• GPT input capture in QT

    I am using imx7d for my development and one of the motor speed frequency feedback by pulse is attached to gpt2.capture1. In the imx7s.dtsi, the gpt2 is configured as below: I have added the patchwork from the belo...
    david lim
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  • MFGTool Error when flashing a MX6SX 14x14 board with eMMC

    Hello all,   I'm trying to boot a board based on SABRESD design. The board had passed the memory test, but  mfgtools won't flash it.   Last error I can see in the log is 'Failed to Initialize memory!'...
    Victor Palacio
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  • 2 LVDS screens on imx6 - How to get one fbdev device per screen?

    Hello, I've found many questions that looked similar but still could not find an answer for my problem. I'm trying to set up 2 screens on imx6q. I want to be able to display different applications on each screen. &#...
    Fabien Pollet
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  • QT5 Error in I.Mx8mmini

    Hi,  Iam trying to add the QT5 for GUI development work.   I tried below and I am getting error as below also tried as per the reference manual and compiled yocto using below command fsl-image-qt...
    Santhosh Kumar
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  • i.MX53, Linux 4.9 and Etnaviv

    We have i.MX53 based custom HW and so far we have been using 2.6 - series kernel since that was the last officially supported one.   I noticed that that Yocto 2.2 have support for i.MX53 and kernel 4.9 has the E...
    mc maddie
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  • i.MX 8M Secure Boot Procedure and OTP customization

    Hi Experts,   I am currently working in i.MX 8M based SOM and built a BSP for the same using Yocto Project.  Now I want add Secure Booting feature for i.MX 8M but most the document I am getting are confusin...
    Ashok Soundararajan
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  • How to support apache2 with CGI on I.MX6UL?

    Hi everyone, I am working on an i.mx6ul board where I have to interface it with the web using Apache web server. On my board, apache2 has been enabled and configured to work with regular HTML files, but the problem ...
    Abhinandan .
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  • I.MX8MMini: OPenCV and QT5

    Hi,   as i am working on neural network and AI, i want to know Does openCv and QT5 package support on the I.MX8mmini board,   If yes, how do we add in yocto   Regards Santhosh
    Santhosh Kumar
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  • iMX7ulp EVK board Debian (or some another user friendly) distro installing

    Now I'm using the iMX6ul evk board and I have a lot of problems with yocto image. I need more userfriendly distro for working and I'm going to start using iMX7ulp (starting from EVK board). There is very important if...
    Vladislav Redin
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  • imx8qxp的板子,从sd卡启动时,uboot执行sf probe失败

    imx8qxp的板子,从sd卡启动时,uboot执行sf probe失败,QSPI Flash不可用。请问是什么原因?
    hagen fu
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  • Boot Hang issue in iMx8DX6

    Hi Sir, iMx8DX6 board stops at boot level and after we switch off and on the board it starts working I have attached the working and non working  logs for your reference   When the boot hangs it stop...
    sheraz ali shah
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  • I.mx8mmini Error: imx-gpu-viv/imx-gpu-viv_6.2.4.p2.3-aarch64.bb:do_instal

     Hi,   Getting this below error how to resolve ERROR: imx-gpu-viv-1_6.2.4.p2.3-aarch64-r0 do_install: Function failed: do_install (log file is located at /home/santhosh/Desktop/imx-yocto-bsp/bld-xwayland/t...
    Santhosh Kumar
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  • Usb UVC webcam gadget bulk transfer

    Hi, I'm developing a Linux camera and the output is uvc via the g_webcam gadget. For now I'm capable of 40fps with a resolution of 640x480 yuy2. I'm working with a imx7D   I'm capable of much higher fps on a cyp...
    Alexandre Caron
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  • NXP's Secure boot variant for i.MX8M

    Hi All, it is going to be a bit long question as I'm putting the questions and observations I had.   I'm using i.MX8M EVK and trying to enable the secure boot feature on the same. After doing some study & se...
    Venkatasai Thotakura
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  • Where are physical location of the memories in the pico-imx7D SOM?

    Hi,   I have pico-imx7d SOM and I need to know where are physical location of the memories:   Qjestion 01 : Where is this?   Qjestion 02 : Where is this?   Qjestion 03 : Where is this? ...
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  • imx28 - very high CPU usage, system running slow

    we are running the linux-fslc kernel 4.9 on imx28 alongside a filesystem built with Yocto (Morty). It seems that any amount of work is 'too much' for the cpu. for example, under idle conditions, top shows 'us' loading...
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  • How to apply patch in poky layer (outside receipe)

    Dear All,   Right now, I'm trying to apply the patch from the below link to my Yocto base manually. [warrior-next,54/54] cve-check: backport rewrite from master - Patchwork  It's working fine.   I w...
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  • Building later Opencv versions in Yocto

    I am following the NXP eIQ direction to build some machine learning based platforms based on IMX8M. The Linux 4.14.98_2.0.0 Yocto build just fine and works. My issues is it looks to build and include OpenCV 4.0.1. I...
    David Vescovi
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  • iMX8QM Xen Passthrough, couldn't find devices

    Hello All,   I am working on imx8qm target and trying to get device passthrough working in xen. Xen version : 4.11.1-pre (4.14.98_2_0_0). iMX Xen Source.   The adding xen,passthrough=<1> in dom...
    Sandesh Kenjana Ashok
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  • mkimage binary files preparation

    there are some binary files required by mkimage-imx 1. DDR PHY firmware images (Mandatory, used for all targets) Files: lpddr4_pmu_train_imem.bin and lpddr4_pmu_train_dmem.bin Git: ssh://git@sw-stash.freescale.net/...
    xiang pan
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