• Confirmed support for RAW12 through 4-lane CSI-2 sensor on i.MX8M?

    I've found a few forum posts describing attempts to bring up support for RAW12 on a 4-lane CSI2 sensor, has anyone had success in receiving 12-bit RAW data through 4-lane CSI2 sensor?   Comment regarding inabili...
    Peter Hahn
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  • bitbake fsl-image-gui errors out on do_configure

    Hello, I'm trying to get 'bitback fsl-image-gui' to work (attempting to create a build/cross-compiler environment) and I'm getting stuck at:   MAKEINFO='${SHELL} /export/users/bgoetz/var-fsl-yocto/buil...
    Bill Goetz
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  • How to spcify key press as an event and prevent idle action in logind.conf(systemd)

    I'm working on an imx6slevk board with yocto bsp and running qt5 applications. To enable screen blanking I made following changes in /etc/systemd/logind.conf   IdleAction=suspend IdleActionSec=30Sec   th...
    Sujay S
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  • How to remove Bluetooth from Android build?

    I am working with Android Open Source Project (AOSP) on an IMX based board. I would like to exclude the bluetooth modules from the compilation. I used "mgrep" to look into the Makefiles to find references to the Bluet...
    Esteban Vazquez
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  • Console Serial Debug Output Blocking

    The console serial output implemented in fsl_debug_console.c and used via the PRINTF c-preprocessor macros seems to be blocking. The blocking seems to occur during the uart write, we determine this by seeing only a pa...
    Tom Orsi
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  • Reduces the size of the yocto generated file system

    Hi ,    Firstly, thank you for coming here, please help solve the following problems.    Yocto version : fsl-yocto-L4.1.15_2.0.0-ga    Linux Kernel  Version:4.1.15 ...
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  • How to create patch file

    HI,       I have finished modify code in the folder(/tmp/work-shared/imx6ulevk/kerner-source). Add device tree and                configuration. Now i want to c...
    hank wang
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  • About  imx8m  ddr3l.

    My CPU model is MIMX8MQ5CVAHZAB, and I use DDR3L, the DDR model is mt41k256m16ha-125. Does the CPU of this model support this type of DDR? Is there any reference code?THKS.
    muhua luo
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  • About LCD1_DATA pin for BOOT_CFG setting

    hello,Community   Pins not used for the purpose of the Boot function Can I connect directly to GND without a pull-down resistor?   best regards Goto
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  • UUU on iMX6DL: UDC device or resource busy?

    I'm working on back-porting the new MFG-Tool (aka UUU) to our i.MX6DL-based product.  I think it's close to working, but it seems that after linux boots, the ufb daemon is blocking on the read from g_ep_sour...
    Stuart Juengst
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  • Imx6 Media Problem

    First, Thank you so much for your help. There are still so problems confuse me. 1. Machine name definition What does the machine name stand for? The model of CPU or other things. Compare the start up message and m...
    铭恒 李
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  • IMX6ul boot fail: kernel panic -- not syncing

    Hi Everyone,   I am struggling with this problem:   platform: imx6ul boots from mmc controlled SD card.   Problem: Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0000000b   bo...
    Lutong Zhang
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  • i.MX 8M Mini galcore error

    问题一:开机卡死,log如下 Mounting Temporary Directory (/tmp)... [ OK ] Listening on udev Control Socket. Starting udev Coldplug all Devices... Starting Load Kernel Modules... [ 4.248055] galcore: loading out-of-tree module t...
    jianfei chang
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  • How to set the dual display with different context in imx8mq

    Hi sir   Now I used the imx8mq evk board to test the dual display, one is hdmi(default), the other is mipi-to-hdmi. When I set the correct bootargs and dts files, both display can work, but with the same context...
    Hongxing Yu
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  • Mfg tool for i.MX28 to support USB3.0

    Hi Yuri,   also need the update mfgtools-rel_1.6.2.055 due to USB3.0 computers.. Thank You   BR Harri harri.nyyssonen@iloq.com
    Harri Nyyssönen
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  • i.MX6SL EVK board dimensions & physical layout

    I recently purchased an i.MX6 Sololite EVK (MCIMX6SLEVK Rev B1) for a project I'm working on, and would like to 3D print a case for it.   I've had a look through the design files download, including the schemati...
    Rebecca Cran
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  • How to access serial port from Android MM application ?

    SE Policy prevents access of serial ports by android application (by default).   I added "allow" to untrusted_app.te allow untrusted_app tty_device:chr_file rw_file_perms;   However, still the avc denial ...
    Arindam Roy
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  • i.MX25 CPU .The source of MODULE CLOCK for I2C and UART is what?

    Hello ! i.MX25 CPU I want to know the “MODULE CLOCK” for I2C and UART is what? The source of the “MODULE CLOCK” is where? How to config the frequency of the "MODULE CLOCK"  ?   W...
    sun sun
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  • Gic-v3 Interrupt being blocked on ATF version imx_4.14.98_2.0.0_ga

    I am running Multicore Framework in AMP configuration on A-53 cores i.e. Linux master on 1st two core and an RTOS (slave) on the other two. Interrupts are being generated and received properly when ATF version imx_4....
    Abdul Karim
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  • NO /dev/tee* device in technexion pico-pi-imx7 board in yocto project

    NO /dev/tee* device in technexion pico-pi-imx7 board in yocto project    I have opened an issue here: https://github.com/TechNexion/edm-yocto-bsp/issues/22 but nobody to answer me, so I open here again: In ...
    peter zhang
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