• Core Voltages Clarification

    Why does the Core voltage ( SOC and ARM voltage domain) are being changed in most revision of IMX6 application document. The latest revision of the document specifies the values as below for LDO enabled mode.   ...
    Sudar KB
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  • Lpspi slave transmission error with Yocto and i.mx8

    Hello, I have a problem with my lpspi slave driver. I am using the i.mx8qmlpddr4arm2 board with Yocto Morty. I added lpspi slave support from newer kernel, in particular I am using this version of lpspi driver: https:...
    Erica Magari
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  • How many sc16is752 could be used at most on iic bus at the same time?

    Hi everyone, In the datasheet of SC16IS752_SC16IS762(Rev. 9 — 22 March 2012),  "10.3 Addressing  Table 32. SC16IS752/SC16IS762 address map", it says there are 16 address could be selected by usin...
    lau jo
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  • CAAM HASH algorithm performance Question

    Dear NXP engineers:   G'Day. I am working on caam hash performance test on i.MX8 board. and there is weird result that sha1 performance is lower than sha256's. As far as i know, the computation of sha256 algo...
    Li Zhongyue
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  • iMX6SX Linux boot hang on PCIe with M4 loaded

    I have discovered a curious issue on the iMX6SX with the Linux 4.14 code base using PCIe on the A9 while the M4 processor is booted.   I have found that I can build a working version of Linux 4.14.78 w...
    Simon Locke
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  • imx6sx, kernel hangs at rootfs mount

    Hi all,   i am working on a 4.14.113 kernel, applying all patches from freescale linux-imx 4.14.78_1.0.0_ga_var01, working on a custom imx6sx board similar to sabresd.   I am experiencing a total kernel ha...
    Angelo Dureghello
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  • VGEN2 is not as per PMIC programming

    Hi,   We are working on iMX8M based custom board & powered processor using MC34PF4210A1ES PMIC.  Observed that VGEN2 voltage is 1.4V, which is not as per PMIC programming. It should be 0.9V.  ...
    Ritesh Patel
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  • I2S microphone (SPH0645LM4H)  Driver Implementation with i.mx6ul with yocto dey2.6

    Hi,   I am working with 1 I2S microphone (SPH0645LM4H) which is connected to i.MX6UL I2s Interface. I want to record audio from this mems. My device tree set up for the same is:   sound { compatible = "fsl...
    Hitesh Kasera
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  • imx6 with AC97 audio codec - wrong sound reproduction

    Hello, We have developed a custom board using the imx6q CPU together with the CS4299 AC97 audio codec.   We are facing an issue after a variable time of audio reproduction that is always within 24 hours.  ...
    Diego Bovi
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  •    Boot process issue | i.MX6Q Sabreauto

    Hi, Iam building android 7.1.2 SabreAuto BSP for our board ,successfully  flashed images into 16Gb microSD card using script fsl-sd-card-partition.shwhich is attached below.But when we powered on our board ...
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  • Recorded Video files time and date is not update and it's showing unix time

    Dear NXP,   I am working on IMX6Q with Android 7 for video recording. After done Video record the file is saved in SATA partition. If I check the details of recorded file shows some wrong unix date and time (01-...
    vinothkumar s
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  • how to use imx6q sabreauto mfgtools

    hi i'm used imx6q-sabreauto. and yocto morty 4.9.11.   I downloaded L4.9.11-ga_mfg-tools. I want to fuse to eMMC using mfgtools. However, there is no mx6q-s...
    k ms
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  • How many USB ports can handle for iMAX6Q custom hardware ?

    Dear All,   iMAX6 supports USB 2.0. How many USB 2.0 ports can handle iMAX6Q ? If I connect hub with USB interface are there any limitations for this ?   Regards. Peter.
    Peter Amond
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  • Where can we find the external signal description of i.MX8M Mini ECSPI?

    Where can we find the external signal description of i.MX8M Mini ECSPI? Like the table 10-2 for FlexSPI and table 10-33 for SDHC in reference manual.  
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  • DVFS Issue on imx7dsabresd

    Hi Team,            We are facing an issue on DVFS in imx7dsabresd. we could able to measure the voltage in TP4 test point on board it always showing 1.296V on every ...
    Muhammed Ali K P
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  • IPU's in imx8M-Mini

    Hi,   How many IPU's does the imx8m-MINI support. I see imx8m-mini has ONE CSI controller. Our present system uses two mipi cameras(13MP and 5MP) and a parallel fingerprint device on imx6.   Best, Suman
    Suman Kumar
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  • Wayland Weston Desktop i.MX8M

    Hi,   I am currently working on installing Wayland Weston Desktop Environment on Ubuntu 16.04 for the i.MX8M but have an issue. Once i install and try to run I only get a black screen. It seems like the weston i...
    Cesar Hernandez
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  • Configure vivante gpu on an imx6 solo with kernel 4.9.88

    Hi,   I searched in this community and internet in general but so far I don't understand how to enable the gpu vivante with a linux kernel 4.9.88.   My dts has this in the gpu node:   gpu: gpu@001300...
    Marcos Lopez
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  • how to change ddr32bit

    i used imx6q sabreauto. yocto morty. u-boot : 2017.03 kernel : 4.9.11-r0   I am using DDR 64bit. I am trying to convert DDR to 32bit.   Do I need to modify both the U-BOOT and the kernel?   There...
    k ms
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  • How to configure I2C for IMX8dx/qxp

    Hi fsl-imx8dx.dtsi is having this below for the I2C :     i2c0: i2c@5a800000 {         compatible = "fsl,imx8qm-lpi2c", "fsl,imx7ulp-lpi2c";      &#...
    viswanath kondapalli
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