• Ti DS90UB947/948 Linux Driver for I.MX6

    Imx6 can output lvds direct.But the lvds-wire is too  expensive to buy. So they can cannect ds90ub947 serializer to applied in automotive instrumentation. By the way, it need a ds90ub948 ...
    Zhongmao Liu
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  • MCUXpresso config tool, bug found

    I found the following bug in MCUXpresso config tool v5, peripheral v.5.     When generating code for the SAI peripheral, using "Record and playback" setting, it ends up generating code which uses the T...
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  • Using 4k HDMI regression on BSP 4.14.78

    Dear, I'm trying the new BSP imx_4.14.78_1.0.0_ga, and I have problem using 4k on HDMI. With BSP 4.14.64 It was working fine with the kernel options : video=HDMI-A-1:3840x2160-32@25 With the new BSP It work with re...
    Stéphane NOBLET
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  • MIMXRT1052 fsl_spdif driver bug

    Hello! It's impossible to satisfy assert in the fsl_spdif driver for the MIMXRT1052, in the newest SDK (2.5.0):   void SPDIF_WriteBlocking(SPDIF_Type *base, uint8_t *buffer, uint32_t size) { assert(buffer...
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  • i.MX6 NAND install unsuccessfully from custom board

    I've successfully installed a Yocto Image on NAND from an SD using a Variscite evaluation board with an i.MX6 SOLO SOM Now I'm trying to perform the same action from my custom board but, although I'm not seeing any e...
    Miguel Hortelano
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  • kernel panic i.mx25

    Hello, I have a board that is allmost identicall from the i.MX25 PDK. The problem is that every once on a while i get a kernel panic error.... I really don't know what is causing it and I don't know how to go about fi...
    Albert Arquer
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  • KEIL5  Pack installer failed

    KEIL5,how to add device for I.MRT1051.After adding, KEIL5 softeare prompt is deprecated.
    guopeng qiao
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  • ddr stress test for imx6 processors

    here i am new to this field getting confused about how to ddr stress test .. i have downloaded i.MX6/7 DDR Stress Test Tool V2.70  please give some proper guidance by stepwise how to do stress test for i.mx6 solo...
    anna srikrishna sri
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  • RiotBoard not executing compiled uBoot image from SD card

    Hi, I am trying to port riotboard with linux 4.2 from buildroot build on ubuntu 18.XX. My problem might sound silly but not able to boot board with compiled uboot image from SD card. Its executing some pre-build ima...
    Zahir Khan
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  • IPU是否可以多种输入的数据格式转码

    你好,我使用的imx6q开发板,内核3.14.52,现在遇到一个IPU的使用问题,我有两种不同的相机数据输入格式,一个种格式为YUV422 ,一种格式为UVYV,由于功能的原因,必须是这两种格式的数据 经过IPU 都转换为NV12格式的数据,倒是我在初始化IPU的时候 只有一个/dev/mxc_ipu设置,设置task的输入、输出 fmt格式也只能设置一种类型的 要么为YUV422 ,要么是UYVY,在初始化的时候进行,想请教一下...
    huo can
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  • Error : fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx-imx8mmevk-20181219210506.rootfs.ext4’: No such file or directory in imx-4.14.78-1.0.0_ga.xml in imx-linux-sumo branch

    Dear I.MX community,   As we are evaluating imx8mm evk hardware platform for one of our product and moreover the contact through the disturbutor to the NXP FAE is taking time, could you please do the needful in ...
    Srinivasan Shanmugam
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  • imx6qp 烧写镜像停在starting kernel……

    大家好:       我们根据imx6qp sabresd sdb 做的板子,android 6.0系统,但是ddr 换成了4GB,emmc换成了64GB,设置是从sd卡启动还是emmc启动的那些gpio都没有接……       现在的问题是用mfgtool烧写镜像,停在starting k...
    Harris Li
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  • A way to create a binary that is copied to RAM from the ROM bootloader in RT1050

    Hello, everyone, in the last few days I have been looking for a way for the ROM bootloader to copy to DTC RAM the binary I was building. In this regard you have probably seen some posts of mine and a colleague of mine...
    Massimiliano Cialdi
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  • Welcome a new member

    Hello everyone. I am new to the NXP Community and to iot development. I have a lot of questions i have been searching online for answers that all brought me here so i decided to join. I hope i can solve the problems i...
    Craig T
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  • IMX8MQ  video encoding capabilities

    hi NXP    i have added x264 encoder to yocto file system (L4.9.51_imx8mq-ga - IMX8MQ) and able to encode the v42l source using MIPI camera  the pipeline used is  gst-launch-1.0 -vv v4l2src ! 'vi...
    nagendra sarma
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  • vf610_adc modified to support adc2 and ch list

    Here is my mods for vf610_adc.c. It sure needed some fixing.   Now it can use both adc1 and adc2 if available w iio/trigger/buffer stuff. Maybe NXP will publish later better docs about adc2 or a new fixed RM do...
    juha panula-ontto
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  • Guide to flash iMX6 from Linux

    Guide to flash iMX6 from Linux  Hello community     I will leave here this guide to flash your iMX6 board if you are working on a Linux PC and don't have access to a computer with Windows or you just si...
    Manuel Malagon
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  • i.MX6Q H.264 video codecs fail GtsExoPlayerTestCases

    I currently have a Google-certified tablet product based on the i.MX6Q applications processor and the N7.1.1 Android BSP.  To become Google GMS certified, we had to disable the NXP hardware codecs (specifically:&...
    Benjamin Rood
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  • Questions about DMA mode for iMX28 auart

    Hi,   i'm a application developer and have some questions about the mxs-auart under Linux 2.6.35 (Freescale BSP) and the iMX28 platform:   Where do i get the information at runtime, which mode (DMA on/of...
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  • Installing libGL and friends for Linux 4.9

    This is a how-to for installing GPU binaries for X11 so it can use the Vivante drivers.   Make sure your environment variables are set correctly as there will be lots of cross compiling :-)  See the en...
    Nate Sigrist
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