• Example code on blob generation and usage on i.MX6UL platform

    Attached is example code on blob generation and usage on i.MX6UL platform. It shows how to generate blob in secure memory, store blob in non-volatile memory, restore key from blob and use in cryptographic algorithm, t...
    Eric Chu
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  • 使用10-bit raw data camera在imx6q mipi上,遇到偶發性畫面錯誤重複問題

    在imx6q  mipi上已經成功移植AR0521 8-bit RAW data camera. 因需求想把 AR0521 8-bit BPP 改成    AR0521  10-bit BPP, 在微小修改後畫面有出來. 但每隔幾秒在畫面開頭有出現錯位 重複的現象(詳情請見zip附件).   在問題發生後,嘗試調整camera sensor regiser. 發生問題完...
    Weihung chen
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  • Installing libGL and friends for Linux 4.9

    This is a how-to for installing GPU binaries for X11 so it can use the Vivante drivers.   Make sure your environment variables are set correctly as there will be lots of cross compiling :-)  See the en...
    Nate Sigrist
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  • rt 1020 evk swo trace

    Is it possble to make swo instruction trace with imx rt 1020 evk in mcu expresso ide? If yes how i can configure it? i have Jtag edu. Thx.
    Ladislav Sopko
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  • DTS file GPIO configuration tool for iMX8

    Hi, We are new to iMx8dx/qxp processors, We are looking GPIO configuration for DTS file for the different peripherals Could you please help me any tool or application to configure the GPIO's for iMX8dx and iMX8qxp p...
    viswanath kondapalli
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  • Dual camera & dual display working on MYIR's MYD-JX8MX Dev Board

    MYD-JX8MX development board (http://www.myirtech.com/list.asp?id=608) based on NXP i.MX8M quad processors provides powerful multi-media functions including dual displays, dual cameras, high-quality audio, etc. Th...
    Kiddy Xu
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  • debootstrap Debian Buster on imx8mminievk

    This guide will show you how to debootstrap Debian Buster on imx8mminievk on a SD-card, but will very likely help you on other systems as well. First you need a Linux installation present on the imx8mminievk.   ...
    Andreas Gustafsson
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  • e-CAM130_iMX8M - 13MP Auto Focus Camera Board for i.MX8

    e-CAM130_iMX8 is a 13MP 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 autofocus camera board for Variscite's DART-MX8M Evaluation kit (VAR-DVK-DT8M). This iMX8 camera can be directly connected to the serial camera connector (J11) of the VAR...
    Dharma Lingam
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  • How to transfer files between Windows PC / Ubuntu and the development board

    Video demonstration: Tutorial 3.3 How to transfer files between Windows PC / Ubuntu and the development board   How to connect Ubuntu to the Internet? Run Oracle VM VirtualBox (this is what I am using, you ...
    Kiddy Xu
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  • Dual OpenGL application v-sync issue on i.MX6Q

    Hi, we got an issue about i.MX6 dual OpenGL applications (render to two framebuffers).   Customer board based on i.MX6Q sabresd. Linux BSP GPU driver and sdk: L3.0.35_4.0.0   fb0: PAL TVout, refresh rate 5...
    Frank Chen
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  • Weston issues on IMX8MQ evk

    Hi All,   We are going to make product based on IMX8MQ (MIMX8MQ6DVAJZAA) processor.  Currently we are doing POC on IMX8MQ processor EVK. We are using imx-yocto-sumo with kernel version (imx_4.14.98_2.0.0_g...
    Jemish Patel
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  • imx-m4fwloader issue on the imx8m mini board(New)

    Hi, I want to port imx-m4fwloader to support imx8m mini board, but I have some issues. The imx-m4fwloader is downloaded from GitHub - NXPmicro/imx-m4fwloader: Tool for loading firmware to M4 core on i.MX6SX ...
    wang liu
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  • i.MX8M Mini datasheet minor error

    In IMX8MMCEC Datasheet Rev 0.2 and IMX8MMIEC Datasheet Rev 0.2, pp 15, "Table 7 Absolute maximum ratings" the entry for "NVCC_ENET"  is miss-spelt "NVCC_ENT".
    Gavin Voigt
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  • Analog NTSC video on i.MX6

    We have custom HW with i.MX6Q and Intersil TW9990 analog video decoder. It works fine with the PAL camera and I can see stable video image as expected.   That decoder chip also supports other format, NTSC includ...
    mc maddie
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  • Memory configuration for i.MX8QXP in U-boot

    Hi,   I'm trying to find lpddr4 configuration for imx8qxp-mek -development board from U-boot, but either it's not there or I'm blind because I just can't seem to find it. There is one for imx8m, but that is diff...
    mc maddie
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  • Issue  with FreeRTOS  priorities

    Hallo, I am developing my application on FreeRTOS port from NXP for ImX8.   I am creating just as demo 2 simple task. The first (loop_task) contains just a while(1) with a counter++. The second (uart_task) a wh...
    Luca Corna
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  • mscale_ddr_stress tool for imx8m mini

    Hi,   1) is there any specific mscale_ddr_stress_tool version for linux_4.9.123? because I've used v2.10, it generates the u-boot lpddr4_timing.c file for u-boot-4.14.78.   2) What are all the DDR...
    Senthil Kumaresan
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  • H.265 decode,using gstreamer pipeline on IMX8M mini

    Hi, I am using gstreamer pipeline to decode H.265 video on imx8m mini board, but I have some problem as follow:   gstreamer pipeline: gst-launch-1.0 -v filesrc location=h265_720p.265 ! qtdemux ! h265parse...
    wang liu
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  • waylandsink is not supported on the imx8m mini board

    Hi, I am doing gstreamer pipeline on the imxm mini board, software version is 4.14.78-imx_4.14.78_1.0.0_ga+g94da7bd   imx8mmevk. I found waylandsink is not supported on the imx8m mini. Below is m...
    wang liu
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  • IMX6Q kernel hub error

    I use the IMX6Q core board to burn the kernel version 3.1, but I am prompted with a hub error. How can I solve it?The following is the error message.       [ 3.017772] Bluetooth: Virtual HCI driver ver...
    donnie song
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