• Early console patch for iMX 3.1x kernel to print debug messages from debug UART port

    From iMX 3.1x kernel, all kernel debug messages will be print to debug serial port after UART driver loaded, so if the kernel hang up before tty console driver ready, there will be no kernel boot up messages.   ...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • Problem with boot from eMMC on custom board

    Hi,all I burned official example file  u-boot-imx6ull14x14evk_emmc.imx and fsl-image-validation-imx-imx6ul7d.sdcard in my custom board by UUU tool.The command I used:  ./uuu.exe emmc_all u-boot-imx6ul...
    west chu
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  • Patch to support MPU 8080 LCD on iMX6UL and iMX7D

    1. Description     These patches are used to support MPU 8080 LCD on L3.14.52_1.1.0_GA BSP.     They are based on ELCDIF hardware module, iMX6UL and iMX7D is the reference platform. ...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • ov7670 camera on imx6ul

    Hi everyone,             Greetings of the day...   kernel version: 4.9          I m interfacing the ov76...
    Ganesh Koda
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  • EDP implementation on  i.MX6( ULL)

    Hi NXP and Community friends!   I have a question about EPD implementation on i.MX6(ULL) and hope to you can help me find answer for my question below.  In terms of EDP implementation on  i.MX6xx, ...
    Musadjan Alim
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  • NAND boot on i.MX6ULL EVK board

    Hello,   I'm trying to follow the instructions on this post https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-236994 to boot the evaluation board from a NAND flash.   I'm able to build u-boot with the mx6u...
    Daniel Perez
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  • X11 Error in imx6ull

    When runnong Application via mono We get the following x11 Error X11 Error encountered:   Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)   Request:     1 (0)   Resource ID: 0x16000...
    sheraz ali shah
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  • x11 error

    X does not support your locale libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile libpng warning: iCCP: cHRM chunk does not match sRGB X11 Error encountered:   Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) ...
    sheraz ali shah
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  • How to write *.mp4 video with OpenCV-C++?

    Hi NXP, My name is Toan. Currently, I'm using OpenCV-C++ to write video *.mp4 type. I can write video .avi type but It's take a lot of storage. About 1Mb/1s with 640x480 resolution and 15 FPS. I'm using iMX6UL-EVK bo...
    Dao Van Toan
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  • git.freescale.com can not be connected

    hi guys:    I want to download imx6ull linux kernel, but can not connect git.freescale.com, what's wrong with it?
    du frank
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  • ddr3 calibration error with IMX6UL custom board

    Hi,All We made some custom board with IMX6UL chip and  MT41K64M16-125 SDRAM,and encountered problems while doing ddr calibration on board by  ddr_stress_tester_v3.00. There are calibration log as follo...
    west chu
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  • mic recording of voice is not possible

    Hi, Im using the imx6ulevk board ,presently working on the codec section ,when im recording the voice through on board mic and aplay that recorded wav file im not able to hear any thing.But when i record the song thr...
    Dhanush V
    created by Dhanush V
  • i.MX6ULL NAND boot question

    1. In the Table 8-10 of i.MX6ULL reference manual <http://nxp.com/doc/imx6ullrm>, BOOT_CFG2[4:3] for boot search count. Are 00, 01 both for two boot search count? 2. In the Table 5-7 of i.MX6ULL ref...
    created by m.c
  • UBIFS ReadOnly FS

    We are using iMx6ULL in our design with Toshiba NAND. When run my application more than a day , i m getting below errors, UBIFS error (ubi0:0 pid 22611): ubifs_scan: corrupt empty space at LEB 1565:81920 UBIFS error ...
    velayutha perumal
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  • Can i.MX6ULL VDD_SNVS_IN and VDDHIGH_IN be combine?

    In the 4.1.3 table 10 of i.MX6ULL data sheet <http://nxp.com/doc/imx6ulliec>, it said VDD_SNVS_IN and VDDHIGH_IN can be combined if doesn't require keeping real time and other data on OFF state. In the...
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  • Flexcan configuration in linux

    Hi, all!   I have an STKa6Ulx development board with a TQMa6ulx embedded system. I'm trying to start the CAN bus. The board, has two CAN interfaces. I've developed two applications to send and receive data over ...
    Santiago López Pina
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  • irda on i.MX 6ULL

    Hello,   I am trying to get irda SIR to work on my i.mx6ull based SoM.  I would like to use the IRCOMM driver within linux to access devices using a UART, but the ircomm1 and ircomm2 devices hang the system...
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  • Booting from NAND 4.14.98_2.2.0 imx6ull

    Hi,   We are porting our imx6ull from 4.1.15 to 4.14.98(provided by NXP). Uboot and kernel are successfully up. But filesystem mounting is not happening   UBI error: cannot open mtd 3, error -19 snvs_rtc 2...
    Deepanraj Anbarasan
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  • Qt app freezes when touch screen after a time

    Hello, I have a big problem with a qt app. The qt version is 5.9, build It in qt creator 4.2.1 and cross-compiler to an Imx6 Linux board. The Imx6 was built with Yocto 2.4.  My qt app is a big project, has spi...
    emmanuel perea
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  • J1939 Support On Linux Kernel version 4.1.15

    I am new to Linux CAN module. Iam using Linux Kernel version 4.1.15.We want to add j1939 software stack into our socketCAN layer. Is this will work without any change in Kernel or i have to add J1939 support to the ke...
    Anjana Vijayakumar
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