• iMX6DQ MMDC Initialization

    If I have the parameters generated by the MMDC calibration tool, what is the proper sequence of loading the MMDC registers and what registers are needed to get the DDR memory running? We'll assume that the IOMUXC pins...
    Ken Green
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  • git://git.freescale.com/imx/fsl-arm-yocto-bsp.git   how to fix this?

    I'm Working with some book, trying to execute this command: repo init -u git://git.freescale.com/imx/fsl-arm-yocto-bsp.git -b imx-morty -m imx-4.9.11-1.00_ga.xml after some browsing I understand that git.freesc...
    Tal Bary
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  • ARM CORTEX M4 in Power Management

    Hi All,   I am working on IMX8QM-MEK with Android Automotive. I have some doubt regarding power management.   1. Is it possible to sleep/ wake up the head unit using from M4 ? 2. Is M4 Core have the cloud...
    vinothkumar s
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  • i.MX8QM core and board informations

    Hi guys,   I have a i.MX8QM-MEK and I would like to know if it is possible to get (and how) the following information retrieved from the device itself:  1) the board vendor and revision . As fair as I...
    Daniel Oliveira
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  • linux-imx branchs for kernel 5.x?

    into GitHub - Freescale/linux-fslc: Linux kernel source tree  I do not see any linux-imx branch for kernel 5.x. Will there be in the near future linux-imx branchs for kernel 5.x similarly as the branchs which exi...
    axel Lagrange
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  • i.MX8M key pad port (KPP)?

    I have a question about the i.MX8M. Does this processor have a key pad port (KPP)? I don't find anything in the data sheet.
    Alexander Elbs
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  • i.MX8 M MINI Ethernet MAC

    Hi, We want to use 10/100 Base-T Ethernet MII interface in our design. Following is the pin mapping as per i.MX8 M MINI datasheet. We need the exact pin interface for MII mode.       ...
    Sameer Pitre
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  • iMX8QM SNVS PMIC On Request

    Hi,   I would like to understand the behavior of the iMX8QM PMIC_ON_REQ line coming from the SNVS block.   Hardware Question : Is it possible to configure the default state of the PMIC_ON_REQ line ? By de...
    Stan Bertrand
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  • IMX8 HDMI 120Hz?

    Hi,   Does IMX8 MDMI 1920x1080P 120Hz support it?   James 
    James Kim
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  • I2C driver in optee not working

    Hello Everyone, igorpadykov    I have port imx-i2c driver from Linux to Optee. As in Linux, the driver is called to start i2c communication through i2c_imx_start,  when it tries to read the content of...
    Asma Alekar
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  • imx6ull ADC read count values error

    Hi, I'm having problems when reading cont values from ADCs on our custom board (I having the same problem when trying the same configuration in imx6ull_14x14_evk). - VDDA_ADC_3P3(L13), ADC_VREFH(M13) connec...
    Carlos Barreiro
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  • i.MX8M GPU seems still OOM after apply patch

    We got patch from support case: #00266485, but seems still OOM after apply patch. Previous report at i.MX8M GPU test oom  We lower the memory to 560M for Linux for decrease the time of duplicate issue...
    created by m.c
  • i.MX7 USB_OTG2_VBUS voltage supply

    Is USB_OTG2_VBUS 5v still need to supply if i.MX7 USB2 only used in host mode and USB device 5v is supply externally?  
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  • can not run chromium-x11 with myuser user in xwayland on imx8 maaxboard (imx8mqevk)

    Hi  my yocto image I built works well in  imx8 maaxboard porting from imx8mqevk. in root user: chromium --no-sandbox  it works. but I use another user myuser, it can start up: error output as...
    peter zhang
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  • i.MX53, Linux 4.9 and Etnaviv

    We have i.MX53 based custom HW and so far we have been using 2.6 - series kernel since that was the last officially supported one.   I noticed that that Yocto 2.2 have support for i.MX53 and kernel 4.9 has the E...
    mc maddie
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  • Openocd on the MIMXRT1060-EVK

    Hey everyone, I   recently bought a MIMXRT1060-EVK. My development with other boards has been to use the gcc toolchain and debug using openocd.   So far I haven't had much luck getting openocd working with...
    Ryan Winter
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  • Questions about the performance of i.MX8MQ.

    Hi, everyone.   My client is reviewing MCIMX8M-EVK. I have a question when I look at the iMX8MQ data and the links posted in the community. (https://imxdev.gitlab.io/tutorial/how_to_use_dual_display_on_i.MX8_in...
    Youngjoo Kim
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  • 关于IMX6ULL 用户空间操作寄存器 死机的情况

    各位好!    内核与交叉编译器 Linux version 4.1.15_2.1.0,gcc version 4.9.4 (Linaro GCC 4.9-2017.01)。    在配置操作EIM总线和FPGA通信时,发现在用户空间使用/dev/mem访问总线地址会导致死机; 类似于: # ./memtool -32 0x58000000 29 E Readin...
    dizhu yuan
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  • imx-gst-plugin for imx8 returns 0 features

    I am using Yocto (Thud) to build for coral-dev board with iMX8 Quad chip. I see that the imx-gst-plugin recipe is included and the version/tag used is "MM_04.04.02_1808_L4.9.123_MX8MM_GA" There seem to be ...
    Prakash M
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  • What is the Android update strategy for i.MX boards specially for i.MX 8 mini?

    I noticed that for example for i.MX6 Quad (released in 2011), Android 8 is supported. Android 8 is still supported by Google. If I take today i.MX8 mini that supports Android 9, for how many years I can expect Androi...
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