• How to connect CLKIN/OUT pins

    In my application(i.MX8M Nano Dual) i do not need any of the CLKINx and CLKOUTx functionality. can i leave these pins(H26/H27/J26/J27) unconnected or should i pull them to a certain voltage level.   thanks in a...
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  • android_Q10.0.0_2.0.0 SPL cannot load ATF startup

    If the DEBUG serial port is UART2 according to your own platform, SPL cannot load ATF and stops at the following log。the same problem occurs with EVK development boards.Attached is the modified patch。 Help to analyze...
    Aber fu
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  • i.MX 8 Camera Use Cases

    This document describes all the i.MX 8 MIPI-CSI use cases, showing the available cameras and daughter cards supported by the boards, the compatible Device Trees (DTS) files, and how to enable these different camera op...
    Marco Antonio Franchi
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  • Dual Mode with LVDS+HDMI displays

    Hi!   We have been working with the IMX6 Sabre SDB development board and we are trying to make the dual mode work with both the HDMI and the dual LVDS channel.   This is our setup: - Dual LVDS channel con...
    Charles Allahwirdian
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  • Max speed of PWM in imx6ull

    Hi Community,   I am using i.MX6ULL module with kernel 4.9 version. My requirement is to achieve 20MHz speed at PWM. Currently, I can reach up to 12MHz by setting the values from SYSFS.   Could you please ...
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  • Imx8mq with usb keyboard no response

    Linux version 4.14.98-06002-g2486935-dirty  Machine model: Freescale i.MX8MQ EVK   There is a issue with the blew Linux version and machine model. The usb mouse and usb storage are ok, but the usb keyboard...
    Hongxing Yu
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  • HDMI custom resolution and clock setting

    Hi I want to add support for 1280*800 and 1366*768 resolution with hdmi display on imx8mq. By reading the code,I found the pixel clock 85.5M(1366*768) and 71.1M(1280*800)  was not  supported. i am afra...
    shiguang liu
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  • Flashing i.MX8M Nano EVK using UUU Tool

    Hello,    I am trying to flash i.MX8M Nano EVK using UUU Tool on Ubuntu 16.04. I have configured boot switches to Serial Download Mode and connected USB cable and Power. I am giving following command: $ sud...
    Rohan Mathuria
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  • L4.14.98_2.3.0 with i.MX8X

    In the release note of L4.14.98 2.3.0, it said supports i.MX 8QuadXPlus C0 chip. May we know how to check the i.MX8X chip is C0 or not? By part number?
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  • iMX8QM Xen Passthrough, couldn't find devices

    Hello All,   I am working on imx8qm target and trying to get device passthrough working in xen. Xen version : 4.11.1-pre (4.14.98_2_0_0). iMX Xen Source.   The adding xen,passthrough=<1> in dom...
    Sandesh Kenjana Ashok
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  • Desktop manager "matchbox-desktop" run as a user non-root from yocto?

    Hi,  i'm working with yocto (krogoth) project on the imx6 processor. I created the sato image where a GNOME desktop manager is used. I added a password for root user and add a new user from yocto: #first delete...
    Marco Padovani
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  • I need to use l4.9.88_ 2.0.0_ mfg-tool_ Mx8mq to burn my system

    I need to use l4.9.88_ 2.0.0_ mfg-tool_ Mx8mq is used to burn my system, but during the burning process, the card is stuck in uboot. Please don't let me use uuu or. Sacard. I can use both. I just want to use mfgtool2,...
    JCon St
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  • imx8  make an SD card to start the system.

    I need to make an SD card to start the system. I used the following 4.3 method to cause the following problems after the startup of uboot. Please help me thank you   uboot log   U-Boot 2018.03 (Jun 04 20...
    JCon St
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  • IMX6 : ubi0 attaching fail - Kernel 4.19.35 uboot-2014-07

    Hello, I am trying to boot 4.19.35 linux-imx kernel but it fails when attahing mtd partition  and so no rootfs mounted . The kernel detects Ecc errors while uboot is able to attach the partition .   Any s...
    Wajdi ZAIRI
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  • iMX8MM MIPI-CSI Controls

    Hi,    I am using iMX8MM EVK along with MIPI-CSI board which comes with ov5640 camera sensor. The interface is working fine with image capture/streaming. But I need controls to achieve hflip,contrast/bright...
    Raajesh Kotteeswaran
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  • burn uboot/kernel/roofts to nand flash by uuu

    I want to ask you a question how to burn uboot/kernel/roofts to nand flash by uuu. When use this command that "uuu -d -v uboot.imx", this HID device is disappeared in vmware workstation of ubuntu16.04. I try to use...
    奥博 闫
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  • mipi_dsi ili9806 not working .

    Dear Team ,   I am facing the issue with ili9806 based mipi_dsi display . Please find the below logs :         1.486576] imx_sec_dsim_drv 32e10000.mipi_dsi: version number is 0x1060200...
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  • i.MX8QXP的MIPI-DSI时钟最小限制在74.25MHz?

    各位好:    我在i.MX8QXP上适配一个MIPI-DSI接口1280*720 4*lane的显示器,需求时钟应该在64MHz左右,但是我在配置的时候,发现时钟最小只能配置到74.25MHz,当我配置时钟小于74.25MHz时,启动log如下,显示器并不能正常工作。   [ 1.435162] imx-drm display-subsystem: bound imx-drm-dpu-...
    Jinlong Bai
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  • How can I add Python3 in my image?

    Hi.   I'm trying to build my image with python3. As pytno3 recipes are already included in my source. If I try "bitbake python3", it finishes with no problem.  So I added line "CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL +...
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  • Porting DP83822/DP83825 in IMX7D

    Hello,   Good day!   I'm trying to port TI's DP83822 to IMX7D kernel. I followed the TI instruction from the below link.   ETHERNET-SW Ethernet PHY Linux drivers & tools | TI.com    H...
    Javer Valino
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