• imx kernel branch

    i get kernel for my costom imx6ull board form git clone https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/linux-imx   when check branch i get:   ~/machangbao/nxp/linux-imx$ git branch -a * master remotes/origin...
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  • Dual camera & dual display working on MYIR's MYD-JX8MX Dev Board

    MYD-JX8MX development board (http://www.myirtech.com/list.asp?id=608) based on NXP i.MX8M quad processors provides powerful multi-media functions including dual displays, dual cameras, high-quality audio, etc. Th...
    Kiddy Xu
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  • Programming i.MX6UL EVK emmc with mfgtool(uuu) with Linux 5.4.3_1.0.0 BSP

    I'm trying to program the i.MX6UL EVK board with the new mfgtool command uuu. I'm using the BSP version Linux 5.4.3_1.0.0.   If I use the standard command described in the i.MX_Linux_User's_Guide:  u...
    Francesco Tosoratti
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  • si476x in built driver compilation error yocto

    Hello, I am working with Yocto BSP 4.19.35_1.1.0 version with iMX8M MINI-VAR board from variscite. I tried to enable SI476x support from menuconfig option.   Steps i followed as below- bitbake -c menuconfig li...
    Malay Dhrangadhria
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  • Yocto busybox menuconfig

    In Yocto Project to access the busybox menuconfig system:   bitbake -c menuconfig busybox bitbake busybox bitbake fsl-image-fb     01. Execute the command menuconfig on the package busybox. This allow...
    Curtis Wald
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  • MIPI DSI LCD display of i.mx8mq

    Hi, I am trying to use jdi-lt070me05000 (1200x1920 mipi dsi display) on i.mx8mq custom board.   I saw HDMI working fine with DCSS, but now I tried to enable the LCD mentioned above with DCSS (mipi dsi) referenc...
    James Ko
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  • Starting Dev with MX8M on Google Coral

    Hey! I just wanted to introduce myself since I'm starting development for MX8M! Currently dev'ing on Google Coral dev board. Will eventually use a custom breakout board and a SOM, maybe the Coral, maybe a different ve...
    Andrew Pikul
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  • Facing issue in yocto zeus u-boot compilation

    Hi Experts,   I downloaded and successfully compiled the "core-image-base" for yocto zeus, I am able to compile the standalone kernel with some modification. Similarly when i am able to compile the u-boot even w...
    Nikhil sahu
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  • i.MX6UL single ethernet interface

    Hi, we have a custom design that uses the Dart-6UL (i.mx6ul) from Variscite.  The development board has two Ethernet interfaces, and our custom hardware has a single Ethernet interface with a phy connected to the...
    Cliff Brake
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  • IMX8MQ failed to run weston service

    log:[20:24:23.513] weston 5.0.0                https://wayland.freedesktop.org            &#...
    cang yue
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  • iMX8m EVK UART4 unavailable

    Hi, I'm working on a iMX8M Mini EVK (official NXP Android bsp) and I want to use the UART4 , formally used as debug port for M4 microcontroller .   Changed the DTS file to include the UART:   /*pin muxing...
    mario Sangalli
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  • IMX6Q更换emmc后无法烧录

    mingming yuan
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  • Trying to get 1588 working on imx8 mini

    Hi,   I found this link How to get IEEE 1588 1PPS on i.MX6Q?  talking about getting the 1PPS signal working for 1588.   I made the change to the fec_ptp.c driver and I "think" I have pinmux setup corr...
    Brian Hutchinson
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  • LCD and GPU on i.MX6Solox

    Hi NXP,  I need to understand differences between i.MX6Solox SoCs part no.  MCIMX6X1CVO08AC  and MCIMX6X3CVO08AC in terms of LCD interface. After reading information about LCD interface of the...
    Musadjan Alim
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  • Are there linux drivers source and Device Tree for imx8?

    Hello, We want to do an academic study Buy the Imx8 Toradex CoreBoard NXP i.MX 8 Computer on Module - Apalis iMX8(link) With Toradex Ixora Carrier Board(link) Nobody knows that Are there linux drivers and DTS source...
    hhami hhami
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  • IMX8MQ + DSI host controller support at U-boot

    Hi All, We are working product based on IMX8MQ (MIMX8MQ6DVAJZAA) processor.  We have LCD working fine at kernel level.  In our system LCD is driven by eLCDIF controller via MIPI DSI controller. Now we wan...
    Jemish Patel
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  • Is possible to configure i2c sensor to the M4 in the A7

    Hello, Is possible to configure i2c sensor to to the M4 (freertos) in the A7 (linux)? I think the answer to the question is true. But I think that I must use the RDC like examples freeRtos. But in linux I...
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  • 使用10-bit raw data camera在imx6q mipi上,遇到偶發性畫面錯誤重複問題

    在imx6q  mipi上已經成功移植AR0521 8-bit RAW data camera. 因需求想把 AR0521 8-bit BPP 改成    AR0521  10-bit BPP, 在微小修改後畫面有出來. 但每隔幾秒在畫面開頭有出現錯位 重複的現象(詳情請見zip附件).   在問題發生後,嘗試調整camera sensor regiser. 發生問題完...
    Weihung chen
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  • Need document perform encryption on IMX6Q and IMX6SX based boards

    HI All, We are working on product based on imx6q and imx6sx for that we have requirement of to encrypt rootfs partition. I am trying to access following document but it seems that I am not authorized to access these ...
    Jemish Patel
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  • DDR script aid for iMX7ULP

    Hello,   I am looking for DDR script aid for iMX7ULP. I could not find in the below link: i.MX Design&Tool Lists    May I know where can i download it from?   Thanks, Jai Ganesh Sridharan
    jai ganesh sridharan
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