• IMX6SOLOX processor maximium  supported density for NOR Flash IC

     what is the maximium density supported by IMX6SOLOX processor for NOR flash IC ? 
    Deepa Sharma
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  • download uboot success but serial console output nothing

    hello we custom a board according to imx8mq_evk board, but the DDR isn't the same. I modify the DDR configure with mscale_ddr_tool_v310,and download uboot successful,you can see the uboot_down_process.log.After this ...
    wenjie xu
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  • i.MX6 HAB, getting HAB_INV_SIZE event

    I am trying to make HAB work on my i.MX6Q based platform using a custom uboot based on v2015.04. This is my progress so far:   I have generated the keys, add secure boot support to uboot, also added the CSF sect...
  • Cannot flash custom images to eMMC using UUU Tool (i.MX8M Mini EVK)

    Hi,   We are currently working on developing a custom board using the i.MX8M Mini Processor. We have procured a i.MX8M Mini EVK for prototyping. Using the Yocto Project, I have made a custom layer and have made ...
    Mahesh Devadiga
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  • iMX6 - Enable USB OTG port without VBUS connected

    Hi All,   We are trying to bring-up our first  iMX6ULL prototype board. Unfortunately, USB is not being enumerated in Windows, so we cannot use mfgtools. I think the reason for this is because we have ...
    Simon Willis
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  • HDMI custom resolution and clock setting

    Hi I want to add support for 1280*800 and 1366*768 resolution with hdmi display on imx8mq. By reading the code,I found the pixel clock 85.5M(1366*768) and 71.1M(1280*800)  was not  supported. i am afra...
    shiguang liu
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  • Does i.MX6UL/ULL/ULZ SAI/ESAI support PCM interface?

    Does i.MX6UL/ULL/ULZ SAI/ESAI support PCM interface?
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  • add more brightness level

    Hi I want to set brightness by setting /sys/class/backlight/backlight/brightness. But I find the max_brightness is 7,which means that the level is from 0 to 7. I want to add more level (from 0 to 100) ,but how to k...
    铭恒 李
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  • I.MX6 Fast Boot

    Did IMX6 MCU have fast boot solution for linux or Android, no just delete some module from the kernel ,but maybe depend on IMX6's hardware acceleration solution,that can start linux system within 2 seconds ?
    jiongzhong liu
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  • UUU tool stuck after loading bootloader image

    Hello All,   I am new to this topic of bootloader and kernal image loading. I am trying to use uuu tool and it only executes the first command of loading the bootloader. It stucks there and could not able to pr...
    Nagarjun N
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  • How to make Android to go deep sleep using echo mem command ?

    Dear team,   We are using imx8qm-mek Android9 Auto. As per my understanding we can put Android in deep sleep using below command:    echo mem > /sys/power/state But we are not able to put system i...
    Amit Kulkarni
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  • IMX6ULL NAND_WP pin is always high and cannot output low level

    Dears,   During the pressure test of the customer's product, the data stored by NANDflash will sometimes be lost. After the test, it is found that the pin of "WP#" connected to the NANDflash chip of i.x6ull is al...
    Jack Jiang
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  • imx8mq config dts(SPI)

    board:IMX8MQ-EVK Bsp:4.14.78 I want to change the default routing for the next three pins by configuring the device tree. Because we now want to lead out 40 pins on the new board for users' independent developmen...
    gao bo
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  • Low voltage on eDP AUX channel drivers

    Problem: Unreliable EDID/setup negotiation with eDP panel on our iMX8MQ board.   (It works only 70% of the time.  When it works, everything works fine until the next power cycle)   Probable cause:...
    Tony Bryant
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  • Unable to mount root fs via NFS, trying floppy.

    Hi Community, I have built an image using Yocto for the MX6Quad SABRE Board, and I am attempting to load the kernel, device tree, and root filesystem from a network share. I have stored all three items on the same ne...
    Kevin McKinney
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  • How to put bootanimation.zip into the sources

    I have learned how to put bootanimation.zip into /system/media/ on the installed system or e.g. into out/target/product/evk_8mm/system/media/ in the android_build directory.   But how can I put it into the andro...
    a b
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  • rear view camera with linux

    Has anyone tried to communicate with the m41 rear view camera app using linux instead of android auto?
    Kean Lun Leong
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  • Cannot wake from deep sleep on imx8m (Google Coral dev board)

    Hi,   I'm using the Google Coral Dev Board (i.mx8m SoC) running BalenaOS , and I'm trying to wake the board from deep sleep.   I'm entering deep sleep using   echo mem > /sys/power/state   I...
  • Altium Files for i.MX 8M Mini EVK

    Hello,   Is it possible for me get the Altium Design files for 8MMINILPD4-EVK SoM Board. I am unable to convert the Allegro files to Altium from the Data pack provided in the .zip file.   Kind Regards...
    Arun Pan
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  • Create the toolchain错误

    我使用imx6ull做产品,系统版本:4.1.15。 Create the toolchain出现如下错误: WARNING: nativesdk-linux-libc-headers-4.4-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL http://kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v4.x/linux-4.4.tar.xz, attempting MIRRORS if availa...
    long bin
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