• How to get output from mfgtool -noui cmd?

    I am using mfgTool2 (2.7) command line with the -noui parameter. Everything works but when i start a cmd Process in my VB Application and i redirect the Output to a text box, then i dont get any output? If i start c...
    Arabella Theda
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  • How can we change LDO bypassed to LDO enabled in iMAX6Q ?

    Hi All,   My custom hardware is based on i.MAX6Q processor and 800MHz Alliance memory.   According to following table how can I set LDO regulator to enable mode ? Which file has included following settings...
    Peter Amond
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  • Win10 IoT Use Cases for Cloud connectivity Using MQTT on iMX

    Are there any reference applications/use cases already available that uses MQTT protocol and connect to some of the cloud service providers like Azure/AWS/Google. #Win10IoT #iMX
    Purnank G
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  • Win10 IoT I2C Interface on iMX

    On Win10IoT Is the I2C Interface accessible from User Space or it would need and involve device driver development.     Where to we have interfaces / use cases / examples that show case usage of I2C on ...
    Purnank G
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  • Mfgtool2 -noui process needs to be killed when done

    I am using the command line interface of MfgTool2 to program an I.MX6Q processor. This is done in a Windows batch script to simplify our manufacturing process that also involves some other activities, like FPGA config...
    Magnus Persson
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  • RE: Using PICO-IP-iMX7 and Android Things

    Hello,   I have had some difficulty using the iMX7, PICO-IP-iMX7 board, w/ Android Things. I have been unable to use any sort of "Android Things" utilities and I have not been able to connect to the board.  ...
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  • Win10 IoT IDE for iMX8 (VS2017 or other)

    For development on Win10 IoT, the IDE has to be VS2017 or some other version is to be used/can be used?
    Purnank G
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  • How to run the DDR calibration timing processes as part of the boot sequence each time a device is powered on.

    Dear all, igorpadykov @Oliver Chen   1) According to following documentation of AN4467.pdf how the user can force the use of DDR timing calibrations (DQS gating, Write leveling and Write/Read DQS delay ca...
    Peter Amond
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  • i.MX287 and WINCE boot mode

    Hi all. I am use wince and i.mx287. in eboot i have some strange code:   ....     // This will depend on the boot mode     g_bNandBootloader = TRUE;     g_bSDHCB...
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  • imx51 touch can not work good with wince ui

    Hello:      BSP:WCE600_11.04.02_ER      PLATFORM:imx51_evk      My imx51‘s touch can work ok on Calibration.by touch,it can open menu or open files....
    hu zizhen
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  • how to compile menu.c from vs2005

    I just want to translate menu in french. When i click right on bootloader tree in Platform builder (vs2005) there is a build process right. but if to try i write a syntax error in .c file there is non= error in build....
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  • i.MX28 SPI Slave on Windows CE

    HI, I have some problem to let SPI  ( SSP2 )  to work in slave mode on i.MX28 board under Windows CE 6.0 I have an SPI device that send data at ~4 MHz, and I see the data and the clock on the correct Pin ...
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  • Modifying the i.MX28 BSP for a different DDR2 Device and size

    Hi all,   I am hoping someone can help me with some changes to the i.MX28 WCE BSP to support a different memory size. I have read the two application notes that are available for the i.MX51 and i.MX25 but the co...
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  • USB Memory Stick issues i.MX28 Windows CE

    Hi all,   I have been having some issues getting memory sticks to be detected in Windows CE on the i.MX28. Some do not show up at all, others show up randomly after multiple insertions. When they do show up I ca...
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  • i.MX28 Windows CE 6.0 Control Panel (cplmain.cpl) Issue

    Hi all,   I have been evaluating my i.MX28 Windows CE 6.0 based product and noticed that the control panel was not loading up properly. The debug output window shows that it is trying to use a function that does...
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  • i.MX28 Windows CE 6.0 Boot Error (Debug UART driver?)

    Hi all,   I am hoping someone can help me with an error message produced during boot of my i.MX28 Windows CE 6.0 device:   4294778285 PID:1710002 TID:ff0002 [NOTIFY] HandleSystemEvent 7 /ADD I2C1: 4294778...
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  • How does one program/blow/burn fuses on an mx53 programmatically in WEC7?

    We’re trying to finish up the last bits and pieces of our BSP.  And of course, we’ve run into another strange problem.    Background:  We've got a custom board with an iMX53 on it....
    Peter Taylor
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  • WEC2013 BSP on i.MX6 platforms comes with only WEC7 binaries for GPU

    Hello everybody. I'm working on the SabreLite platform with brandnew WEC2013 BSP. Unfortunately I realized that all included GPU binary DLLs are built for WEC7 (THUMB) although two different folders for 700 and 800 ...
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  • lcd display issue in imx6Q wince bsp

    hi,   We were trying to interface a 320*240 RGB Display with i.MX6 development kit by iWave. When interfacing the Display, its not working. We found that the Horizontal and vertical sync are correct but the Main...
    Visakh SV
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  • about imx6q's windows player

    Hi all,    In the imx6Q scheme, we need to develop a Windows H264 player, please provide the H264 codec library and two secondary development interface?
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