• I.MX 7 ULP/Solo datalogger use

    I'm new to I.MX processors and only familiar with Beaglebone black (AM355x). But i'm looking for a 'upgrade' to the BBB, any idea how the 7(ULP/Solo) compare? It's a core A7 compared to core A8 but a much newer design...
    Michiel TJampens
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  • I.MX8MM (Mini) cannot find eMMC slot.

    Hi communicators.   I knew how can porting the OS from i.mx8 board. (as SD Card) (As you may already know, sdcard is mmc. and emmc is embeded mmc.)   I recently completed to porting Android OS through SD ...
    lim eon
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  • How does the LCD keep the uboot logo displayed to the kernel?

    Hi all:     The chip I used is imx6sx, and the BSP version is 4.14.98,and the LCD drive mode is rgb565.Now I can display the logo in Uboot and kernel respectively, but during kernel startup, there will...
    long hao
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  • Linux device tree for the SAI device used as a UART (bluetooth)

    I have a custom i.mx7d target with a wl1837mod wifi/bluetooth module connected to sai12, muxed (ALT2) to uart4. I'm running a linux 4.9 buildroot kernel   My device tree has defined the pinmux for uart4 to map ...
    Dan Rittersdorf
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  • Explenation for HS-SETTLE  parameter in MIPI CSI D-PHY registers

    Hello,   I am currently working on modifying the OV5640 mipi driver so it can work for our custom camera sensor on the SABRE board. In the device tree of the sabre board there is the following configur...
    Robrecht Bisschop
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  • AOSP 9.0 OTA update for iMX8M Mini

    Hi Sir,   I am using iMX8M Mini EVK and AOSP 9.0 version and I am able to run AOSP successfully on my EVK board.   Now I am trying to test OTA update on iMX8M Mini EVK for that I referred steps given in in ...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • Problem with Flextimer's quadrature decoder mode on IMX7S

    Hi, Community,   I am experiencing problems with using the Flextimer in the quadrature decoder more, as the counter stops incrementing as soon as I enable QUADEN in QDCTRL register. I am using...
    James Jamesson
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  • imx-yocto-L4.14.98_2.3.1 Release Notes

    Hello,   I have a question about the release notes of imx-yocto-L4.14.98_2.3.1. You have written that the tested version for imx-gpu-g2d is 6.2.4.p4.8. I am unable to request the file because it cannot be found....
    Patrick Jakob
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  • QSPI flash verify error

    Hello, community. I am trying to implement a writing function to QSPI flash on iMX7Dual. However, a verify error occurs. In other words, what is written is different from what is read immediately after.  W...
    Yuichi Takeda
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  • Required very low power processor for battery operated device

    Hi,   I am looking for a very low power processor solution for battery-operated medical devices. Earlier I have used i.MX6ULL but the DRAM and eMMC combined MCP package is EOL now and needs to change the process...
    Mrudang Shelat
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  • Building uboot/kernel/test-application out of Yocto

    Before reading: only a personal works and sharing, not any form of "release". I didn't find any confidential information from the packages. So, I'm publishing it here. This is only for testing purpose. Do NOT use it...
    Gopise Yuan
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  • Linux fw_printenv fw_setenv to access U-Boot's environment variables

    The document to descript change the u-boot environment variables under the Linux rootfs.  Also provide a demo on i.MX6ull evk of sdcard mirror.    Linux fw_printenv fw_setenv to access U-Boot's enviro...
    Biyong Sun
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  • I.MX8mmini, How to set the destination MAC address to RTP and RTSP Stream using Gstreamer

    Hi, I want  to set the destination MAC address to RTP and RTSP Stream using Gstreamer, Any library needs to be installed or  help me on the steps   Regards Santhosh
    Santhosh Kumar
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  • MCIMX7SABRE Eval board minimum current requirement

    Can anyone tell what is minimum current requirement of this MCIMX7SABRE evaluation board ? Getting started guide suggests, power source should be 5VDC/5A. Due to unavoidable situation, I cannot get 5VDC/5A power...
    Prabhakar Patil
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  • i.MX6Qsabresd Board and  Murata 1MW WiFi/BT connection problem

    I connected the two boards to page 28 of themurata_quick_start_guide_linux.pdf manual.At the same time, I built the new mirror file as described in the following post in the community https://community.nxp.com/th...
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  • imx7d sai2 DTS settings for MAX98537a

    Hi all, I am looking for the device tree settings for getting a MAX98537A audio amplifier working using SAI2, I already have the pinmux settings correct, I am looking for all of the other settings.
    Eoin O'Connell
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  • Does SDx_CD_B pin need when i.MX7D boot from uSDHCx ?

    Hi all,   I'd like to confirm about i.MX7D boot from uSDHC.   Q1. If I don't need to detect whether SD card is attached or not, I only connect following signals to socket and i.MX7. SD1_CLK SD1_CMD...
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  • Debugging Cortex-M4 on i.MX7D with Segger J-Link and GDB (and thus standard Eclipse)

    Hello,   I recently got the iMX7D based SABRE board to play with (MCIMX7SABRE), and I'm interested in the M4 side for work. I needed to set it up to work with existing tools at hand: GDB, Segger J-Link, Eclipse...
    D. RY
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  • i.MX Android常见问题解答

    [中文翻译版] 见附件   原文链接: i.MX Android Frequently Asked Questions 
    Leo Lin
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  • How to configure vpu enc when recording video on imx8qm

    Hardware platform: imx8qm software platform: imx-p9.0.0_2.1.1-auto-ga-android   I wrote an application for recording 4-way videos, the application using Camera 1.0 Api. When the recording application is st...
    yingjin yan
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