• When will Kernel 5.x be available for iMX8mq?

    Kernel 5.x has new features for ethernet switch. It integrated some common ethernet switch  such as: KSZ9893, KSZ9477... rtl8366. I would like to know when we can use kernel 5.x on imx8mq-evk? is there ...
    Thinh Nguyen
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  • iMX8mq QSPI pads configuration

    In the source code of imx8m_evk.c; There is some code to configure pin for QSPI. I would like to understand the #define line. What does PAD_CTL_DSE2 | PAD_CTL_HYS mean?    #define QSPI_P...
    Thinh Nguyen
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  • 我在使用repo同步命令去更新和下载代码时出现了这样的错误

    我在使用repo同步命令去更新和下载代码时出现了这样的错误   fwb@HT-fwb:~/imx-yocto-bsp$ repo init -u https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/imx-manifest -b imx-linux-rocko -m imx-4.9.88-2.0.0_ga.xml fatal: Cannot get https://gerrit.goo...
    fan wenbo
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  • Booting U-Boot from USB i.MX8MQ EVK

    Hi all, I'm using i.MX8MQ EVK. I want to boot the board from USB storage, includes U-Boot, kernel, device-tree and rootfs (not USB download protocol). It means Boot ROM chooses USB storage as boot device. The questio...
    Huong Ha
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  • How to config boot_cfg1 boot_cfg2  boot_cfg4

    Hello         I am using i.MX6ULL (Y2CVM08AB) and Nand flash which is W29N01HV, and the nand datasheet please refer to the attachment.  According to the datasheet, I did that f...
    国承 张
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  • Question, i.MX8M minimum CPU clock

    Dear team,   I would like to ask about the minimum clock speed of i.MX8M. Could you show me what is the minimum clock speed of i.MX8M(Cortex-A53 and Cortex-M4). The customer wants to know what numbers are avai...
    Masamichi Miyamoto
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  • is i.MX6ULL support Encrypted u-boot?

    Hi, NXP engineers    Is i.MX6ULL support Encrypted u-boot?    I can see some Encrypted  Boot posts about IMX6Q or MCIMX6UL in this community except i.MX6ULL. if not support please tel...
    changbao ma
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  • bluetooth on imx6ull evk

    Hi, I am working with imx6ull evk, I have connected a bluetooth module on uart2, what is the sequence of command to connect bluetooth module ? (example: echo 31 > /sys/class/gpio/export echo 0 > /sys/class/gp...
    sergio d'orazio
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  • ERROR: m4-native-1.4.18-r0 do_compile: oe_runmake failed

      Dear Experts, Could you please help me to resolve this issue. ERROR: m4-native-1.4.18-r0 do_compile: oe_runmake failed  Tried the following  DISTRO=fsl-imx-wayland MACHINE=imx8mqevk source fsl-setup-...
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  • USB3.0 Host port config for serial download

    Hi,   I am designing the board around iMX8M quad-core processor. The iMX8M has 2x USB modules: USB1 & USB2. The USB serial download mode is supported on USB1 module in device mode to flas...
    Ritesh Patel
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  • i.mx6q sabresd_6dq  simcom  4g module  debug

    Dear NXP fae                   我正在使用I.MX6Q调试simcom  4g lte module有以下疑问,还请贵司帮助解决一下, 环境:i.mx6q sabresd_6dq    an...
    black huang
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  • RT1064 Flashloader to load application image

    Hello, I am working with the RT1064 Evaluation board and I am attempting to set it up to run an application via the MCUBOOT Flashloader (v2.7.0). First, I am generating the flashloader binary image using the els...
    Alin Butoi
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  • [IMX8MMINILPD4-EVK - Bluetooth] How to transfer files between BLE devices?

    Hello, I am new to bluetooth field. I would like to use imx8mm as a BLE device that can play GATT server role for file transferring with smartphone and pc. I found Object Transfer Profile and  Ob...
    Mai Mai
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  • secure boot in i.mx6ull

    Hi, NXP engineers      i make secure boot in i.mx6ull refer to https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN4581.pdf . i miss understand the 3 params  "877ff400 0x000 0x48000"  in belo...
    changbao ma
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  • cannot get static IP

    Hi,I am using Linux-krogoth over IMX6   I want the ethernet interface 'eth0' to have static ip addressfor that i edit the file vi /etc/network/interfaces    # The primary network interface auto et...
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  • Build Ubuntu For i.MX8 Series Platform

    The Guide is how to use Ubuntu filesystem with i.MX8 series platform.At present, I had try it on i.MX8QXP with 4.14.98 kernel with ubuntu16.04.   The Document will be continuously updated with enable VPU, ubuntu...
    Gnar Fang
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  • How to toggle a GPIO Pin in I.Mx8mmini

    Hi,   I want to  toggle a GPIO Pin in I.Mx8mmini to control read write operation. How to write a simple application code to do this   Regards Santhosh Kumar S
    Santhosh Kumar
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  • imx6dl如何录制gui+camera视频

    项目需求:    同时录制gui和视频的叠加数据,使用gstreamer来做,目前单独录制视频功能已经实现,如何录制gui,有没有哪个插件是包含gui和视频的数据呢。
    kun zhang
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  • IMX6DL图层叠加问题请教??!!

    描述: 目前我们的产品方案是在fb1(overlay)层显示video视频数据,在fb0层绘制ui(emwin),通过对fb0层的global alpha进行设置可以达到预想的预览效果。   需求: 现在想要录制上述中的预览效果到文件(使用gstreamer+appsrc等),即包含fb0和fb1的数据,请问该如何实现?   当前方案: 截取fb0和fb1的每一帧数据,送到ipu模块进行overlay...
    kun zhang
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  • i.MX 6,7,8 support USB device mode support to UVC

    I'm checking the i.MX material and wants to know is i.MX 6,7,8 support USB device mode support to UVC and can connect to PC USB port as camera?
    Sean Lin
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