• Writing Firmware directly in RAM

    Hi Everyone,   I am trying to run the firmware directly in RAM using sdphost application in i.MXRT1060 and I am not successful.    By following the steps provided in "User Manual - MCUXpresso Secure Pro...
    Arun Muthuganesh
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  • Controlling SAI/I2S from A7 core in iMX7ULP

    Hello,   Is it possible to control I2S/SAI controller from A7 domain in iMX7ULP?   By default, I2S/SAI drivers are available in M4 SDK (part of FreeRTOS) provided in the release package and are enabled by ...
    jai ganesh sridharan
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  • Can the address of the interrupt vector table of imx283 be placed in its own defined location

    hi     I want to run FreeRTOS on imx283, but I do n’t know that I should put the interrupt vector table at that address. After reading arm926ejs reference manual, I found that there are two addre...
    Jack Jack
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  • CCM_CLKO2 clock output on MXRT1064

    Hello, I am trying to output the clock of CCM_CLKO2 from GPIO_SD_B0_05 on i.MXRT1064. I set pins and clocks in MCUXpresso Config Tool and implemented them, but I cannot observe the clocks from the pins. Do I need t...
    T. Y.
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  • AOSP 9.0 OTA update for iMX8M Mini

    Hi Sir,   I am using iMX8M Mini EVK and AOSP 9.0 version and I am able to run AOSP successfully on my EVK board.   Now I am trying to test OTA update on iMX8M Mini EVK for that I referred steps given in in ...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • Why Ethernet cable unplugging cause connection error to TCP client?

    Hi All,   I'm using imxrt1060 evk board. I run simple modbus TCP server program using lwip socket on the board. I'm trying to test if the connection (or socket) is kept after I unplug and re-connect an Ethernet ...
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  • RT1050 Dev. board layout file (LAY-30168_A.brd) correspondant altium files are needed

    Hello all,   I started to work on rt1050 development board but can't open design files since I am using Altium Desginer instead of Allegro/Cadence.    Can anbody provide correspondant of those files e...
    Furkan Yilmaz
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  • What's the relationship between Cortex-M4 and A53 with Linux

    I need to use M4 core to handle SPI communication with a onboard device. Up to now I have read some docs about how to use M4 with the A53 core whith Linux OS. There some tips I have got, but I'm not sure if it is corr...
    Wen Fu
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  • QSPI Flash access for MIMXRT1064

    Hello,   I am using the MIMXRT1064 with QSPI flash on IAR with EWARM IDE.   Base project SDK_2.7.0_EVK-MIMXRT1064\boards\evkmimxrt1064\component_examples\flash_component\flexspi_nor   My QSPI flash...
    T. Y.
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  • Openocd on the MIMXRT1060-EVK

    Hey everyone, I   recently bought a MIMXRT1060-EVK. My development with other boards has been to use the gcc toolchain and debug using openocd.   So far I haven't had much luck getting openocd working with...
    Ryan Winter
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  • CANFD not working with 64 byte payload on MIMX RT1062

    Hi I am trying to get the loopback_transfer example to work from the MCUXpresso SDK v2.7.0, which is the latest version now. It works with 8 byte messages so the CAN FD controller should not be faulty. I also tested i...
    Jim Ver
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  • MIMXRT1050-EVK hyperflash program error

    Hello. I have a problem with writing to memory. I use an example flexspi_hyper_flash_polling_transfer. It works fine. Next, I duplicated a block of code that programs the page, programming the next page. It works too....
    PazDim PazDim
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  • Communication between AOSP JNI and HIDL

    Hi Sir, I am working on AOSP version 9.0 and using iMX8M Mini EVK development Kit and developing a android application which will use my custom system service to access HAL functionality. I am able to create custom...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • ADC SyncMode Noise

    We currently face an issue with the i.MXRT1060 that noise is introduced to our ADC measurements whenever we take two measurements concurrently, but is absent when the Measurements are taken one after another.   ...
    Alessandro Forino
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  • iMXRT1060 and HyperRAM transaction length

    Hi All, We are working with iMXRT1060 and connecting HyperRAM to the FlexSPI. Everything works properly. We are using HyperRAM access via AHB. As I understand, the transaction with HyperRAM should not be very long,...
    George Volokh
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  • Changing USB ports at run time.

    I'm using MCUXpresso SDK 2.6.2 and USB stack on the MIMXRT1062. I want to chance the USB port I'm using at run time. So I undo the initialization done by the host_cdc_bm example, in reverse order; that is, I disable t...
    Jeffery Thompson
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  • ConfigTools problem with I2S

    I am having trouble setting up an I2S peripheral in ConfigTools/Peripherals for iMX RT1020.   The ADC is I2S format, ADC is the source for all I2S clocks, L and R channel, 24 bits packed in 32 bit word, sample r...
    Graham Haddock
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  • USB_HostEhciTaskFunction hangs in USB_HostEhciPortChange

    I'm using the MCUXpresso SDK USB version 2.2.1 with MCUXpresso SDK 2.6.2. Disconnect a device sometimes causes the host task (USB_HostEhciTaskFunction) to hang in USB_HostEhciPortChange. The break condition is never s...
    Jeffery Thompson
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  • How to download Linux image files through the usb2.0 interface on imx8qm

    Hi NXP:           By default,Imx8qm dewnload linux image files through the type-C interface. As shown in the picture "Default Download". But now i want download linux image files througt the ...
    yingjin yan
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  • i.MX RT1060 Ref Manual GPIO config clarification please

    In the i.MX RT1060 Processor Reference Manual  Rev 2, on page 958, there is a column titled "SRE / SPEED Setting". The values given are 1, 2, and 3 bits long. In the actual register where these fields are u...
    Philip Freidin
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