please refer to Install .NET Core an...
    Shai Berman
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  • CST 3.3.0 returns Undefined error

    Hello, I am trying to setup secure boot on my iMX8MM device I end up with an error with cst tool versio 3.3.0 : Error: Cannot open key file CSF1_1_sha256_4096_65537_v3_usr_key.pem 140578450752768:error:06065064:dig...
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  • HAB authentication Faild

    I upload signed uboot image to device, program SRK and closed the device with trustfence. After boot I get error:   Loading file 'boot.scr' to addr 0x8000000... Done    Autenticating image from DDR ...
    Adrian Dusinski
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  • Using cst-tools signing *.out file

    Hi,   I am using sbc connect core 6 board for my product development. I have to add security to my developed firmware application. Because we are planning to use secure update of the application firmware. For th...
    vijith G
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  • i.MX6 Android 9 icon duplication

    We are in the process of upgrading our device (which is based on imx6dq/sabresd_6dq board) to Android 9 (p9.0.0_2.3.1 BSP). We noticed a weird issue that happens on Android 9 - icons/images (i.e. bitmaps) are bei...
    Steve Gamble
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  • Internal Flash of IMXRT1064

    Hello,   I have a question about the internal Flash of IMXRT1064. How do I read / write to the SIP 4M Flash Memory described on page 1426 of the i.MX RT1064 Processor Referenc Manual? Please let us know if ther...
    T. Y.
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  • fail to bitbake fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx for imx6ul

    1. problem ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- linux@ubuntu:~/fsl-release-bsp/build_x11_imx6ulevk$ bitbake fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx -k NOTE: Your conf/bblayers.co...
    tianxiang rao
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  • Flashing i.MX8M Nano EVK using UUU Tool

    Hello,    I am trying to flash i.MX8M Nano EVK using UUU Tool on Ubuntu 16.04. I have configured boot switches to Serial Download Mode and connected USB cable and Power. I am giving following command: $ sud...
    Rohan Mathuria
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  • imx8qxp-cpu : Minicom Console not working with  board

    Issue: In imx8qxp-cpu board suddenly minicom logs stopped coming. Earlier on minicom shell the logs were coming.   Observation: If we flash the board with Android compatible BSP, then the following logs are obs...
    Prabhakar nahak
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  • i.MX8M secure boot HAB + FIT image

    Hi guys, Regarding the HAB on i.MX8M. I know that i.MX6 HAB does not check the validity of the certificate. -> good for my project. What is about the i.MX8 Series or specially the i.MX8M. Is there a validity check ...
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  • The power domains with MIPI in IMX7S: 1V rail and decoupling caps

    We are using the IMX7Solo in a display project.   We use the MIPI interface to talk from the Solo to our display driver bridge chip. When the processor is powering up, all goes well until the LDO_1P0D is powered...
    Andy Hall
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