• mfgtool2 damage two pico-imx7d SOM modules. Where it spoiled?

    Hi,   I have this issue: My other imx7d pico android things start kit died, again    I was following the steps of this link: iMX7D Pico won't boot    I used the <LIST name = "e...
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  • QSPI Flash Help - MIMXRT1050

    Hello,   I am using the MIMXRT1050 with QSPI flash on Keilv5 IDE. My QSPI flash manual: https://www.winbond.com/resource-files/w25q256jv%20spi%20revg%2008032017.pdf   I am using the flexspi_nor_polling_...
    Kamal Nasif
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  • Galcore module initialization failed

    Hello, we are trying to set up our environment for i.mx6dl bsp, based on Yocto Sumo. We have tried both Linux Kernel 4.9.67 and 4.9.88, but we have several problems in Galcore module initialization. Galcore module (v...
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  • mfgtool2 damage two pico-imx7d SOM modules. Where it spoiled?

    Hi,   I have this issue: My other imx7d pico android things start kit died, again    I was following the steps of this link: iMX7D Pico won't boot    I used the <LIST name = "eMMC...
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  • FXOS8700 linux driver

    Hello! In our custom board we use FXOS8700. When I start driver from fsl-arm-yocto-bsp (kernel 4.9.11), I see that it creates only one input device and event from accelerometer and magnetometer are emitting...
    Maxim Kuk
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  • Ti DS90UB947/948 Linux Driver for I.MX6

    Imx6 can output lvds direct.But the lvds-wire is too  expensive to buy. So they can cannect ds90ub947 serializer to applied in automotive instrumentation. By the way, it need a ds90ub948 ...
    Zhongmao Liu
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  • Where are physical location of the memories in the pico-imx7D SOM?

    Hi,   I have pico-imx7d SOM and I need to know where are physical location of the memories:   Qjestion 01 : Where is this?   Qjestion 02 : Where is this?   Qjestion 03 : Where is this? ...
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  • Synaptics RMI4 Multitouch PAD

    Connection NOTE: nINT is an active-low open-drain pin for which the host must supply an external pull-up resistor.DISP2_DAT9        --->  Touch_nINT DISPB2_SER_CLK  ...
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  • Thank you NXP Community! Happy 2020!

     Dear friends,   I thank you, my friends from the NXP community, for collaborating with my questions, making it possible for me to use NXP items in my projects. I wish you all a happy 2020! Much success to ...
    Rubens Junior
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  • Memory configuration for i.MX8QXP in U-boot

    Hi,   I'm trying to find lpddr4 configuration for imx8qxp-mek -development board from U-boot, but either it's not there or I'm blind because I just can't seem to find it. There is one for imx8m, but that is diff...
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  • Using timers on RT1050

    Dear friends,   Given the available examples, such as the NXP SDK examples for RT1050 family processors, what are the best examples that use processor timing?   Thank you for your attention, a hug!   ...
    Rubens Junior
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  • Trying to get 1588 working on imx8 mini

    Hi,   I found this link How to get IEEE 1588 1PPS on i.MX6Q?  talking about getting the 1PPS signal working for 1588.   I made the change to the fec_ptp.c driver and I "think" I have pinmux setup corr...
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  • How to build Xen Hypervisor on imx8qm and flashing tool

    Hello,          I am working on phyCORE-i.MX8 which is been customized from i.MX8QM emk board. Which tool dose the board support for flashing. Can I get the document on how to build the Xen H...
    Nakshatra A
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  • Linux logo image from U-Boot for iMX6ULL

    Hi, Kind NXP and everyone!   I want to show splash screen for U-Boot and Linux, and I completed the U-Boot logo for iMX6ULL and Yocto(Linux kernel imx6ulevk 4.1.15, U-Boot 2016.03). But at Linux kernel...
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  • Gigabit ethernet loopback on i.MX8M eval board

    I can't get the 1000Mbps external loopback to work on i.MX8M eval board. The link just never comes up even though I have followed all the suggested steps and have a gigabit external loopback connected.   FYI, t...
    PJ Nee
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  • How to use the SION bit

    Saved FAQ from Freescale.com for information only:   Topic: GPIO IOMUXC   Question.  Please clarify how to use the SION bit ?   Answer.  The SION, Software Input ON, bit field on many ...
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  • iio drivers with mx8m

    Hello,   Im trying to get st_pressure driver working with IIO driver with MX8M Variscite eval kit board using linux 4.4.78 In menuconfig i activated drivers + device tree looks like :      ...
    remi laisne
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  • debootstrap Debian Buster on imx8mminievk

    This guide will show you how to debootstrap Debian Buster on imx8mminievk on a SD-card, but will very likely help you on other systems as well. First you need a Linux installation present on the imx8mminievk.   ...
    Andreas Gustafsson
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  • M6.0.1_2.1.0_uboot_logo_keep_patch_2017-01-06.zip   patch use condition

    各位大神们:             有人使用过该patch吗?需要注意哪些地方。 首先、我使用的系统:android6.1,内核: 4.1.15,uboot:2015.04-dirty。参考的是sabresd_6dq参考板。使用的是6q6a。 根据readme:    &#...
    black huang
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  • stepper motor interfacing through spi on imx6solo sabresd

    hi all, I would like to drive a stepper motor using the SPI interface on imx6solosabresd board . problem is I have no idea what I am doing. I don't even know what all the pins are for on the board. here we are going ...
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