• Boost output of PMIC PF0100

    Hi Team  We  are using boost  output of PMIC to power HDMI and USB mass storage device, By  default when we are turning on device we are getting 5V but  after 11 sec boost output voltage beco...
    Abhishek singh
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  • PF3000 LICELL pin connection options

    I find the following passage in the PF3000 Rev. 9 datasheet: Coin cell battery backup The LICELL pin provides for a connection of a coin cell backup battery or a “super” capacitor. If th...
    Yevgeniy Maksimenko
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  • Power Consumption ratings in i.MX8M Datasheet

    Hello, In paragraph 3.1.5 of the i.MX8M Nano Datasheet (IMX8NCEC) maximum supply currents of the device are mentioned. However, no information is given on which device(Single, Dual or Quad Core, Lite) these current...
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  • U-boot error in imx6qsabre board

    Hi    I am using MCIMX6Q-SDP board and trying to boot 4.19 bsp using pre-built binaries provided in L4.19.35_1.1.0_images_MX6QPDLSOLOX   U-Boot 2019.04-4.19.35-1.1.0+g4d377539a1 (Oct 29 2019 - 14...
    sheraz ali shah
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  • Where can I find the IMX8QuadMax core voltages and corresponding currents?

    Hi All,   We are going to design our own custom board using IMX8QM SoC. But we could not find any core voltages and corresponding currents regarding this processor. Could you please let me know how to find them?...
    Ashan Uyangoda
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  • Read LICELL Voltage in Software (Linux) from MMPF0200

    Hello,   I am currently running a system with an i.MX6 Solo X and a PF 200 power manager component. I am also running Linux.   I want to read the current voltage of the coin cell from the power manager dev...
    Jon Clay
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  • i.MX RT1020 DCDC not restarting after voltage dip

    We have a board running RT1020. The main power structure is 12V -> 3.9V SMPS, then this 3.9V is going through and LDO to 3.3V and then to RT1020. See schematic attached for how it is connected.   The proble...
    Fredrik Eriksen
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  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS support for iWave's i.MX 8QM SMARC SOM and SBC Products

    The Debian based open-source Linux distribution Ubuntu finds its wide use across Desktop, Servers, Containers, and now in IoT and cloud applications. Being very secure and its OpenStack support, it is further getting ...
    iWave Systems
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  • Where are physical location of the memories in the pico-imx7D SOM?

    Hi,   I have pico-imx7d SOM and I need to know where are physical location of the memories:   Question 01 : Where is this?   Question 02 : Where is this?   Question 03 : Where is this? ...
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  • Help to decipher capacitor and inductor in schematic smd(pico-imx7d SOM)

    hI,     I need to know the name of this capacitors (on the L5 inductor side). My question (as schematic of the PMIC in the link below) is that in the U4B pmic figure there are 4.7U/10V/X5R-C2 and 0.1...
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  • i.MX8Q suspend pin settings

    Hi,   We have i.MX8DX(actually atm. we use i.MX8Q) based HW that has our own System Supervisor - processor and the i.MX8. We have two GPIO-pins that we use to signal to our System Supervisor if i.MX8 wants to s...
    mc maddie
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  • How to charge battery with PF1550 more than 1A

    I'm going to design a portable Hi-Fi audio device with 1A output current (iMX6ul or iMX7ulp based). Considering that there are much more current consumers than headphones, my device would consume 1.5-2A. PF1550 is pro...
    Vladislav Redin
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  • How regulator voltages are set

    Hi,   We are currently trying to set the  PMIC(pfuze3000 A3) output voltage to 1.375V.  We tried setting the registers in u-boot but it gets overridden by the kernel during bootup. Currently, the ...
    Leonardo Rafael Sionzon
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  • Access PMIC registers directly from APs in iMX8qm

    The System Controller firmware API does not have support to access the I2C bus between SCU and the PMIC in iMX8qm. We need to be able to send commands to the PMIC from the Linux user space running in the APs, possibly...
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  • mfgtool2 damage two pico-imx7d SOM modules. Where it spoiled?

    Hi,   I have this issue: My other imx7d pico android things start kit died, again    I was following the steps of this link: iMX7D Pico won't boot    I used the <LIST name = "e...
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  • iMX8m reboots instead of SLEEP/STAND-BY

    Hello experts,   Basically i am using iMX8m based evaluation board  -------------------- ELB-iSCADA8m$cat /sys/power/state freeze mem   ELB-iSCADA8m$ echo "freeze" > /sys/power/state ELB-iSCADA8m$ e...
    Nick Kadan
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  • gstreamer1.0-rtsp-server issue

    Hi Every one , Have a great day.   I followed 3.14.28 latest multimedia user guide . i followed below mentioned instructions 1. Enable the layer meta-openembedded/meta-multimedia: Add the line BBLAYERS += "...
    veeranjaneyulu g
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  • mfgtool2 damage two pico-imx7d SOM modules. Where it spoiled?

    Hi,   I have this issue: My other imx7d pico android things start kit died, again    I was following the steps of this link: iMX7D Pico won't boot    I used the <LIST name = "eMMC...
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  • Powerful i.MX8 QM/QP SBC to Ease Development Challenges and Accelerate Innovations

    Oftentimes, developing an end application is like a scary game of maze. One can easily get lost in its winding paths lined with unseen twists and obstacles. A wrong choice can lead you to start all over again, making ...
    iWave Systems
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  • QSPI Flash RT1050 failure

    Dear,   I'm working on a project with the NXP i.MXRT1050 family MIMXRT1052DVL6B processor. For preliminary testing I'm using the MIMXRT1050-EVK development kit. For the initial tests we are using the SDX provide...
    Rubens Junior
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