• nxp uuu工具

    目前正在学习研究uuu工具对nxp系列平台进行刷机操作,现遇到问题: uuu可以将image file直接烧写进UDA,那么这个image file如何制作?bitbake似乎无法生成img? 关于LOADADDR的一些疑问,这个LOADADDR的地址如何确定?以IMX6UL为例: 8000_0000为内存起始地址,理论上我们可以将LOADADDR设定为8000_0000~FFFF_FFFF中的任何位置。 我还接触...
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  • i.MX6ULL CAN的使用问题

    硬件:i.MX6ull 软件:yocot_uboot_2016 + yocot_kernel_4.1.15      NXP的工程师们,我在使用i.MX6ULL的CAN的时候遇到了很奇怪的问题。现在将问题的描述如下: 首先,要使用CAN接口,高版本内核需要先适配其设备树。 <1>imx6ull-14x14-xxx.dts    &f...
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  • SPI interrupt for ECSPI4 using RXBUFF register fot i.MX6UL.

    I want to implement SPI interrupt using RXBUFF register. I dont have any idea how to implement it in spi-imx.c. Does anyone have any solution regarding it. I just want to create an interrupt for SPI communication.
    steve Gabriel
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  • eMMC RPMB Enhance和GP

    [中文翻译版] 见附件   原文链接: eMMC RPMB Enhance and GP 
    Leo Lin
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  • runqemu imx8mmevk not working

    i build the yocto image for hardware imx8mmevk by following steps 1)Downloaded meta-freescale-thud bsp and added at poky_thud directory and mentioned layed in bblayer.conf 2)changed machine at local.conf to imx8mmev...
    Omkar Teli
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  • IMX6ULL 热复位无法从EMMC FLASH启动

    大家好,       我的一款设计中,IMX6ULL从EMMC FLASH(SD2接口、4GB)中引导启动。电路板上电后,由USB OTG下载程序,再断电重新上电,串口输出打印信息。后续每次断电重启,CPU都能正常引导,串口输出正常,其他所有功能都正常。但在带电工作中,按下手动复位键(已量CPU的POR#引脚同时变低,以确保复位电路是正确的),CPU不复位(或者可能CP...
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  • IMX8QM  WM8960 Playback and Recording cannot work at the same time

    HardWare: IMX8QM MEK B0 Android Version:  Android P (imx-p9.0.0_2.1.1-auto-ga-android_build) Kernel Version :4.14.98   Play audio using tinyplay and record audio using tinycap, The command is tinyplay /s...
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  • IMX8M-NANO 4.14.98-2.1.0 python3-sqlite3 doesn't work?

    I'm working with IMX8M NANO EVK running 4.14.98-2.1.0 release and python3-sqlite3 doesn't seem work: root@imx8mn:~# python3 Python 3.5.5 (default, Mar 10 2020, 00:13:12) [GCC 7.3.0] on linux Type "help", "copyright"...
    Sergei Poselenov
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  • Meaning of fslc acronym?

    Trivial question: "fslc" found in document (example: ...The i.MX Yocto Project Community BSP uses u-boot-fslc from the mainline,...) what does it stand for? It seems to be FileSystem..lc ??? Or whatelse? Thanks in a...
    Paolo Santini
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  • Gui tools in frame buffer mode

    Hi all,   We work on an imx6quad+ board, and use frame buffer mode, gstreamer and opengl. We wonder if it will be possible to use something like Gtk+ or other, to realize more easily gui. We have done a trial ...
    Christophe Cholet
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  • IMX6ULL can't boot from emmc flash when warm reset happens

    Hi,       My IMX6ULL board is designed booting from EMMC FLASH which connected to SD2 interface. When power on, i burns my program to EMMC FLASH throught USB OTG successfully. i shut dow...
    henry gore
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  • Not able to Perform Operation when Gateway Power ON After Sometime(7-8 Minute)

    Not able to Perform Operation after Gateway Power ON After Sometime   We observed that after creating the Thread network successfully if we power down the NXP Modular gateway(HOST) for around 7-8 minutes then ag...
    Varun Rajyaguru
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    Hi,  I am using the imx8 in my project, with two spi controllers i.e ECSPI1 & ECSPI2. After checking imx6 spi controller source code i came to know that spi controller can be configured in slave mode,now i w...
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  • Does i.MX6ULZ or i.MX6ULL support DCP engine for encryption/decryption AES key

    Does i.MX6ULZ or i.MX6ULL support DCP engine for encryption/decryption AES key for encrypted boot? The security reference manual of 6ULL mentioned this but no one is sure. 
    William Ho
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  • IMX6ULEVK ECSPI no react

    Hi Everyone, I need spi device on IMX6ULEVK as master to transfer command to peripheral chip. There are spidev0.0/spidev2.0/spidev3.0 under my /dev now.   I test these port with three ways: spidev_test.c...
    west chu
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  • imx6ull uart使用出现死机

    在使用imx6ull的uart时,使用read和write函数进行数据交互时,运行一段时间后会出现死机,很突然,毫无提示。使用示波器监控电源,无波动发生,调试信息也无输出。主要对以下两种情况进行了测试: 1、使用libnodave库与S7-200PLC进行数据交互(读I区两个字节,向Q区写入两个字节,设置19200波特率,8位数据位,偶校验,1位停止位,无流控),十分钟左右就会出现死机; 2、为排除1中的libnodave库的...
    特 孙
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  • 请问imx7d怎么配置cma_size

    大家好:       我在使用imx7d的过程中,发现内核一直打印alloc_contig_range: [ac0c0, ac0d4) PFNs busy信息。后面查询这个信息和dma相关。再查看了自己的内核配置,发现内核里面cma_size的大小是0.后面通过make menuconfig进入UI界面,将cma_size的大小设置成256Mbyte。进行这个更改后,内...
    其东 刘
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  • REDLIB Include for C++ Project

    Dears collegues,   I am porting the example sdk evkbimxrt1050_csi_fragment_gray from C to C++. I found errors due to not using of REDLIB include. However, the REDLIB include is not compatible with C++. What...
    Rubens Junior
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  • uuu failed to install u-boot environment variables

    Hi,   I set up the u-boot defconfig board target to mx6ullevk, I defined bootars and bootcmd variables to #define CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS in mx6ullevk.h, compiled it to u-boot-ram.imx, and run uuu to send SDP:...
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  • 从用户空间的GPIO Sysfs接口访问用户空间的GPIO

    [中文翻译版] 见附件   原文链接: Accessing GPIO From UserSpace  
    Leo Lin
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