• UUU tool stuck after loading bootloader image

    Hello All,   I am new to this topic of bootloader and kernal image loading. I am trying to use uuu tool and it only executes the first command of loading the bootloader. It stucks there and could not able to pr...
    Nagarjun N
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  • I.MX8M MIPI-CSI2 voltage level

    Hi ALL,   We are using I.MX8M in one of our solutions in which we are utilizing MIPI-CSI2 for acquiring CMOS Sensor Signals .    In the CMOS sensor datasheet, it is mentioned that VDD_MIPI is ...
    wei shi
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  • Zero copy between GPU and VPU

    I am trying to take physical buffers from the imxvpudec gstreamer element, and modify them using the GPU with GLES and EGL, before passing them to the VPU encoder with imxvpuenc_h264.     For passing the me...
    Erlend Eriksen
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  • MIPI DSI driven by LCDIF is not working in i.MX8MQ

    I am using Linux 4.14.98 BSP. I'm using panel raydium 67198 which supports 1080p resolution. My display works fine if I use DCSS as input source for MIPI DSI. If I change it to LCDIF, frame buffer is created. But noth...
    Abhishek Hegde
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  • How do i see USB_OTG enabled device files in linux-imx?

    Hi,   I am using yocto sumo version linux kernel.   I enabled the following OTG configuation in menuconfig: /******************************************************** Symbol: USB_OTG [=y] x x Type : bool...
    Anush Deekonda
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  • i.MX8MQ EVK: Secure boot with rollback prevention

    Hi all   I have an i.MX8MQ EVK with an extended secure boot all the way up to a custom uImage. Now I want to add a rollback prevention mechanism for our custom uImage. For this, I currently assume the proper loc...
    Cyrill Gössi
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  • PMIC_ON_REQ behavior during CPU POR

    HI,   We are designing a custom board using i.MX 8 DualXPlus CPU based on the  i.MX 8QXP MEK board. In order to simplify the Reset Scheme, we are doing the following changes: 1.  The SCU_WDOG_OU...
    Harsh Mistry
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  • imx8mn configuration fragments not applied

    Hi there, I try to implement a kernel configuration in yocto for imx8m nano evaluation kit.   Following steps of Yocto Project Linux Kernel Development Manual  5.6.2. Creating Configuration Fragmen...
    Silke Bockhorn
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  • kernel crash in __create_pgd_mapping when I growing up ram size

    Hi everybody I am working with a Freescale i.MX8MQ EVK And I have a crash in kernel file arch/arm64/mm/mmu.c function  __create_pgd_mapping when I change u-boot "U-Boot 2019.04-4.19.35-1.1.0+g9d5089bdf4" f...
    Cedric Thain
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  • LPDDR4 part selection for i.MX8 DualXPlus

    Hello Team,   We going to design our custom board using iMXDualXPlus.   As there is Micron's LPDDR4 used on EVK board. We have plan to use JEDEC-compliant LPDDR4 8Gb (x16 x 2 channel ) provided by the cust...
    kailas kharse
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  • Syncing Yocto Source to Local git repo

    Hello Team,   I am new to Yocto, I have synced the code for i.mx8DualXplus, But I want to push the Yocto Source code to Local git repository which is maintained by my office on local GitLab server. I have creat...
    kailas kharse
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  • i.MX 8M Quad synchronous EA on GPC access from EL0

    Hi all,   I currently implement an i.MX 8M platform driver for the component-based Genode OS framework. It is a microkernel architecture, and drivers are simple applications executed in EL0. I could sucessfully ...
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  • Cannot capture video or image for SBGGR12_1X12 format with Pico DCAM20 Camera Module

    Hi, Currenty I am working on i.MX8M Nano with Camera module Pico DCAM20 (2 lanes). To add support for this driver, I added the driver file addi903x.c as attachment. Mark , the addi903x need 2 lanes 135Mhz mipi cl...
    Michael Tong
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  • imx8m mini mipi csi采图异常

    Dear all:    本人现在使用imx8m mini mipi csi接口采集图像,sensor是 sony imx334,它的配置是 891Mbps,4 lanes, 3824x2176,30fps,10bits raw data。使用的bsp是4.14.98,由于内核不支持10bits raw data,我们做了如下修改: mx6s_capture.c作如下添加修改 static struct ...
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  • Miracast Support on NXP AOSP (Marvell WIFI W8997-M1216)

    Hi, We are trying to port WIFI Display Miracast support into NXP AOSP using Marvell chip WIFI W8997-M1216 (NXP's AOSP 9-1.0.0/10-1.0.0). Below the steps that we have done to try port Miracast support into NXP AOSP. ...
    tommaso merciai
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  • zeus-5.4.24-2.1.0 won't boot on my IMX8MNEVK board

    Hi!   I'm trying to get the 5.4.24-2.1.0 release to run on my IMX8MNEVK board but I get the following error when trying to boot the image:   U-Boot SPL 2020.04-5.4.24-2.1.0+g4979a99482 (Jul 07 20...
    Simon Pettersson
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  • make[1]: Nothing to be done for 'SPL'

    1. We are working for custom SoM board based on IMX8M mini   2. We have created the following.    a. The device tree file name arch/arm/dts/fsl-imx8mm-mito8mmini.dts    b. The bo...
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  • when download rootfs ,output "tar:short read" error

    hello   we custom a board according to imx8mq_evk board, but the DDR isn't the same. I modify the DDR configure with mscale_ddr_tool_v310,and download the image files with uuu, when download rootfs it stop and o...
    wenjie xu
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  • Does IMX8MM support WQHD?

    Hi Community.   I set a 2400x480 display to panel-simple.c with IMX8MM, I am getting the following error.   [ 0.000000] Kernel command line: console=ttymxc0,115200 earlycon=ec_imx6q,0x30860000,115200 root=...
    Takashi Kashiwagi
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  • roofs download failed,output "tar:bunzip error -5;tar:short read" error

    hello   we custom a board according to imx8mq_evk board, but the DDR isn't the same. I modify the DDR configure with mscale_ddr_tool_v310,and then download image files with uuu,when it's downloading the rootfs f...
    wenjie xu
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