• imx7d MX7D_PAD_LCD_DATA04 cannot be used

    Hello everyonemy development board is IMX7DSABRE. Linux kernel version is 4.9.88 After MX7D_PAD_LCD_DATA04 and MX7D_PAD_LCD_DATA08 are multiplexed as GPIO functions, the state of the gpio pin cannot be changed throug...
    其东 刘
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  • BSDL File for MCIMX7D5EVM10SD

    We want to test our board with boundary scan. Therefore you need the BSDL file for the following processor: MCIMX7D5EVM10SD (CPU IMx7DUAL BGA541 19x19mm) Who can deliver them?
    Roberto Foelix
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  • Imx8mm: Could not initialize PHY ethernet@30be0000

    Hi, I am getting the below error, (log attahced) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- u-boot=> ping       &#...
    Santhosh Kumar
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  • IMX7 Watchdog in uboot is not starting..?

    Hi all, I am working on a custom board based on imx7d-sdb reference board, in my board i  have connected MX7D_PAD_GPIO1_IO00__WDOG1_WDOG_B pin to POR pin of imx7 and watchdog is resetting board also. but i want ...
    Flaby Jacob
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  • reboot and shutdown are not working in custom imx7 board..?

    Hi all,   i am working on custom board base on imx7d, my board is freezing after a while when i reboot or shutdown, also i tried reset command from uboot here also it is freezing can anyone suggest me any solut...
    Flaby Jacob
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  • Ethernet is not working in imx7 based custom board

    Hello , I have a custom board based on imx7. Ethernet is working fine in UBoot. I am able to transfer file from PC to board with tftp command in UBoot. But looks like ethernet is not working in linux. following i...
    Flaby Jacob
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  • Bluetooth: Receiving files failure

    Hi, I am using imx7d processor interfaced with the wifi/bluetooth module wl1831.  I need to transfer files between a the board and a phone. Pairing and connection to the phone is working well using  bluetoot...
    Blessy Abraham
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  • I.MX8MM (Mini) cannot find eMMC slot.

    Hi communicators.   I knew how can porting the OS from i.mx8 board. (as SD Card) (As you may already know, sdcard is mmc. and emmc is embeded mmc.)   I recently completed to porting Android OS through SD ...
    lim eon
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  • error: ethernet@30be0000 address not set.

    Hi, I am getting the below error for the Phy IC DP83848 in RMII Mode in IMX8MMini Error: ethernet@30be0000 address not set.   Below is the uboot log ----------------------------------------------------------...
    Santhosh Kumar
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  • About ADC channel assignment

    Hello,Community Assigned to ADC1_IN0 to ADC1_IN3 in Table 99 of the data sheet. On the other hand, in the ADC memory map of Reference Manual, ADC1 has CH_A to CH_D. Is it possible to assign Channel 0 to CHA_SEL, Ch...
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  • NULL pointer deref in sdma_int_handler (sabreboard i.MX7D)

    Hello everyone! When the mikrobus on Sabreboard with i.MX7D is used as a UART, and RX and TX are connected with acable (see https://photos.app.goo.gl/kbtempE6Us5vtatSA, red and white cable are interconnected), then t...
    Christina Quast
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  • openocd imx8 coresight address help

    refer to imx7 openocd tapid and debug base help   i.mx8 questions 1. whats address of CoreSight Debug Access Port   DAP   2.whats address Base addresses of cores   3. do imx8 have Secure ...
    jesse stone
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  • I.MX 7 ULP/Solo datalogger use

    I'm new to I.MX processors and only familiar with Beaglebone black (AM355x). But i'm looking for a 'upgrade' to the BBB, any idea how the 7(ULP/Solo) compare? It's a core A7 compared to core A8 but a much newer design...
    Michiel TJampens
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  • PMIC read error | imx6q sabreAI

    Hi All, I am working on imx6q based sabre AI custom board, running android 7.1.Everything works fine on our first version but in our latest version of our custom board,it is showing PMIC read and write error and boot...
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  • Problems with imx7d overlay setting rgb565 mode?

    Hello everyone On imx7d, I successfully enabled the overlay layer, and my screen resolution is 720x1280. And when bits-per-pixel = <32>, everything looks good except for screen jitter. Later I set bits-per-pixel...
    其东 刘
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  • How to set imx7d dma single transmission size unit?

    Hello everyone my development board is IMX7DSABRE. Linux kernel version is 4.9.88 I use dma on imx7d to transmit the data on the eim bus. Now my data can be transmitted normally, but I found that dma unpacked and tran...
    其东 刘
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  • Can FreeRTOS set gpio as wakeup source

    Hi all, i am using a imx7D board, and i wonder how to wake up the Cortex-M4 core after entering sleep mode. Is it possible to configure gpio as a wakeup source in FreeRTOS? How to do it?   Best regards
    wang jing
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  • How to set imx7d eim bus clock frequency?

    Hello everyone my development board is IMX7DSABRE. Linux kernel version is 4.9.88 When I use the EIM bus to communicate with the FPGA, I use asynchronous 16-bit data lines and 27 address lines for communication. After...
    其东 刘
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  • Why does the verification of hash value calculated on a file placed in tmp dir fail?

    Hello,   We observe a phenomenon on a custom board that is equipped with an i.mx7d and 512MB lpddr2. The verification of the hash value calculated on a file placed in tmp directory fails: # dd if=/dev/urand...
    Alex Geng
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  • How does the LCD keep the uboot logo displayed to the kernel?

    Hi all:     The chip I used is imx6sx, and the BSP version is 4.14.98,and the LCD drive mode is rgb565.Now I can display the logo in Uboot and kernel respectively, but during kernel startup, there will...
    long hao
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