• Device is getting stuck during flasing through mfgtools

    Hi  Team Please find the attached schematic ,we are trying to flash pre build Linux images using with mfg tools but mfg tools seems to be stuck at " jumping to image " and getting stuck .   Please ...
    Abhishek singh
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  • LVDS Display in Cortex-M4 Core IMX8QM is not working

    Hi All,   I a using the iMX8QM MEK board with M4 core software support in Android 9.   Currently, display is not up in M4 core side. I am using LVDS-HDMI converter for Display.   I have some followin...
    vinothkumar s
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  • How to use device tree to get a rotary-encoder device

    What I want to do: Create a rotary encoder device in Linux with Yocto Project and device tree (/dev/rotary-encoder). The device should be visible after boot, so that it can be used in user space.   My Hardware: ...
    Michael Nehls
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  • git.freescale.com down

    We noticed this morning our builds started failing. Looks like attempting to clone firmware-imx is failing.   When I try to clone the repo independent of a yocto build I see the following output:   git clo...
    Adam Bader
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  • How to install google Attestation keybox on IMX6Quad processor with Android

    Dear all,   I want to install google Attestation keybox on i.MX6Quad processor with Android to pass the“ run gts -m GtsGmscoreHostTestCases -t com.google.android.gts.security.AttestationRootHostTest#testEc...
    wenbo he
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  • PCIE   link up faile

    我们的产品中用到PCIE转以太网芯片。下面是电路   目前遇到的情况是不管在ep模式下还是在rc模式下都link up file PCIE_VP/VPH.  电压正常,这个和HDMI用同样的供电  ,HDMI现在能正常运行! Reset引脚也已经配置。 现在测量CLK1时,能测量到有1.3V左右的电压,但是测不到100M的波形。 RC模式下还是会出现下面的log。  ...
    军 李
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  • i.MX6ULL NAND boot question

    1. In the Table 8-10 of i.MX6ULL reference manual <http://nxp.com/doc/imx6ullrm>, BOOT_CFG2[4:3] for boot search count. Are 00, 01 both for two boot search count? 2. In the Table 5-7 of i.MX6ULL ref...
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  • Can not connect to git.freescale.com when trying to build yocto krogoth

    WARNING: firmware-imx-1_5.4-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://git.freescale.com/imx/imx-firmware.git;branch=master;destsuffix=/home/jenkins/tnAp6212/technexion/technexion.1/local_build/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-neon-mx...
    q x
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  • repo sync error

    Hi,         I did "repo sync" o8. android source code, I got these error message repeatedly.         What can I do next? repo: warning: Python 2 is no longer...
    Kevin Li
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  • Nor Flash MSC for EVK-MIMXRT1060

    Now, refer to sdcard_fatfs of SDK, connect PC and EVK-MIMXRT1060 by USB, and perform Nor Flash mass storage class by RAM debugging. It mainly replaces initialization processing and SD_ReadBlocks or SD_WriteBlocks for...
    T. Y.
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  • Error with IMAGE_FSTYPES = "sdcard"

    While adding IMAGE_FSTYPES = "sdcard", getting error as follow:   buildtools/Yocto2_6_4/build$ bitbake core-image-minimal Loading cache: 100% |###############################################################...
    Rutuja Patil
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  • imx8mevk board in Qt5

    hi. nxp   L4.9.88_2.0.0_image_MX8MQ file downlod in fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx-xwayland-imx8mqevk.sdcard file use weston wayland system ok! Qt5/examples test ok!     I want to run a my qt5 app ...
    an sunjib
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  • i.MX6UL high TCP latency

    We recently run some tests over TCP and UDP sockets to get a maximum amount of messages per second. Over TCP we got an unexpected high RTT and a small amount of messages per second, see attached screenshot.   ...
    Nadja Stärk
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  • Bug-Fixes for FlexSPI

    We are using a SoM with an i.MX8M-Mini and tried to use the FlexSPI to communicate with an FPGA which simulates a flash memory using 1-1-4 or 1-4-4 transfer mode. To get that working we had to fix or extend the linux...
    Christoph Fink
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  • HW platform to work on Android Automotive

    Hi, We are looking for a promising HW platform to work on Android Automotive. Have couple of queries on the same. 1) Does NXP have HW platform and support for Android Automotive(not Android Auto). Hope it i...
    Sarathy P
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  • issue in SD card interface

    Hi friends, I am using iMX6ull processor and want to extend my flash memory by using SD card peripheral. my emmc is 4G and I want to use 16G sd card as database storage. I've followed the official schematic. when I p...
    king king
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    Hi friends,   My board have mx66u51235f flash.   If I check at u-boot I detect like this: => sf probe SF: select 4B addr cmd set SF: Detected mx66u51235f with page size 256 Bytes, erase size 64 Ki...
    berat yildiz
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  • This is a question about the wifi / bt module information available in imx8qm mek.

    Hello. I would like to ask about the wifi / bt module. Is there a list of wifi / bt modules available for imx8qm? please answer about my question. Thank you.
    sujin kim
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  • How to support spi slave in kernel4.1.15 & imx6?

    Hi , I use imx6  ,linux kenerl version 4.1.15, I have patched "imx_add_spi_slave_mode.path"  and I have two boards(one work in spi master, the other work in spi slave). when I use spidev_test the ...
    wu zhipeng
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  • i.MX53 (also i.MX6) PWM Glitches on Duty Cycle Change

    I'm using PWM on the i.MX53 as an LCD Backlight Driver control.   When the brightness is ramped up it all works fine. When it is ramped down there are glitches.   That happens a lot on old and cheap PWM ti...
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