• iMX8M-EVK USB TYPE-C (J901) cannot work

    Hi,    I connect USB-disk to iMX8M-EVK USB TYPE-C (J901), but uboot cannot find the usb-disk. If connect usb-disk to USB host (J903) , uboot can find the usb-disk. Can uboot support iMX8M-EVK ...
    Miles Wang
    created by Miles Wang
  • i.MX6LL DDR Stress Test Tool Fails

    Hello all,   I'm using the DDR Stress Test tool to optimize our DDR configuration our own board. There are about 300 boards in total, three of which failed (calibration test). The log is in the attachment, can yo...
    Jack Jiang
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  • MC34PF4210A1ES VGEN2 is 1.4V instead of 0.9V

    Hi Team FAE:  I'm working on iMX8MQ based custom board & powered processor using MC34PF4210A1ES PMIC.  Observed that VGEN2 voltage is 1.4V, which is not as per PMIC programming. It should be 0.9V. B...
    LinJin MENG
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  • ESAI peripheral generating incorrect I2S frequencies

    I'm having trouble getting my ESAI peripheral to generate the right I2S clock frequencies on the SCK, BCK, and LRCK pins going to my codec.  The codec is a TI PCM1753 and it can only be a clock slave, so the ESAI...
    Remington Furman
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  • OV5647 raw camera : lower half image is black (blanking ?)

    Hello community I am trying ov5647_mipi.c default drivers for raw8 camera sensor using for board imx8m mini EVK. I received the image with the gst command but the lower half of the image is black (blanking ?) as shown...
    タイ チャン
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  • How to create a new partition on IMX6 board(Yocto)

    Hi Team,   I've implemented creating a new partition on Android, and now I want to create a partition on Yocto.How to do it?   Thanks in advance.  
    hong li
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  • about IMX6D uboot

    Refer to the official imx6q board to customize the imx6d board(pmic and ddr3 are the same ),but can't use mfgtools to download uboot. especially, loading U-boot all the time. who can help me ? where should i modify ?
    cot way
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  • VGEN2 is not as per PMIC programming

    Hi,   We are working on iMX8M based custom board & powered processor using MC34PF4210A1ES PMIC.  Observed that VGEN2 voltage is 1.4V, which is not as per PMIC programming. It should be 0.9V.  ...
    Ritesh Patel
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  • Error building in mkimage_imx8

    Hi   I was building for my custom board project and believed I had done most of the duplicates of the  EVK codes and edited the relevant Kconfig and makefiles. One thing I has problem solving is the below...
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  • Build android o code on centos

    Hi, friend   Now we need to develop and build android 8.0.0-1.0.0 on centos operation system. But it doesn't support centos on Android_User's_Guide.pdf. And is centos supported now ?   Thanks!
    贻才 林
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  • IMX8QM cross connection of the clock signals of i2c_lvds 0/1

    Hi, expert,       I am looking at the imx8qm DTS file in linux-imx kernel git branch imx_4.14.98_2.0.0_ga.  The IMX8qm SoC has two I2C buses for each ldb brdige.   But in the file: ...
    minskey guo
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  • Why IMX8MQ_VIDEO_PLL1 frequencies has been fixed to 59999999 ?

    Hi, we are having a big issue in driving a Full-HD LVDS display on a custom board based on i.MX8MQ.   Display is connected to mipi-dsi bus through a MIPI-DSI to LVDS bridge from TI.   It was very dif...
    Giuseppe Pagano
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  • imx8 Quad Max MEK The USB-C port does not work

    Hello friends. I have a problem with the imx8 Quad Max MEK. I can't use the USB-C port. The problem is than Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 don't find it. It does not even exist as an unknown device. I trying use UUU for ...
    last modified by CESAR MIGUEL
  • i.MX8 RAM specification clarification

    Hi, it appears that there is some difference in the specifications of the RAM capabilities in the i.MX8. Are you able to clarify please? Document: IMX8QMAEC_Rev. H, page 2 & 6 64-bit LPDDR4 @1600 MHz, 64-bit DDR4...
    Peter Bain
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  • about i.MX6ULL IOMUX tools

    hello,       I have a project on my side that will use i.MX6ULL processor, Does this chip have an IOMUX tools?  the lastest version that I downloaded from this community is v3.4.0.3 , this profile...
    国承 张
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  • How can I change the target of my U-boot from SD Card to NAND?

    Hello, everybody.   I want to change u-boot's Config from SD Card to NAND.   However, an error will occur even if you proceed as shown in the manual and the following link.   * manual name = i.M...
    Seung Hyun Park
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  • How to enable Sterio mic in imx6ulevk with wm8960?

    Board used: Imx6ulevk Image: Customized Yocto image. Kernel version: 4.9.11 Hi Team, I am working on a project for car infotainment system, I have to record stereo audio using wm8960 audio codec which is used on...
    Vikneshwar Thandeswaran
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  • Minimal voltage of i.MX8M Mini / i.MX8X absolute maximum rating

    Why the minimal voltage of i.MX8M and i.MX8M Mini absolute maximum rating is 0v? Why the minimal voltage of i.MX8X absolute maximum rating is -0.3v? Is because the semiconductor process or automotive grade or other ...
    created by m.c
  • i.MX8M Mini EVK: Changing PMIC Settings in SPL

    Hi, I need to change the settings of an NXP PMIC (PF8121) for a board that's based on the i.MX8M Mini EVK. I see a note on the EVK schematic that mentions a couple of voltage settings for the Rohm PMIC on the EV...
    David Ochs
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  • imx7 vs imx8 unexpected difference in performance

    Good morning, we're performing a performance test on our 2 platforms, imx7d and imx8 mmini, to investigate an issue we're facing. The test is based in a basic communication between 2 threads, implemented with the pt...
    Miky Ago
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