• MCIMX8M-EVKB design

    3.3V J1001 HDMI CEC signal is connected HDMI_CEC with no level shift to 1.8V as HDMI_AVDDIO is 1.8V. Also HPD signal as highlighted in below schematics  The D1003 voltage drop is 0.59V only.
    Yaseen Vantmuri
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  • imx8qxp pcie init fail.

    Hello:          imx8qxp , I want to use PCIE,but  init fail,Please help to slove it.thank you. [ 2.088471] OF: PCI: host bridge /pcie@0x5f010000 ranges: [ 2.093633] OF: PCI: No bus rang...
    健 谭
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  • I.MX8 Qt Develop

    Can anyone provide a QT cross-compiler for I.MX8 and a kernel image with a Qt library? I can't compile the QT cross-compiler and the kernel image with Qt library with the commands “bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5R...
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  • How to enable MINI-PCIe slot support

    Hi all,   We use IMX6SLEVK. Linux Host driver built with fsl-community-bsp. Distro is framebuffer. We want to use PCIe slot and tried different PCI slot in kernel configuration combinations. lspci is not showin...
  • clock set up for a simple-audio-card

    I want to know a working example of DTS for sai, codec and simple-audio-card in kernel 5.0.5 using imx8mq and ti, pcm3060, specially from the clocks perspective.   I have got a sound card through the simple-aud...
    Kapil Bhutani
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    I use  8MMINILPD4-EVK, if I remove R323 and R325 and assemble R315 and R316. Can I use Usb port J301 for power and debug?  
    Ido Mor
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  • imx7d: Mainstream boots, fslc does not.

    Mainline 4.14.x kernel works, freescale/nxp modified 4.14.x kernel does not.   Running the 4.14.x mainstream kernel on my i.mx7d (specifically the 7d3evk10sc) and everything works as expected except the m4 co-pr...
    Dan Merillat
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  • My board using i.mx6ull hangs after kernel startup.

    Hi, everyone in the NXP community   I am building a new BSP with a new board using i.mx6ull. I calibrated DDR, bitbake u-boot and Linux kernel and root FS, and wrote the image to the board with Mfgtoo.   H...
    Fumitaka Takahashi
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  • ATF compilation for imx8m mini

    Hi. Can you please provide the steps to compile ATF for imx8m mini? I tried with make PLAT=imx8mm SPD=opteed bl31 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- But then I only get the SPL prompt and it never reaches u-boot. I...
    Boris Shapiro
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  • charging battery

    Hi I use IMX8MMEVKHUG as a reference design. Does the USB-OTG design support battery charging? Is there any UG can guide me to connect 5.5-8V LI-PO to the design? if I connect a battery to J101 will charge it...
    Ido Mor
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  • Boot in IMX8

    I redesigned IMX8MMEVKHUG and removed : Ethernet PHY QSPI Nor Flash SD card PCIe Gen. Will the device be able to boot? Do I need to make changes in the device tree?
    Ido Mor
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  • Compiling ATF with SPD support

    Hi. I am trying to load op-tee os in u-boot stage on imx8m mini. But when I compile ATF from imx-atf repository with option SPD=opteed, the board is stuck after SPL stage before loading uboot. Can someone post inst...
    Boris Shapiro
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  • imx6qsabresd mediaplayer problem

    Hi. I want to use QMediaPlayer to play muisc and video. But when running the project,it show: defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "org.qt-project.qt.mediaplayer" I have read some topic a...
    铭恒 李
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  • How to increase the GPU memory on i.MX8M?

    Hi all,   How to change the GPU memory from default to various size? I want to change it because of lack of GPU memory.   My target board is MCIMX8M-EVKB Evaluation Kit. I basically built the environment u...
    Takehiro Ushijima
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  • imx8mm android hdmi issue

          Imx8mm evk android hdmi shows some small white horizontal lines in a solid background. For example, you can open the clock application, then slide the mouse to see some small white ...
    li zuobin
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  • How to enable hardware GPP(/dev/mmcblk0gp0p1) on eMMC?

    Hello Everyone, We are using i.MX8QXP with Linux 4.14.62 (and also 4.14.98) Yocto Sumo BSP. The U-boot version is 2018.03. Currently, we are making all our partitions (around 10 partitions contains 3 primary and 7...
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  • How to change u-boot boot argument and cmdline to mount a partition in my rootfs partition?

    Hi, I created several partitions, two partitions are formatted by ubifs during u-boot, one is rootfs, a main partition, another is a backup storage, I burned the rootfs partition to the Nand flash, after boot from m...
    jupiter hce
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  • U-Boot Unzip Rootfs

    U-Boot - unzip Hello,  I am using a SOM based on the NXP i.MX6S7 I want to use the U-boot to update the firmware of our system. When I plugin a USB stick during startup, the u-boot should detect the U...
    mitun chidamparam
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  • Is there a linux 4.12 fork for imx 6ull.

    I was trying to find linux 4.12.x version for my imx6ull board. I do not see any fork for imx in freescale git or linux-imx repo in code aurora. Any pointers to the repo will be helpful.   Thanks - Pankaj
    Pankaj Joshi
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  • About behavior when writing image to nand using mfgtool to original BSP board of i.mx6ull (MCIMX6Y1CVM05AB)

    I am using i.mx6ull (MCIMX6Y1CVM05AB) on the board.   We are checking if we can write an image to a nand device using mfgtool.   I tried to see how writing is done with the mfgtool2-yocto-mx-evk-nand.vbs s...
    Fumitaka Takahashi
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