• i.MX6ULL CAN的使用问题

    硬件:i.MX6ull 软件:yocot_uboot_2016 + yocot_kernel_4.1.15      NXP的工程师们,我在使用i.MX6ULL的CAN的时候遇到了很奇怪的问题。现在将问题的描述如下: 首先,要使用CAN接口,高版本内核需要先适配其设备树。 <1>imx6ull-14x14-xxx.dts    &f...
    li hu
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  • Altium Files for i.MX 8M Mini EVK

    Hello,   Is it possible for me get the Altium Design files for 8MMINILPD4-EVK SoM Board. I am unable to convert the Allegro files to Altium from the Data pack provided in the .zip file.   Kind Regards...
    Arun Pan
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  • Confirmed support for RAW12 through 4-lane CSI-2 sensor on i.MX8M?

    I've found a few forum posts describing attempts to bring up support for RAW12 on a 4-lane CSI2 sensor, has anyone had success in receiving 12-bit RAW data through 4-lane CSI2 sensor?   Comment regarding inabili...
    Peter Hahn
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  • i.MX8QM Android car build doesnt throw audio in headset

    Audio is working in non-car build with Android 9 Automotive release from NXP where as it doesnt work with the car build   while looking at the audio_policy_configuration_car.xml bus0_media_out is pointing to cs4...
    Redwan Mohamed
    created by Redwan Mohamed
  • Generate Blob Under Linux

    The document is to show how to generate blob under the linux. 9/20/2017 Remove  Generate Blob Under Linux.pdf    Update to Generate Blob Under Linux_V2.pdf Add key_blob_module.tgz   &...
    Biyong Sun
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  • imx8qxp Android BSP change dts issue

    Dear Expert:    I changed dtb file in Boardconfig.mk  as the below and rebuild android image  modify code in line 213 : # imx8qxp standard android; MIPI-HDMI display #TARGET_BOARD_DTS_CONFIG += ...
    Penny Lin
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  • enable Bluetooth for Android R13.4.1

    Overview As you know, R13.4.1 doesn't support Bluetooth. These attached patches enable Bluetooth for R13.4.1. Before applying the patches for MX6 SabreSD, please rework SabreSD. Refer to How to enable BT on board imx...
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  • enable dcp in 3.14 kernel for mx6sl

    since we have already released the patch for 3.10, this patch is for kernel 3.14
    Joan Xie
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  • Mixed criticality solution with Linux and safe RTOS

    Hello.   Does there exist a certified hardware+software solution for a mixed criticality system, where: - A generic Linux runs on one of the cores and uses one of the GPUs (hardware accelerated graphics over Op...
    Fatih Erol
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  • imx8qxpmek: spi does not work on sd card boot

    Hi all,   I have an imx8qxpmek board developer kit and boot with sd card bootmode and the delivered sd card into U-Boot (or linux), and spi access works fine, see[1].   Now I builded the sd card image from...
    Heiko Schocher
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  • Is it possible to execute multiple ECDSA Sign operations within the same i.MX8 job descriptor?

    I need to execute ECDSA operations in parts. When the job descriptor includes an  ECDSA part 1, or ECDSA part 2, the operator works as expected, so it does when the ECDSA part 1 is followed by ECDSA part 2. ...
    Ricardo Casallas
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  • i.MX8m USB ID support

    Dear NXP support,   I'd appreciate it if you could shed light on the USB PHY USB_ID issue. What is the reason why the evaluation board logic implements it using a "ptn5110"? The dedicated USB signal is routed ...
    Gaby Heifets
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  • FSL amr decoder with 11.09 BSP and imx53.

    To get the FSL amrdecoder building and running on imx53 in 11.09 BSP:   TIP: During debug for creation of these patches -> On the target, I had to make sure I had all the amr decoder libraries present, or it j...
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  • QSPI Flash Help - MIMXRT1050

    Hello,   I am using the MIMXRT1050 with QSPI flash on Keilv5 IDE. My QSPI flash manual: https://www.winbond.com/resource-files/w25q256jv%20spi%20revg%2008032017.pdf   I am using the flexspi_nor_polling_...
    Kamal Nasif
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  • Altium  for the i.MX 8M EVK

    Hello Yuri, Could i have a copy of the altium compatible i.MX 8M Evaluation Kit (EVK) Design Files?
    Heinrich Guber
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  • imx8qxp的板子,从sd卡启动时,uboot执行sf probe失败

    imx8qxp的板子,从sd卡启动时,uboot执行sf probe失败,QSPI Flash不可用。请问是什么原因?
    hagen fu
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  • i.max8mm TMU report 112C when the board is in -40C,which cause system reboot

    TMU report 112C when the board is in -40C,which cause system reboot.      cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp periodically.  ... 0 0 0 0 112000 [ 9756.219789] System is too hot. GPU3D will...
    Wen Fu
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  • RAM configuration in imx6ul barebox

    Hello everyone, barebox version:2017.04.0 RAM: MT41K512M8DA-107P          we are doing flat designing the board with imx6ul SOC. with two RAMs(MT41K512M8DA-107P). c...
    Ganesh Koda
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  • Access PMIC registers directly from APs in iMX8qm

    The System Controller firmware API does not have support to access the I2C bus between SCU and the PMIC in iMX8qm. We need to be able to send commands to the PMIC from the Linux user space running in the APs, possibly...
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  • 8M Mini EVK JTAG

    Dear Yuri Muhin Can you confirm that somebody tested the JTAG port on the i.MX8M Mini EVK? I'm asking because...   I tried to hook up a Segger J-Link Pro to the EVK, but was not even able to scan the JTAG chain...
    Andy Kiser
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