• Can I ON/OFF control PF0100 power by procfs or sysfs?

    Hello community,   I hope to test enable/disable each PMIC power channel from command line. Does it have some method to enable/disable each PMIC power channel?   Especially, I hope to enable/disable PMIC_...
    Takayuki Ishii
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  • How to configure RDC?

    The board what i used is i.MX 8MQuad Assessment Suite, And the MCUXpresso SDK is version 2.6 Now i testting Contex m4 pwm demo with pwm4 which under driver_examples folder. It will be successful output waveform when ...
    yingjin yan
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  • Does i.MX7D support internal PMIC mode?

    Hello, Igor-san,   According to the following thread, you said that i.MX7D Internal PMIC mode is not supported. About Power mode transitions-2    Your comments: >The configurations enclosed in re...
    Mamoru Kanou
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  • PF3000 LICELL power consumption

    On debugging an i.MX7 based system with a PF3000 i realized the battery voltage of the LICELL in the system drops rapidly (>1 mV/s). The battery used is a 5.5mAh rechargable Li battery (Type MS621FE-FL11E). &#...
    Lars Heinrichs
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  • MX7 with PF3000, Boost regulator and Supercaps

    Our system uses an i.MX7D as its core, powered by a PF3000. Most of the systems peripherals are powered by an external 3V3 buck-boost regulator. Two supercaps in a row provide a <5V backup power source.   I a...
    Lars Heinrichs
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  • How to enable the drivers of camera module in imx-warp7

    Hi,       I have problem with enabling the drivers of the camera module. I have configured the menuconfig according to the attached document what they have explained and I have enabled the MX...
    vinod hulagabali
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  • How to take A7 core to Deep Sleep Mode while keeping M4 core and some peripherals alive ?

    In our application , it is necessary to keep the M4 alive in certain situations , while shutting down the A7 core inorder to save power . Going by the details present in the Technical Reference Manual , we can configu...
    harish Ganesan
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  • Imx6q SoM Bootloader not Getting flashed?

    Hi all, I have made a System on Module (SoM) based on Imx6q SoC with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC storage. The SoM is a double sided PCB with almost exactly same component placement, PCB stack up and routing typologies (...
    Bhagath Cheela
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  • SABRE Board Power-Up Sequence

    Hi dear all. I am going to design a custom board base on i.Mx6Q processor. I choose "SABRE Board for Smart Devices Based" as my reference design. I have checked the Power supply page (Page19) , PMIC part number that ...
    saeid fallah
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  • imx8m u-boot enable watchdog

    Hi all,   is there a document witch describes how to enable the hw-watchdog during u-boot for imx8m series?   Kind regards, Jim
    Christoph Freiberger
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  • PF1550 power input question?

    Hi,       I am looking to use the PF1550 PMIC with an iMX6UUL micro and wondering about the power path capabilities of this part. The datasheet lists VBUSIN to VSYS resistance  as 10...
    Larry Milesky
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  • 15 W wireless charging single-coil transmitter and  receiver development board part number?

    What are 15 W wireless charging single-coil transmitter and  receiver development board part number? I'm going to buy them.  Please help to provide it.    Thanks a lot.
    join ren
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  • PF0100 Programming Error

    The verify after programming shows errors.    After repowering and verify "NO programming erros" appears. I don't understand it. The error code 0x05 in fuse bank 0xE3 is not descibed in AN4536.
    Markus Barthold
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  • ERROR: v4l2 capture: mxc_v4l_dqueue() interrupt received PU: Power-off latency exceeded, new value 27667 ns segmentation fault while running test-video application for hardware caam with libsrtp.

    Hi all,   we compiled/build libsrtp-1.5.3 source and cryptodev module ,openssl ,caam (cryptodev 1.6 installed on target board).kernel version 3.14.28 with yocto 1.7.   we added hardware engine support code...
    veeranjaneyulu g
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  • VGEN2 is not as per PMIC programming

    Hi,   We are working on iMX8M based custom board & powered processor using MC34PF4210A1ES PMIC.  Observed that VGEN2 voltage is 1.4V, which is not as per PMIC programming. It should be 0.9V.  ...
    Ritesh Patel
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  • How to enable QSPI1 on imx7DSABRE Board

    I am try to enable QSPI module on the imx7DSABRE by using C Spy&IAR, but it seem that is not to work correctly. Here is my C SPY:  /** Select QSPI2 Clock from PLL2 and divider 2. SCLK to the QSPI flas...
    Nguyen Truong
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  • Capturing RAW PCM DATA in Imx6

    Hi All,   I am having our custom board which is having imx6d processor.In this we connected Telephony chip(Le9641) which will receive and transmit PCM samples.It is having internal audio processing units which w...
    saisurya narayan
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  • SARBE - iMXS6X-SDB: ethernet - Link is Down

    Hi Team, i am working on iMXS6X-SDB board with our custom linux kernel image version 3.14.28. I have some python reboot tests which gives the reboot command via ssh, waits for some time and this cycle repeats. &...
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  • i.MX Power Profiling System: Instrumenting A Board

    Instrumenting A Board To instrument a board, the connection between the power supply and the target device needs to be broken, usually via a series resistor that's placed on the board. Sometimes the inductor needs to ...
    David G Dicarlo
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  • How PF1550 can discharge lithium battery only when VBUSIN is lost?

    We have a design with a PF1550 PMIC. System is powered by a main power feeding VBUSIN almost permanently and a rescue lithium-ion battery. Our goal is to keep our rescue battery charged in case mai...
    Anthony Loiseau
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