• Clock setting for i.MX6QP in linux kernel source.

    Hello community,   In linux kernel source, clock are setting in function "imx6q_clocks_init()" on drivers/clk/imx/clk-imx6q.c of Linux BSP L4.14.98_2.0.0-ga. As following commit, it is changed to support imx6q...
    Takayuki Ishii
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  • How to enable ocram for Cortex-m4 programming

    Hi Shuyang Guan, when programming with Cortex-M4 in i.MX8x, we found that the total size of TCM is 256k, this size is too small to meet our some product application requirements. so we plan to enable ocram for Corte...
    zhao shuangpeng
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  • About the evaluation board (MCIMX7D-SABRE)

    Hello,Community   SNVS_PMIC_ON_REQ pin is connected as follows. U7 SNVS_PMIC_ON_REQ-PMIC_ON_REQ-U4 PWRON-pullup (R280) -PMIC_PWRON-U37 RST   U37's RESETpin is open-drain output. SNVS_PMIC_ON_REQ pin of i....
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  • i.MX8 EVK, Flicker on Dual Display

    Hi,   We are seeing a window flickering issue while using the Dual display setup in the i.MX8 EVK. This issue is visible if we driving the LCDIF at resolution of 1080p. In EVK Test setup we have two LCDs co...
    Radhika Krishnan
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  • About Boot Config of evaluation board (MCIMX7D-SABRE)

    Hello,Community LCD1_DATA [0:23] and 10kΩ pull-down resistor are connected.   Table 96 of the data sheet describes "100K Pull Down" during State during reset.   If i.MX has a pull-down resistor, can...
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  • 6ull ddr3 configuration

    Hi, we used nxp 6ull and winbond ddr3(w631GG6mb).The system occasionally crashes .We did not encounter this problem when using Samsung ddr3. Winbond engineers are helping to solve this problem. When Winbond engineers ...
    jz lv
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  • booting problem of New i.MX6Q SABRE board

    Can you help me to boot new i.MX6Q SABRE board? When I turn on the IC, it won't be booted and displays below error message. (Please refer to the attached full log file.) Please let me know how to fix it.   ...
    Bokyong Oh
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  • Could not debug my new custom board

    I am trying to debug my code using my new custom board that has iMX RT1062 MCU on it and a 16 MB flash on it: IS25LP128F-JBLE.    I verified that my boot configuration is correct. I set it internal boo...
    Farid Mabrouk
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  • QSPI flash cannot be accessed if set to other than QSPI Boot

    Hello, Community.   Previously, I ’ve asked questions in the following thread, QSPI flash cannot be accessed if the MCIMX7SABRE board is set to other than QSPI Boot.   QSPI Flash cannot be accessed whe...
    Yuichi Takeda
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  • I.MX8M would automatically crashes under do not do anything

    Hello experts ,   I found my I.MX8M board would automatically crashes under do not do anything, ( can't output log or key any command )     it might happen between 1~2 hour,   but after &#...
    Dylan Lin
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  • iMX8QXP MIPI DSI clk and lanes no signal

    Hello, I want to apply a MIPI DSI to FPD-Link III serializer in iMX8QXP with a Cortex-M4.   HW Platform: NXP IMX8QXP SW OS : Android 9.0 Automative NXP release base line  P9.0.0_2.1.0-AUTO-ga &#...
    Ruodong Bai
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  • What should I do to modify the amount of CL_DEVICE_GLOBAL_MEM_SIZE on i.mx8mq?

    Hi All.   What should I do to modify the amount of CL_DEVICE_GLOBAL_MEM_SIZE? I am trying to use Darknet_On_OpenCL(using yolov3-tiny.cfg and yolov3-tiny.weights) on i.mx8mq. but I got this error after executing ...
    Katsuaki Nakajima
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  • iMX8MQ custom board flashing issue using UUU utility

    Hello,   Release: Yocto-Sumo (4.14.78_1.0.0_GA) Board: i.MX8MQ based custom board   We are working on iMX8MQ based custom board and facing issue while flashing image into eMMC using UUU utility on Linux 1...
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  • I’m trying to interface SLIC IC 32287 with iMX6q processor.

    The SI32287 provides SPI and PCM interface to host. Also, the SPI interface pins SCLK, SPI_MOSI, SPI_MISO, & CHIP SELECT are mapped to Processors SPI port and the PCM interface pins MOSI, MISO, PCLK and frame Sync...
    Snehal Jadhav
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  • HABV4 event failed but pass

    Hi NXP,   Some of my chipsets have a very abnormal logs. Let me clarify the situation first,  I use IMX6SOLO, and NAND+DDR.  Kernel version is 4.14, uboot is 2018.03. Using MFGTools to download softw...
    Jane Zhang
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  • Disable UART Runtime

    Hi,   I'm working with i. MX6ULL board. I would like to disable debug UART in runtime. How to implement this?   Thanks in advance.
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  • avb_ab_flow.c:30: ERROR: Magic is incorrect.

    I use the command "sudo ./uuu_imx_android_flash.sh -f imx8mm -a -e" to update my imx8m mini EVK with the image "android_p9.0.0_2.0.0-ga_image_8mmevk".   The debug UART print the error messge "avb_ab_flow.c:30: ...
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  • How to boot imx8mm M4 as early as possible?

    Using an imx8mm I need to boot the M4 as quickly as possible.  Using u-boot scripting with a 0 autoboot abort delay gets me below 3 seconds but we need to get faster than that.   The plan is to open up u-bo...
    Greg Edwards
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  • i.MX 8M Mini USB power consumption

    Hi,   Can someone advice me what can I expect from the USB power consumption of the Mini using imx_4.14.78_1.0.0_ga? It seems that configuring a USB controller as a gadget (e.g. g_serial) results in a powe...
    David Vekony
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  • imx8mmini sd/mmc manufacture mode

    Hello, i have a weird situation with the sd/mmc card recovery mode on my custom imx8mmini board. When i don't burn the efuses for boot selection, it boots normally from the sdcard. When i burn the fuses (to nand + b...
    Darko Komljenovic
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