• i.MX8M secure boot HAB + FIT image

    Hi guys, Regarding the HAB on i.MX8M. I know that i.MX6 HAB does not check the validity of the certificate. -> good for my project. What is about the i.MX8 Series or specially the i.MX8M. Is there a validity check ...
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  • The power domains with MIPI in IMX7S: 1V rail and decoupling caps

    We are using the IMX7Solo in a display project.   We use the MIPI interface to talk from the Solo to our display driver bridge chip. When the processor is powering up, all goes well until the LDO_1P0D is powered...
    Andy Hall
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  • How could configure GPIO PINs in U-boot using android_p9.0.0_2.1.0-auto-ga BSP

    Hi,   We are using android_p9.0.0_2.1.0-auto-ga BSP for iMX8QM Custom Board, in which its unable to configure high/low for GPIO pins in U-boot. But we change to use android_p9.0.0_2.0.0-ga and L4.14.98_2.0.0...
    Frank Hsu
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  • i.MX8MQ is hanging in busfreq-imx8mq.c driver

    Hi NXP Team,   We are trying to port the i.MX8MQ custom board to Linux kernel 5.4.3. We are using the 5.4.3 kernel provided by the NXP team.   Please note that on the same board, previous version 4.7 is wo...
    Harshit Shah
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  • Getting flicker in display after starting x11 server (i.MX6)

    Hi, we are using i.MX6 imx6 dualplus/6quadplus Custom Board. In that we are observing little flickering once booting up. after pSplash Screen comes, when starting X11 Server little flickering observed displa...
    Rizwan M
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  • IMX8MQuad audio codec

    Hi to All,   I am new in this IMX8MQuad processor. We have an EVK for this IMX8MQuad. If we check audio part, audio codec is not working. But when we tried with hdmi audio its working fine. we checked the fo...
    prathap ponnuchamy
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  • imx8mq config dts(SPI)

    board:IMX8MQ-EVK Bsp:4.14.78 I want to change the default routing for the next three pins by configuring the device tree. Because we now want to lead out 40 pins on the new board for users' independent developmen...
    gao bo
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  • 移植实时Linux方案Xenomai到i.MX ARM64平台 (Enable Xenomai on i.MX ARM64 Platform)

        Xenomai is real-time framework, which can run seamlessly side-by-side Linux as a co-kernel system, or natively over mainline Linux kernels (with or without PREEMPT-RT patch). The dual kernel nicknam...
    Xiaodong Zhang
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  • IMX6 Linux Kernel console output over boot logo

    Hi. I need help to solve my problem - i've configured boot logo display during kernel boot, but kernel still prints console output over logo and login prompt. My console configured to ttymxc0 in u-boot. If i disable ...
    Kirill Obukhov
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    We are using imx6sx processor , dunfell branch ,linux 5.4 1.How to use TPM for storing the secure boot keys? Is there any reference for this integration? 2.Is there are specific secure boot document for imx6sx imple...
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  • IMX8M - MINI Monochrome Grey RAW 8 Sensor support

    Issue    We are evaluating a Monochrome camera and added GREY8 format in the platform driver side. Can't get the GREY8 frames in the application side. The application waits exactly at the DEQUE_BUF v4l2...
    Saideepak R
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  • How to use text overlay in GStreamer?

    Hi, I'm using gstreamer to stream video with text overlay. I get this error: (gst-launch-1.0:2763): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_buffer_get_memory_range: assertion '(len == 0 && idx == 0 && length == -...
  • imx8   uuu

    各位,如上图,是基于yocto_4.14.98_2.3.0编译得到的文件, 我这里有两块imx8的板,两块板的DDR,电源管理,EMMC都相同, 板1:旧的PCB板贴的是B版本的imx8芯片 板2:新做的PCB板贴的是C版本的imx8芯片 用uuu可以烧录“板1”,但不能烧录“板2”,错误如下,请问大概问题出在哪里?谢谢。
    zhang ming
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  • mxc_sdc_fb fb.16: timeout when waiting for flip irq

    我们用 imx6d、imx6s分别驱动1920x720和1440x540分辨率的显示屏,运行Qt程序的同时有循环播放h264或mp4视频(视频分辨率与屏幕分辨率相同)的操作,运行一段时间会有出现显示屏黑屏的情况,当较频繁的重复播放视频时,相对更容易出现黑屏状态。黑屏后内核不停输出 “mxc_sdc_fb fb.16: timeout when waiting for flip irq” 消息,不能自行恢...
    wanben zhou
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  • how to enable hdmi display in uboot in imx6qp

    Hi guys,   I am testing hdmi display in uboot, but no display in uboot and it is sucessful to enable hdmi display in kernel. I have modified display order from lvds to hdmi which first disable lvds and enable "...
    Yibeom Han
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  • i.MX8X MIPI-CSI connection

    We are under considering C2B technology to connect camera modules. Currently ADI only support 1 camera. so, I would like to connect cameras to iMX as shown in the following figure. Is it acceptable for i.M...
    Kazuma Sasaki
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  • How to calculate RS-485 data rate ?

    Dear Team,   Right now I'm using i.Mx8qxp based custom board. There I want to develop the Test application to calculate RS-485 data rate.   I'm new to RS-485. Can any one guide me to move further? Is th...
    created by Raana
  • How to unblock the download source MCIMX515DJM8C?

    Hello! MCIMX515DJM8C is used for the production of IP equipment. The last batch of processors has a special feature-there is no loading from a CD card. The processor's connections to the map and load mode switches ar...
    Sergei Molotkov
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  • Porting DP83822/DP83825 in IMX7D

    Hello,   Good day!   I'm trying to port TI's DP83822 to IMX7D kernel. I followed the TI instruction from the below link.   ETHERNET-SW Ethernet PHY Linux drivers & tools | TI.com    H...
    Javer Valino
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  • burn uboot/kernel/roofts to nand flash by uuu

    I want to ask you a question how to burn uboot/kernel/roofts to nand flash by uuu. When use this command that "uuu -d -v uboot.imx", this HID device is disappeared in vmware workstation of ubuntu16.04. I try to use...
    奥博 闫
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