• iMXRT Camera Cmos

    Dear collegues!   I need to integrate the NXP processor with a CMOS camera that is not between the OV7725 and MT9M114 models. In the NKP SDK's and documentation, only these two CMOS models are supported. However...
    Rubens Junior
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  • work with 3840x412 LCD

    Hi all!   I want to work with i.MX6 Quad with linux and LCD display with 412 vertical by 3840 horizontal pixel resolution. Does i.MX6 support it? Thanks!   Artur.
    Artur Null
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  • Boot mode Imx8mini

    Hi  I custome board with IMX8mini. I have two issues: 1. When boot mode0=0 and boot_mode1=0 the boot sequence does not start, 2. When Boot_mode0=1 or 0 and Boot_mode1=1  boot seqeunce star...
    Ido Office
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  • i.MX7Dual Java sample code

    Is there a document or a repo that provides Java sample code to support the Android image on the i.MX7D Sabre board? I'm new to Android and it would be nice to have some simple examples of how to access UARTs, I2C, SP...
    Errol Leighton
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  • Altium PCB for MCIMX6ULL-EVK

    Dear All,   Is it possible to get the Altium Design files for a MCIMX6ULL-EVK SoM board? Unfortunately, I was not able to convert the reference OrCad Layout files into the Altium.   Respectfully, Sergejs....
    Sergejs Derkačs
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  • I.mx8M USB PHY register document

    Where can I find the register documentation for the USB PHY ( section 11.2 in the imx8mq reference manual) would be very helpful
    Iain Galloway
    created by Iain Galloway

    Hi,   I'm trying to connect an HDMI touch screen with an unusual resolution (1544x720) to my IMX8QXP MEK devkit, using the IMX-LVDS-HDMI adapter.   Looking at the EDID reported by the screen, it prefe...
    Lars Andersson
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  • IMX8M Plus release date

    Hello, NXP! I am wondering about release date of IMX8M Plus with onboard NPU. When development board for this processor will be available for order? Are you going to make public reference design for ...
    Almaz Khamidullin
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  • Error While building for M4_image.bin

    Hi.   Will you please give some fix for this build error,     ddr_release/rear_view_camera.elf section `.ncache' will not fit in region `m_data2' region `m_data2' overflowed by 3874816 bytes   &...
    vinothkumar s
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  • MFGTool Error when flashing a MX6SX 14x14 board with eMMC

    Hello all,   I'm trying to boot a board based on SABRESD design. The board had passed the memory test, but  mfgtools won't flash it.   Last error I can see in the log is 'Failed to Initialize memory!'...
    Victor Palacio
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  • iMX8MM: MIPI DSI commands before enabling the CLK

    Hi All, a custom display manufacture requires receiving init commands before activating the clock. If I try sending the commands during the panel_prepare function, I get the following kernel errors    imx...
    Pierluigi Passaro
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  • 2 LVDS screens on imx6 - How to get one fbdev device per screen?

    Hello, I've found many questions that looked similar but still could not find an answer for my problem. I'm trying to set up 2 screens on imx6q. I want to be able to display different applications on each screen. &#...
    Fabien Pollet
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  • Processor CLKIN and CLKOUT pin functionality

    Hi NXP team,   Please help to share functionality of processor pins CLKIN1/2 and CLKOUT1/2 (pins H27, J27, H26 and J26). These pins are open (with test point) in EVK also.   Where can we use these pins?
    Nija Mankodi
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  • imx-gst-plugin for imx8 returns 0 features

    I am using Yocto (Thud) to build for coral-dev board with iMX8 Quad chip. I see that the imx-gst-plugin recipe is included and the version/tag used is "MM_04.04.02_1808_L4.9.123_MX8MM_GA" There seem to be ...
    Prakash M
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  • iMX8M Mini Flashing Empty eMMC

    Hello,   I am planning to use a custom board with IMX8M Mini SoC. This board would have a empty eMMC without any images flashed on it. I want to flash Android images (android_p9.0.0_2.3.0_image_8mmevk) including...
    Naman Thaker
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  • i.MX8M Mini Pin muxing warning

    Hi NXP team, Please help to resolve below queries as well.   1) Can we use boot config pins after booting as SAI or GPIO interface? Is there any recommendation or design guideline on how this is to be taken car...
    Nija Mankodi
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  • i.MX8M HDMI KEEP_ALIVE remain zero

    On customer board with i.MX8M Quad Lite revision 2.1, HDMI can't output. After trace code, found HDMI software keep alive counter keep remain zero.   API_General.c\hdp\imx\video\drivers - uboot-imx - i.MX U-Boo...
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  • QT5 Error in I.Mx8mmini

    Hi,  Iam trying to add the QT5 for GUI development work.   I tried below and I am getting error as below also tried as per the reference manual and compiled yocto using below command fsl-image-qt...
    Santhosh Kumar
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  • Display "flash down" with imx8qm

    Hi, I'm going to describe a problem I'm encountering and I can't exactly understand which can be the cause.   I'm evaluating diffent board for a new project, in particoular I'm evaluating a board performing iMX8...
    Andrea Previtali
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  • i.MX8M Mini GPIOs and Power-up sequence

    Hi NXP team,   W are using i>MX8M Mini Quad core processor in our emergency calling Device product. This product will be used as VoIP to help elderly people and kids at home during emergency situations. We ne...
    Nija Mankodi
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