• imx6q sabreauto not booting from sd card and not getting even single message from sonsole

    Hi ,   i am trying to bring imx6q sabre auto board (MCIMX6xAICPU2) But somehow i am  not even getting single consoles message after applying power of 5V DC and 4A current.   i do not know what is the ...
    Dharmender sharma
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  • Sound Effect Delay - SGTL5000

    Hello Sirs, We're developing an application using C++ for backend and QML for frontend. In this application we'll play some audios which format is WAV and length from 1 to 5 secs. The problem is that when an audio wil...
    Daniel Martins
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  • Reference design redesign

    Hi! We have working custom pcb with IMX6ULL based on reference design (number 29364) with only 9 components placed on bottom side of pcb: There are DDR3 relative parts: So, I am wondering can I move this compon...
    Almaz Khamidullin
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  • QT can't find mediaplayer service in iMX8MQ

    Hi, Guys: Currently I'm porting QT App from Ubuntu into imx8mq. MACHINE=imx8mqevk DISTRO=fsl-imx-xwayland  source fsl-setup-release.sh -b build-xwayland bitbake fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx bitbake meta-toolch...
    bailin rui
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  • USB OTG as a host is not enable in imx6ul

    Hi NXP team,      We are trying to load the firmware from USB OTG and pen-drive is connected in USB OTG port but board is not detecting USB as storage device when we do "usb start" command. when w...
    Karthikeyan S
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  • How PF1550 can discharge lithium battery only when VBUSIN is lost?

    We have a design with a PF1550 PMIC. System is powered by a main power feeding VBUSIN almost permanently and a rescue lithium-ion battery. Our goal is to keep our rescue battery charged in case mai...
    Anthony Loiseau
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  • Cannot display via MIPI DSI driven by LCDIF in i.MX8MQ

    Hi,   We are evaluating dual display of i.MX8MQ. Currently I am trying MIPI DSI driven by LCDIF on our customized i.MX8MQ board but keep failing. Do I need to do something else besides modification followi...
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  • RCU stall/hang on imx6q using 4.9.88_2.0.0_ga

    We are seeing a periodic rcu stall/hang, where sometimes we can get a backtrace. Most often, the system just hangs. Please advise.   RCU-relevant config options: (CONFIG_PREEMPT_RCU=y # CONFIG_PREEMPT_NONE is n...
    Todd Blanchard
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  • imx28: issue sgtl5000 over i2c as one of slave

    Hi All, we are some i2c issue in multi-slave environment, Device : Freescale imx28 processor BSP: Linux kernel version my imx28 product have two i2c slaves, 1. sgtl5000 chip as a slave for audio play devi...
    shashikant h
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  • eIQ Machine Learning Software for i.MX Linux 4.14.y

    eIQ Machine Learning Software for iMX Linux 4.14.y kernel series has been released. It contains machine learning support for Arm NN and Arm Compute Library, OpenCV, TensorFlow Lite, and TensorFlow.  These in...
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  • eIQ Software release: EAR1 for i.MX applications processors (5/21 Update: Now released)

    Update 21 May 2019: eIQ for iMX Linux 4.14.y kernel series has been released. It contains machine learning support for Arm NN and Arm Compute Library, OpenCV, TensorFlow Lite, and TensorFlow.  These inference en...
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  • i.mx8 linux releases, roadmap & mainline

    Hi,   Regarding Linux for the i.mx8 range   Is there a git-repo or wiki somewhere that lists all kernel releases, their change-notes and known issues? Is there a roadmap available of what is in the p...
    created by dav1
  • Creating a bootable image

    I am following the document i.MX8 Boot process and creating a bootable image to create a bootable image for  MCIMX8M-EVK. I think I already have all I need to create one, but I am not sure which SCFW is suitable ...
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  • How does uboot set ethaddr when the correct fuses have a valid MAC address?

    Hello,   I'm working on the processor IMX8DQXPRM. I have programmed the MAC Address to the fuses. When i boot the system, uboot complains that MAC Address is not set therefore, using a random address.   Is...
    Abel Thomas
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    Hello,    I'm struggling for some time now exposing spidev in Android9 that runs on IMX8MM EVK. I tried so many different ways - cleaning leftovers "make mrproper, make clean etc", pulling the entire ...
    mike malgin
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  • i.MX6q eglCreateWindowSurface returns EGL_BAD_ALLOC

    Hi Team,   This is regarding our project TOYOTA_MEUCY17 based on i.MX6 Quad and based on L3.10.17_1.0.2 release. This project uses X11. In one of our use case browser application is crashing when Coyote app is ru...
    Ikshwaku Chauhan
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  • IM8XM-DDR-Tool

    Hello all:         The correction DDR is normal on the common board, but abnormal below appears on my own board correction          Press Download button and to appe...
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  • i.MX wit NAND Flash

    Hi,   Has anyone use NAND for iMX6?  Appreciate advice to work with NAND.   Thank you.   - JH   Drive your NAND within Linux Forget the word "nightmare" - YouTube 
    jupiter hce
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  • 关于IMX8M Mini Android pie9的编译

    Dear NXP IMX8M Android Team Engineers:  根据android_userguide手册,一步一步做下来编译都没有问题,但是我想移植evk_8mm的工程文件为我们自己的文件,比如rsc5350m,按照如下方式我做了修改 (1) 拷贝device/fsl/imx8m/evk_8mm 为rsc5350m (2)修改rsc5350m里面的evk_8mm.mk和evk_8mm_drm.mk...
    LinJin MENG
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  • IMX8M Mini EVK MIPI-HDMI Display

    Hi IMX8M Mini Team FAE:       I want to use the IMX8M Mini EVK and MIPI2HDMI board to develop my application, I can't see any graphic or QT UI after the Linux kernel images are boot up ( the images are...
    LinJin MENG
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