• iMX8M display shifted after playing decoded video with gstreamer

    Sometimes after playing decoded video with a gstreamer pipeline the display (including most but not all windows) gets shifted maybe 5 to 10 percent with the right side wrapping around to the left side (pictures attach...
    Michael Erwin
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  • iMX8M And MIPI display

    Hi, I'm using a iMX8m custom board with a 1024x800 MIPI display, I've changed my the DTS file (using fsl-imx8mm-ddr4-evk-rm67191.dts  as reference) to have a panel (no lvds bridge) and try to use the  driv...
    mario Sangalli
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  • MFG tool to read a file from imx28 

    whats the command to read from the imx28    i am using the following MFG tool version   i could able to dump the file from host PC to imx28 hardware, but not read from the hardware to PC   tri...
    shashikant h
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  • Bug-Fixes for FlexSPI

    We are using a SoM with an i.MX8M-Mini and tried to use the FlexSPI to communicate with an FPGA which simulates a flash memory using 1-1-4 or 1-4-4 transfer mode. To get that working we had to fix or extend the linux...
    Christoph Fink
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  • RT1064 FlexCAN3 (CAN FD) issues

    Those experimenting with CAN FD on an i.MX RT1064 or similar will have noticed that the 'Enhanced' registers of the CAN FD capable 'FlexCAN3' peripheral are either not implemented at all, or are not working properly (...
    Wolfgang Buescher
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  • iMX8 Android9 fails to build a new target

    Hi, all, I've succesflully build the imx-p9.0.0_1.1.0-ga for evk_8mm demo board: now I will want to build a new target. I've started coping  the android_build\device\fsl\imx8m\evk_8mm into android_build\device\f...
    mario Sangalli
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  • i.MX6 GStreamer-imx Plugins - Tutorial & Example Pipelines

    The Freescale i.MX6 has many video capabilities that are best accessed through GStreamer.   Gateworks, the leading supplier of Powerful ARM based Single Board Computer solutions using the Freescale i.MX6, has in...
    Ryan Erb
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  • Unboxing MYD-JX8MQ6 Dev Kit Based on NXP i.MX 8M A53 Quad Processor

      Unboxing MYD-JX8MQ6 Dev Kit Based on NXP i.MX 8M A53 Quad Processor   The MYD-JX8MX development board is using the i.MX 8M Quad processor which is among NXP i.MX 8M family (i.MX 8M Dual / 8M Qu...
    Kiddy Xu
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  • Running Netflix on iMX6 Android Marshmallow

    I managed to integrate Netflix on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow BSP for the i.MX6DL, i.MX6Q and i.MX6QP. I posted the step by step procedure on the i.mxdev blog: Running Netflix on iMX6 Android Marshmallow - i.MXDev Blog...
    Breno Matheus Lima
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  • Pico-Pi-IMX8M-Quad reboots on playing audio

    Hi NXP Comrades,   I was testing audio on my development device with Voice Hat planted on it. It was a malfunction in playing audio from Cactus Player or any third-party player like MX Player.   The audio wh...
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  • IMX6 Xorg HwAccel Crashes

    I am having extreme difficulty getting X working with hwacceleration. I have followed a bit of a different route than you and there is good reasons for that. I have a debian 9 debootstrapped system with all the requir...
    Nico Du Toit
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  • IMX.6 TVIN signal lock lost Algorithm for 4.1.15

    There is a patch in NXP application note "i.MX6 IPU TVIN Application note" REV 0, 8/2016, has anyone has working patch for Android 4.1.15?
    Willie Niou
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  • Is possible to configure i2c sensor to the M4 in the A7

    Hello, Is possible to configure i2c sensor to to the M4 (freertos) in the A7 (linux)? I think the answer to the question is true. But I think that I must use the RDC like examples freeRtos. But in linux I...
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  • Dlib detector call is too slow in IMX8QXP

    Hi, I'm trying to test dlib "webcam_face_pose_ex" example in IMX8QXP board. The below code is taking 2161 millisecond approximately. And CPU is more than 120% cv_image<bgr_pixel> cimg(temp); std::vector<recta...
    arun kumar
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  • i.MX 8

    hi I want to whether there is any windows environment development IDE for i.MX 8 mini, and also Is it FLEX SPI can be used as normal single data line SPI.
    nayana n
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  • Step-by-step: How to setup TI Wilink (WL18xx) with iMX6 Linux 3.10.53

    Hello everyone,   I'm sharing my experience bringing-up a TI Wilink Module (WL18xx) on iMX6 Linux 3.10.53   You can find a lot of information here: WL18xx - Texas Instruments Wiki And iMX6 instructions ...
    Erez Steinberg
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  • Enabling Mobile_network & RIL related Settings support for iMX6 based on Android 8.0 or 7.0 etc

    Hi All,   I was trying to integrate 4G Modem on iMX6dl running Android Oreo 8.0. but surprisingly the default BSP from nxp comes with WiFi-Only Device settings, which will not show any UI related settings for Mob...
    Prasanna Kulkarni
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  • Example code on blob generation and usage on i.MX6UL platform

    Attached is example code on blob generation and usage on i.MX6UL platform. It shows how to generate blob in secure memory, store blob in non-volatile memory, restore key from blob and use in cryptographic algorithm, t...
    Eric Chu
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  • 使用10-bit raw data camera在imx6q mipi上,遇到偶發性畫面錯誤重複問題

    在imx6q  mipi上已經成功移植AR0521 8-bit RAW data camera. 因需求想把 AR0521 8-bit BPP 改成    AR0521  10-bit BPP, 在微小修改後畫面有出來. 但每隔幾秒在畫面開頭有出現錯位 重複的現象(詳情請見zip附件).   在問題發生後,嘗試調整camera sensor regiser. 發生問題完...
    Weihung chen
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  • Installing libGL and friends for Linux 4.9

    This is a how-to for installing GPU binaries for X11 so it can use the Vivante drivers.   Make sure your environment variables are set correctly as there will be lots of cross compiling :-)  See the en...
    Nate Sigrist
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