• Memory configuration for i.MX8QXP in U-boot

    Hi,   I'm trying to find lpddr4 configuration for imx8qxp-mek -development board from U-boot, but either it's not there or I'm blind because I just can't seem to find it. There is one for imx8m, but that is diff...
    mc maddie
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  • Does Windows IOT core only work with the LPD4 version of IMX M8 Mini

    Does anyone know if Windows IOT core only works with the LPD4 version of the IMXM8 mini development kit? If so is there a way to get it to work with the DDR4 version, I assume the only difference is the voltage for th...
    William Dunkley
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  • Using MFGtool(UUU) on IMX6DL in Linux

    I am pretty new to this area so please bear with me.   I have an IMX6DL board and I want to flash a Linux image through USB. Originally, I flash my image using a windows version of mfgtool. This takes in a "ucl...
    Angelo Sison
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  • PF3000 PMIC: SWBST coming up as 4.3V not 5V

    We are having an issue on our boards with the SWBST boost output is coming up initially as 4.3V and not 5V.  When the kernal boots; we program the PMIC to 5.15V and this seems to happen correctly, but the initial...
    Benjamin Blanton
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  • Android: accessing UARTs/Serial Ports on Freescale's EVK51

    Wondering outloud if anybody has had any success in accessing & utilizing the UARTs/serial ports on the EVK when running Android.  I have been working on porting the Android serialPort API (http://code.google...
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  • Some Experience When Enable MIPI Camera

    1. Debug steps for customer MIPI sensor Debug steps for customer MIPI sensor.docx is the doc about how to debug MIPI sensor.   2. SabreSD default setting In SabreSD board, ov5642 is connected to CSI0 parallel ...
    Shaojun Wang
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  • Imx8mq Extended Display(HDMI) support

    Hi,   I am trying configure MIPI-DSI as a primary display and HDMI as secondary extended display.   Can anyone help me, what is the procedure to configure uboot, kernel and DTB are required to achieve the ...
    Srinu inaganti
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  • CAAM support in wolfSSL

    Greetings NXP Community!   wolfSSL wanted to remind our NXP partner network that wolfSSL has gone to great lengths to add and maintain support for the CAAM driver for offloading cryptographic operations to ...
    Kaleb Himes
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  • imx6 Solox Galcore device node not getting created

    Hello,   We have been working on to run qt 5 on i.MX 6 Solo X board. While running QT application,  We set following environment variable.  export QT_QPA_EGLFS_FB=/dev/fb0 export FB_FRAMEBUFFER_0=/d...
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  • MFG tool to read a file from imx28 

    whats the command to read from the imx28    i am using the following MFG tool version   i could able to dump the file from host PC to imx28 hardware, but not read from the hardware to PC   tri...
    shashikant h
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  • mic recording of voice is not possible

    Hi, Im using the imx6ulevk board ,presently working on the codec section ,when im recording the voice through on board mic and aplay that recorded wav file im not able to hear any thing.But when i record the song thr...
    Dhanush V
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  • Ethernet camera Interface with TDA2Px SoC

    We are planning to develop a 3D-Surround View System using an Ethernet camera.   We have 4 Ethernet cameras for surround view system application and additional 2 Ethernet cameras for Forward collision detection a...
    Alwin  Mathew
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  • Ethernet Switch for 6 Ethernet cameras with TDA2Px SoC

    We are planning to develop a 3D-Surround View System using an Ethernet camera.   We have 4 Ethernet cameras for surround view system application and additional 2 Ethernet cameras for Forward collision detectio...
    Alwin  Mathew
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  • SLIC voice data receiving on iMx6 using ALSA

    Hi, I am using iMx6q and trying to read data from phone input and SLIC IC. The IC is giving proper 8-bit Mu Law data at its DTX pin. The communication protocol between is I2S and is operating with parameters PCLK=512k...
    Abhijeet Gokar
    created by Abhijeet Gokar
  • Bug-Fixes for FlexSPI

    We are using a SoM with an i.MX8M-Mini and tried to use the FlexSPI to communicate with an FPGA which simulates a flash memory using 1-1-4 or 1-4-4 transfer mode. To get that working we had to fix or extend the linux...
    Christoph Fink
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  • Video streaming issue from USB Webcame to HDMI in iMX8MQ

    Hi,   We have designed our application board based on iMX8MQ processor. We have completed bring up of all interfaces including USB3.0 & HDMI port. Both USB & HDMI interfaces are working fine. We ar...
    chaitanya sonagara
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  • MIPI Display to IMX8 MQ

    Dear All, We have connected MIPI display to imx8 MQ, We are concern like panel information along with display-timing parameter shall be defined in in dts file. whether panel and display parameter shall be defined in ...
    kishore poojari
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  • Android Q10. for i.MX8 MQ evk

    Hello,   I recently found that NXP has released the proprietary source code for Android 10. Just wanted to starting integrating it with Marvell wireless modules for imx8mq evk. Is it been tested before? Now tha...
    Achyut Hegde
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  • Booting from NAND 4.14.98_2.2.0 imx6ull

    Hi,   We are porting our imx6ull from 4.1.15 to 4.14.98(provided by NXP). Uboot and kernel are successfully up. But filesystem mounting is not happening   UBI error: cannot open mtd 3, error -19 snvs_rtc 2...
    Deepanraj Anbarasan
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  • i.MX28: How to set up a SSH connection to EVK board

    This page will guide you to setup a SSH connection to i.MX28 EVK board using BSP L2.6.35_1.1.0_130130.   1. Add required package "openssh" & "dhcp" By default, minimal profile is selected and package "opens...
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