• Libusb get report descriptor error on imx6dl

    Hi  I want to check out the usb hotplug event and get the information of device on my program,so I usb libusb. But when I use "libusb_get_descriptor" for the report descriptor, it returns LIBUSB_ERROR_PIPE. I ...
    铭恒 李
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  • How to configure vpu enc when recording video on imx8qm

    Hardware platform: imx8qm software platform: imx-p9.0.0_2.1.1-auto-ga-android   I wrote an application for recording 4-way videos, the application using Camera 1.0 Api. When the recording application is st...
    yingjin yan
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  • I2S fsl_ssi_set_dai_fmt() has no effect

    Using an I2S driver without an audio codec initialization we were able to create a soundcard that can be used with alsa (both aplay/arecord are working, audio is transmitted, the sound is "off" though) but are unable ...
    Christian Fischer
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  • "sys/termios.h: No such file or directory" error when I run RPMSG application

    Hi, I was trying to use Eclipse with GNU ARM add-on to compile this code that uses /dev/ttyRPMSG to sends data from Linux to the Cortex-M4 processor (I'm using i.mx 6SX SABRE SDB). but the compiler gives me this error...
    mmmtq oper
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  • Bluetooth on imx7ulp eval board

    Hello,   I am working with imx7ulp eval board (L4.19.35_1.1.0 SW package) and facing issues in setting up bluetooth module.   As per document "iMX Linux User guide" Section 10 "Connectivity", I am trying t...
    jai ganesh sridharan
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  • Import Processor Data with Config Tools for i.MX v7

    I am getting a config tool from following URL. Config Tools for i.MX v7 Now Available    My development PC can not connect to internet due to security policy. therefore, I would like to import processor d...
    Kazuma Sasaki
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    Hi, according NXP IMX8M-MINI reference manual (table 8.1 page 1262), the GPIO1_IO03 pad has an alternate function SDMA1_EXT_EVENT0 (ALT5)     I'm not able to find any reference documentation or...
    Pierluigi Passaro
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  • iMX8mq evk have high loading on android 10 OS

    Hi,   We check out new android BSP Q10.0.0_1.0.0 and do some test. When test 3D program, there CPU loading up to 200% loading by top command. We test android 9 is not this issue, how to solve it? My test platfo...
    Kevin Cheng
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  • Strange i.MX6ULL SDMA behavior

    Hi,   I'm currently playing around with custom SDMA scripts using the i.MX6ULL. My software is based on official kernel 4.1.15_2.0.0.   I mainly based my work on resources available on the Reference Manual...
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  • 关于IMX6ULL 用户空间操作寄存器 死机的情况

    各位好!    内核与交叉编译器 Linux version 4.1.15_2.1.0,gcc version 4.9.4 (Linaro GCC 4.9-2017.01)。    在配置操作EIM总线和FPGA通信时,发现在用户空间使用/dev/mem访问总线地址会导致死机; 类似于: # ./memtool -32 0x58000000 29 E Readin...
    dizhu yuan
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  • iMX8M Mini / IoT Core: power management support?

    Greetings, we're evaluating power management capabilities of NXP's Windows 10 IoT Core BSP for iMX8 Mini EVK (W1860_1_0_1_IMX-IOTCORE-B191011). Power management is claimed to be supported, but powercfg reports on...
    Gennady Kuznetsov
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  • What are type and pin assignment of JTAG connector (J4) on i.MX 8QuadXPlus MEK(MCIMX8QXP-CPU)?

    I'd like to connect Lauterbach JTAG debugger to the JTAG connector (J4) on i.MX 8QuadXPlus MEK(MCIMX8QXP-CPU) to debug CA35 software, and I'd like to know the connector type and pin assignment for JTAG signal.
    Takashi Sone
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  • imx6ull secure-boot enabling

    Hi,    I have enabled secure-boot option in defconfig of u-boot, signed image with appropriate certificates. Now, i am trying to flash the image on board using mfgtool. After flashing the image, when i chec...
    Jay Kaneria
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  • Command Line utility command for MFGtool2  to display the result and exit the command prompt.

     I am using the MCIMX6Y2DVM microcontroller in my testing board, I am programming this controller manually using MFGtool2.exe. I want to automate the programming for my project. I am using LabVIEW an industrial a...
    M Harishankaran
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  • Issue building IOT Core for NXP imx8m mini

    I'm trying to build a BSP for a NXP IMX8M mini I've followed the users guide and installed VS 2017 along with the 1809 rev of the ADK and WDK, I've run the setupcertificate.bat and all of this happens in administrativ...
    William Dunkley
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  • How to get periodic scheduled tasks (on the order of 10us)?

    Hello!   I've got the i.MX 8m Mini EVK, and for my application, I need to be able to schedule periodic tasks, with triggers on the order of 10s of microseconds. Now I realize that since the timing is short, and ...
    Stephen Eng
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  • MSI Still Broken on NXP BSP L4.14.98_2.3.1_patch?

    Since a while, we carry the pci=nomsi kernel boot command-line argument in our defaults. After our recent re-base on-top-of NXP BSP L4.14.98_2.3.1_patch we did some more PCIe tests but it looks like enabling MSI ...
    Marcel Ziswiler
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  • imx8qxp secure boot, write vbmeta public key failed

    hi experts:     I am trying to realize secure boot on imx8qxp with the doc:i.MX Android™ Security User's Guide and code version:P9.0.0_2.1.0-AUTO-ga, but  I got an error message: AVB TIPC clinet ...
    礼夫 陈
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  • IMX8MN内核编译错误

    我用ubuntu 18.04编译IMX8MN内核输入命令 DISTRO=fsl-imx-wayland MACHINE=imx8mnevk source fsl-setup-release.sh -b build-wayland bitbake fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx 后编译过程中出现一些错误 ERROR: Task (virtual:native:/home/imx8-linux-bsp/...
    liu zhuo
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  • imx-gst-plugin for imx8 returns 0 features

    I am using Yocto (Thud) to build for coral-dev board with iMX8 Quad chip. I see that the imx-gst-plugin recipe is included and the version/tag used is "MM_04.04.02_1808_L4.9.123_MX8MM_GA" There seem to be ...
    Prakash M
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