• i.MX6UL single ethernet interface

    Hi, we have a custom design that uses the Dart-6UL (i.mx6ul) from Variscite.  The development board has two Ethernet interfaces, and our custom hardware has a single Ethernet interface with a phy connected to the...
    Cliff Brake
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  • i.MX8M Mini EMI issue with SDIO to WLAN module

    Hi All,  We are using the Mini processor with a BCM43455 based wireless module and we have problems with the EMI emision. The base frequency is 50MHz the drive strength is already set to the lowest possibl...
    Peter Reitli
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  • UUU loading and launching  Linux kernel on iMX8M Mini

    Is there a way to download the kernel into RAM and launch it via UUU WITHOUT flashing it?   I do not see any obvious commands to do this via UUU scripts (transfer seems to be transparent)   Thanks for any ...
    Floyd Brown
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  • IM6UL: /sys/fsl_otp/HW_OCOTP_LOCK is not found in 5.4 kernel

    Hi,   I am migrating from 4.1.x (Jethro) kernel to 5.4 (Zeus) and noticed that CONFIG_FSL_OTP has been removed.   Is there any way to read these OCOTP registers to find out whether it is fused or not?
    Sivakumar Rajachidambaram
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  • i.MX 8M Nano DDR Tool

    I am working with a custom designed board that utilizes either the i.MX 8M Mini or i.MX 8M Nano processor with LPDDR4 (x32 or x16 per processor support).  Our last build of boards included I-Temp rated processor ...
    Nathan Kro
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  • Yocto zeus - cannot apply patch in u-boot (imx7ulp-evk)

    Hi everyone,   I currently made the update from sumo to the latest zeus (5.4.24_2.1.0)  and I have some issues. In my custom meta-layer I have a patch that was applying ok in ...
    Liviu Ene
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  • Azurewave CM276(88W8997) and Cinterion PHS8P conflict

    Hello,   we are using the 88W8997 chip and gsm modem PHS8P(both on USB) in our device. We noticed, when we use gsm modem(send some AT command), wifi chip will stop working. With lots of debuging(looking into EHC...
    Jan Mazura
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  • UBIFS: recovery needed

    Hello,   normaly the ubifs recovery prozess will be startet automaticly on mount, if nesessary. mount -o sync -t ubifs ubi0:data /mnt/data UBIFS: recovery needed UBIFS: recovery completed UBIFS: mounted UBI d...
    Birger Bauch
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  • i.MX8M Mini support mipi-csi raw12 issue

    Dear Sir,   Our sensor is [AR0135] + [1280 x 960] + [2 mipi lane with 800 Mpbs each lane] Cureently, we meet the following issues when we want to capture mipi-csi aw12 on i.MX8M Mini.   (A). Reference fro...
    TC Chen
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  • Remove Cursor pointer

    Hi, How remove mouse cursor from my application?
    Giuseppe Ventura
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  • Using Gstreamer vpudec on imx8m for Mjpeg and H264

    Hi, i would like to use hardware acceleration to decode an udp rtp Mjpeg or H264 stream (Mjpeg prefered) with Gstreamer on the imx8m (quad). Im using an Yocto (sumo) BSP. The Display should be the Mipi Dsi (there is a...
    andy bern
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  • Are the following camera options feasible?

    Are the following camera options feasible? In this scheme, the sensor signal is transmitted to the Mipi CSI interface of imx8qm through one lane LVDS of data, one lane LVDS of clock and one lane LVDS...
    qing peng
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  • U-BOOT hang after LPDDR4 calibration timing update

    Hi,   I'm working on a custom design with the i.MX8M Mini processor. I successfully completed the RAM calibration process on many boards, and I'm working to integrate the new values on U-Boot lpddr4_timing.c sou...
    Matteo Silotto
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  • IoT devices of tomorrow with Toradex Verdin and Crank Software

    Join us for a 1-hour webinar on Friday, July 24th, 2020 at 11 AM (EDT) to learn how to create rich, interactive user interfaces that are optimized for power consumption efficiency for the Verdin i.MX 8M Mini and i.MX ...
    scott Snider
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  • imx kernel branch

    i get kernel for my costom imx6ull board form git clone https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/linux-imx   when check branch i get:   ~/machangbao/nxp/linux-imx$ git branch -a * master remotes/origin...
    changbao ma
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  • Dual camera & dual display working on MYIR's MYD-JX8MX Dev Board

    MYD-JX8MX development board (http://www.myirtech.com/list.asp?id=608) based on NXP i.MX8M quad processors provides powerful multi-media functions including dual displays, dual cameras, high-quality audio, etc. Th...
    Kiddy Xu
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  • Programming i.MX6UL EVK emmc with mfgtool(uuu) with Linux 5.4.3_1.0.0 BSP

    I'm trying to program the i.MX6UL EVK board with the new mfgtool command uuu. I'm using the BSP version Linux 5.4.3_1.0.0.   If I use the standard command described in the i.MX_Linux_User's_Guide:  u...
    Francesco Tosoratti
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  • si476x in built driver compilation error yocto

    Hello, I am working with Yocto BSP 4.19.35_1.1.0 version with iMX8M MINI-VAR board from variscite. I tried to enable SI476x support from menuconfig option.   Steps i followed as below- bitbake -c menuconfig li...
    Malay Dhrangadhria
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  • Yocto busybox menuconfig

    In Yocto Project to access the busybox menuconfig system:   bitbake -c menuconfig busybox bitbake busybox bitbake fsl-image-fb     01. Execute the command menuconfig on the package busybox. This allow...
    Curtis Wald
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  • MIPI DSI LCD display of i.mx8mq

    Hi, I am trying to use jdi-lt070me05000 (1200x1920 mipi dsi display) on i.mx8mq custom board.   I saw HDMI working fine with DCSS, but now I tried to enable the LCD mentioned above with DCSS (mipi dsi) referenc...
    James Ko
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