• i.mx8qm HDMI RX

    since imx8qm hdmi rx isn't stable enough, so this document introduce how to  enable HDMI rx simply, as far as I know, 4.14.98_2.3.0 is the most stable version right now, so first, build the 4.14.98_2.3.0 for imx8...
    Joan Xie
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  • i.MX 8MM EVK Display Selection Guide

    This document describes the i.MX 8MM EVK mini-SAS connectors features on Linux and Android use cases, covering the supported daughter cards, the process to change Device Tree (DTS) files or Boot images, and enable the...
    Marco Antonio Franchi
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  • i.MX 8 GStreamer User Guide

    This document is a user guide for the GStreamer version 1.0 based accelerated solution included in all the i.MX 8 family SoCs supported by NXP BSP L4.19.35_1.0.0. Some instructions assume a host machine running a Lin...
    Marco Antonio Franchi
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  • IMX8QM: LVDS mirror dual mode reference patch

    The iMX8QM LVDS has followed work mode, (There are two LVDS modules in IMX8QM):   Single mode (LVDS panel connects to one channel) panel 1 and panel 2 can be different panels:     Dual channel split...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • i.MX6 serials (i.MX6S/DL/D/Q/Dp/Qp) audio card development guide:MX6X_ASOC_V5-20191115.pdf

    this doc is explain how to develop a audio card driver base on i.MX6 platform. which explain the ASOC architecture struction basic knowledage and then give some sample for the audio driver development like: 1:NXP SG...
    John Li
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  • Introduction of wayland simply

    Wayland:   Wayland is a display SERVER and COMPOSITION protocol. It is relatively new, as its first release was in 2012. The protocol enables applications to allocate their own off-screen buffers and render their...
    Joan Xie
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  • Fixing git.freescale.com dependencies on older Android BSPs

    The decommission of the git.freescale.com has caused some problems to BSPs dependent on packages stored in this repository. All contents on git.freescale.com have been moved to one of three locations:   NXP ...
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  • Fixing the Direction field for GPIOs on the I.MX V7 Pins Tool

    Some processor’s GPIO settings on the i.MX Pins Tool version 7 may not show allow to select direction and just show an option “Input/Output” as shown. This will be fixed, but the settings can be chan...
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  • Win 10 IoT Unstable Gigabit Ethernet Fix

    When using Gigabit Ethernet on boards i.MX running Windows 10 IoT Core users may experience network unstability and low latency using build W1809_1_1_0_imx-iotcore. This was fixed by increasing the size of Rx/Tx ...
    Petr Kovar
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  • i.MX Android Frequently Asked Questions

    i.MX_Android_FAQi.MX Android FAQ 1 Sync project and Build1.1 How can I download AOSP repo from mirror server?By default, all aosp repo in the Android project will be downloaded from google server directly. But some ma...
    G.y. Chen
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  • USB Power Control of i.MX6ULL-EVK

    This document is describe the control method of USB Power based on I.MX6ULL-EVK.   1. Hardware Design USB OTG can be working as device mode, host mode, or switching between both device mode and host mode. (...
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  • i.mx8x ADAS support

    Platform: i.MX8QXP/8QM OS: Linux Supported Camera Modules: Max9286 + Max9271 + OV10635, Default BSP Max9286 + Max96705 + AR0144, patch Max9286 + Max96705 + OV9284, patch Max9286 + Max96705 + AP0101 + AR0132, pat...
    Zoey Li
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  • How to use non-rpmsg.dtbs on i.MX 8QXP

    The i.MX 8QXP MEK does not allow the OV5640/LVDS/LCD usage only by changing the device tree anymore. It occurs because the M4 owns the i2c resources, so the A core must use rpmsg to enable virtual drivers.   Du...
    Marco Antonio Franchi
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  • iMX6DQ TP2854 MIPI CSI2 720P HD-TVI camera surround view solution for Linux BSP

    iMX6DQ TP2854 MIPI CSI2 720P HD-TVI camera surround view solution for Linux BSP.   For iMX6DQ, there are two IPUs, so they can support up to 4 cameras at the same time. But the default BSP can only supp...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • EMMC 5.0 and EMMC 5.1 work on i.MX6

    In our reference design board the eMMC IC is Sandisk SDIN5C2-8 (4.41), and in i.MX6 Reference manual and datasheet we can known that it compatible with the MMC System Specification version 4.2/4.3/4.4, and details in ...
    Rita Wang
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  • Full Life Cycle Security Maintenance of Embedded Linux BSPs

    View the OSS Security and Maintenance Community
    Ethan Fernandes
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  • Add audio record driver in i.MX8MQ/8MM

    In i.MX8MQ and i.MX8M Mini, the codec used is WM8524, which only supports audio playback. Although 8M Mini does have PDM microphone interface (MICFIL), there is no support for audio record via I2S. This guide will sho...
    Xiaocong Fu
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  • Adding u-boot-fw-utils for i.MX to yocto project

             In recent months, some I.MX customers hope to compile u-boot-fw-utils in yocto and get fw_printenv & fw_setenv tools.        ...
    Wigros Sun
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  • User Guide of Spread Spectrum Support for i.MX 8QuadMax and i.MX 8QuadXPlus Display

    Introduction     This document describes the Spread Spectrum support for displays on i.MX 8QuadMax and i.MX 8QuadXPlus, specific for LVDS display. It describes the underlying HW function, how to enable it...
    D.w. Luo
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  • eIQ Machine Learning Software for i.MX Linux 4.14.y

    UPDATE: Note that this document describes eIQ Machine Learning Software for the NXP L4.14 BSP release. Beginning with the L4.19 BSP, eIQ Software is pre-integrated in the BSP release and this document is no longer nec...
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