• IMX6 UART Receive Continuous 0xFF

    Hi,   We have been tracking an issue with an iMX6S processor using a Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP where the UART gets into a state where it continuously receives 0xFF even with no activity on the line. Once tr...
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    Hi,   I have an issue on imx8qm-mek reference platform which is related to showing linux clut224 logo that is defined by kernel config CONFIG_LOGO_LINUX_CLUT224. The logo becomes visible on hdmi after kernel boo...
    Ekrem Şahin
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  • Debug port and cortex-A apps

    Hi, I have SCU (CM4) debug port output from the UART and 2xCM4 UART serial access as well for the i.MX8QM EVK. Is there any serial output accessible from the AP cores (4xA53 and 2xA72) ? In other words, I don't see U...
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  • Secure boot issue with HAB_INV_ADDRESS for i.MX6DL custom board

    Hi All,   We have an i.MX6DL custom board with the following information:    CPU:   Freescale i.MX6DL rev1.2 at 792 MHz    U-Boot 2017.11-imx6dl   Now we want to a...
    Shunnian Zhai
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  • CSI0 with 16-Bit video does not receive any frame

    We have some issues with our Board trying to receive a 16-Bit video Stream (YUYV with external HSync and VSync) with 1080p25 resolution from an external SOC connected to CSI0 of IPU1 of our iMX6DL (Pixel Clock ~ 78MHz...
    Sebastian Wendt
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  • Uart3's Rx pin is not working with imx8 Nano evk board

    Dear NXP, I am using uart3 for a serial communication, for testing i am connecting serial-usb converter to send some data from my laptop to Nano board uart for debugging propose only.   from the evk board side ...
    shilesh babu
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  • Vivante imx-gpu-viv Userspace Memory Leak

    I have a long-standing memory leak issue with video playback on the i.MX6 Dual where our QT application (GStreamer's gst-play-1.0 also) slowly leaks memory and eventually runs out of memory after approximately 8,000 v...
    Eric Holmberg
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  • android10. build error '-Wshift-overflow=2'

    Lunch Target imx8mm ./imx_make.sh bootloader I get this error several time before the compile fails eventually. Hope someone has figure out a workaround.     make[1]: *** [Makefile:847: build/imx8mp/relea...
    suly goonetilleke
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  • i.MX8 MINI  weston

    Hi,   I am using the i.MX8MINI EVK board and encountered a memory leak. I developed a qt5 application, the system is linux+weston+qt5. After running for a period of time, the memory will be exhausted and canno...
    扬 杨
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  • A53/A72 linker files for i.MX8qm MEK

    Hi, Are there any sample linker files for apps for A53/A72 apps that are compiled for i.MX8QM MEK ? Example demo_app linker file samples for Cortex-M4 under SDK 2.5.2 are: MIMX8QM6xxxFF_cm4_core0_ram.ld, MIMX8QM6xx...
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  • IMX8MM with WM8904

    HI,    I'm porting wm8904 device driver to IMX8MM system,but the dts file always compliled error。   my env as follows:  CPU : IMX8MM   System :Linux imx8mmevk 5.4.24 DTS As Foll...
    zhaoping yang
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  • i.MX 8M Mini, DDR memory map

    Hi,   In section 2.1.2 (A-53) and Section 2.1.3 (M-4) of the "i.MX 8M Mini Applications Processor Reference Manual" documents the chip memory map. I have a couple of questions:   1) Can you confirm ...
    Said Jazouly
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  • Way of system reset by software

    I would like to assert system reset by software. I intend to use Software Reset Signal(SRS) in Watch dog Control Register, But errata report mentions that watchdog timeout or software trigger will not reset the ...
    Toshiharu Shimizu
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  • Failed to build Linux Kernel for i.MX8qxpmek

    Hi all:      I came across this issue while compiling a Linux kernel according to" i.MX_Porting_Guide". In file included from drivers/phy/ti/phy-omap-usb2.c:30:0: ./include/linux/phy/omap_control_...
    Sheng Zhang
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  • i.MX 8M Nano DDR Tool

    I am working with a custom designed board that utilizes either the i.MX 8M Mini or i.MX 8M Nano processor with LPDDR4 (x32 or x16 per processor support).  Our last build of boards included I-Temp rated processor ...
    Nathan Kro
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  • m4ctl for i.MX8M Mini

    There is an useful tool (m4ctl) for start/stop/deploy m4 from Linux but can't work on i.MX8M Mini. We know there is an application note (AN5317) about similar function for i.MX6SX/i.MX7 can refered but just seve...
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  • How to get a size of SRAM, DRAM, NOR FLASH in imx6 sabre sd

    Hi,       I want to print size of SRAM, DRAM and NOR FLASH in imx6 sabre sd using c programming. Please tell me how to do it.   Thank you.
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  • Azurewave CM276(88W8997) and Cinterion PHS8P conflict

    Hello,   we are using the 88W8997 chip and gsm modem PHS8P(both on USB) in our device. We noticed, when we use gsm modem(send some AT command), wifi chip will stop working. With lots of debuging(looking into EHC...
    Jan Mazura
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  • i.MX8M Mini without PCIE Error

    We have made a custom board around the i.MX8M Mini processor that is mainly a stripped down version of the EVK board. One of the things removed is anything attached to the PCIE pins, and they have been left unconnecte...
    Miles Matton
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  • IMX8MM: Loading m4 image along with Android

    Hi,   I am using a IMX8M mini EVK in my project. I am running android P9.0.0_2.3.1 on this. I followed the instructions from corresponding Android user guide document for the building and running the android ima...
    Srinivas K B
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