• iMX8QM SCU WatchDog

    Hello, I'm trying to enable the Watchdog timer on the SCU of a custom iMX8QM design.   The iMX8QM Reference Manual (rev F) states that: 13.9.3 Application Information The watchdog is enabled by default after re...
    Francesco Montefoschi
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  • i.MX8 DualXPlus-Flex SPI interface with OCTAL SPI Flash

    Hello Team,   We are developing a custom board where we want to use OSPI Flash and OSPI RAM interfaced via Flex SPI.   We are considering the following use case:   "OSPI Flash Memory" shall be used ...
    kailas kharse
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  • Boot Issue from EMMC on i.MX6Q

    Good morning,   we are investigating a problem related to the start-up of a IMX6Q processor booting from the eMMC device. We have about 20 boards among a lot of 300 pieces that show the same behaviour. The iMX...
    Diego Bovi
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  • Error: failed during write leveling calibration

    hi, We made some custom board with IMX6ULL chip and  MT41K64M16-125 SDRAM,and encountered problems while doing ddr calibration on board by  ddr_stress_tester_v3.00. There are calibration log as follow:...
    liqi wu
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  • Same content on LCD as on LVDS

    Hello, We have a custom board (imx6q) on which one time a LVDS panel is connected, and another time an lcd panel. These are connected on the same IPU - DI. I thought it was going to be as simple as just configure the...
  • OMX layer crash when enabling VPU encoder imx8qxp

    Hi, Am using imx8qxp SoC B0 revision with AOSP- . I am facing some issue when enabling the VPU Encoder and trying to stream using the same in vysor but getting a crash from OMX layer for some reason. Any help...
    Anantha Raman
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  • Imx8mm: Could not initialize PHY ethernet@30be0000

    Hi, I am getting the below error, (log attahced) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- u-boot=> ping       &#...
    Santhosh Kumar
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  • TC359749xbg worked with 4 mipi csi lanes

    TC359749xbg enable 4 Lane MIPI Csi failed,but 2 lanes worked well based on imx8mq-evk with 720p60.
    cheng jiangtao
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  • Downloading binary to SDCARD(SD4 Slot) using MfgTool on the MCIMX6SX-SDB board

    Hi,   I'm using MfgTools in Windows 10. The MfgTool_MultiPanel(Library: 2.7.0) was performed by executing the mfgtool2-yocto-mx-sabresd-sdcard-sd4.vbs of L4.9.88_2.0.0_mfg-tool. LOG : MfgTool_Initial.log ...
    DongHyun Kim
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  • No prompt after booting android

    Hey Guys,   I am working on a custom board based on SasberSD. I am trying to boot Android 9 onto it.   Android is booting properly. With screen connected I am able to see the android system running properl...
    Himanshu Savargaonkar
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  • IMX8M 支持SSD固态硬盘容量

    你好各位版主,关于IMX8M系列的产品,最大支持的SSD固态硬盘的容量是多少呢,是否支持2TBusb 接口的?usb 接口的和pci接口,SATA接口的应该是一样的吧,还是有区别的?我们是在linux系统下使用。期待你们的回复,谢谢!
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  • imx8m mini mipi csi采图异常

    Dear all:    本人现在使用imx8m mini mipi csi接口采集图像,sensor是 sony imx334,它的配置是 891Mbps,4 lanes, 3824x2176,30fps,10bits raw data。使用的bsp是4.14.98,由于内核不支持10bits raw data,我们做了如下修改: mx6s_capture.c作如下添加修改 static struct ...
    last modified by songrui2008@126.com
  • Problem with UHD streaming from IPTV

    Hi everyone, I'm sorry if this is a simple question for you all, but I'm a new user of linux processors. I' trying to stream UHD from udp with I.MX8MQ EVK using gstreamer. The command I'm using is the following: g...
    Francesca Manerba
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  • IMX6SOLOX processor maximium  supported density for NOR Flash IC

     what is the maximium density supported by IMX6SOLOX processor for NOR flash IC ? 
    Deepa Sharma
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  • download uboot success but serial console output nothing

    hello we custom a board according to imx8mq_evk board, but the DDR isn't the same. I modify the DDR configure with mscale_ddr_tool_v310,and download uboot successful,you can see the uboot_down_process.log.After this ...
    wenjie xu
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  • i.MX6 HAB, getting HAB_INV_SIZE event

    I am trying to make HAB work on my i.MX6Q based platform using a custom uboot based on v2015.04. This is my progress so far:   I have generated the keys, add secure boot support to uboot, also added the CSF sect...
  • Cannot flash custom images to eMMC using UUU Tool (i.MX8M Mini EVK)

    Hi,   We are currently working on developing a custom board using the i.MX8M Mini Processor. We have procured a i.MX8M Mini EVK for prototyping. Using the Yocto Project, I have made a custom layer and have made ...
    Mahesh Devadiga
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  • iMX6 - Enable USB OTG port without VBUS connected

    Hi All,   We are trying to bring-up our first  iMX6ULL prototype board. Unfortunately, USB is not being enumerated in Windows, so we cannot use mfgtools. I think the reason for this is because we have ...
    Simon Willis
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  • HDMI custom resolution and clock setting

    Hi I want to add support for 1280*800 and 1366*768 resolution with hdmi display on imx8mq. By reading the code,I found the pixel clock 85.5M(1366*768) and 71.1M(1280*800)  was not  supported. i am afra...
    shiguang liu
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  • How to run x application automatically in Wayland environment

    hi,      On imx6 platform, use yocto warrior to generate Wayland image, QT program or chromium can be run manually at the terminal,However, there is no response to the automatic running of QT prog...
    li yigang
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