• i.MX53 (also i.MX6) PWM Glitches on Duty Cycle Change

    I'm using PWM on the i.MX53 as an LCD Backlight Driver control.   When the brightness is ramped up it all works fine. When it is ramped down there are glitches.   That happens a lot on old and cheap PWM ti...
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  • repo sync error

    Hi,         I did "repo sync" o8. android source code, I got these error message repeatedly.         What can I do next? repo: warning: Python 2 is no longer...
    Kevin Li
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  • How to add the IMU sensor to HAL layer in Android 8.0

    Hello All, I want to add the imu sensor (lsm9ds1: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer ) to HAL layer in Android 8.0, For doing this i refer the some previous post and done the below changes in my source. ...
    nandish sg
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  • U-boot error in imx6qsabre board

    Hi    I am using MCIMX6Q-SDP board and trying to boot 4.19 bsp using pre-built binaries provided in L4.19.35_1.1.0_images_MX6QPDLSOLOX   U-Boot 2019.04-4.19.35-1.1.0+g4d377539a1 (Oct 29 2019 - 14...
    sheraz ali shah
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  • AOSP Update

    Hi, I am using iMX8M Mini EVK and AOSP 9.0 version and I am able to run AOSP successfully on my EVK board.   In my current AOSP version AOSP 9.0 I added some custom code in system service layer, JNI layer, HIDL...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • ECSPI multibyte transfer without CS toggle

    Hello, I use a ECSPI on an i.MX6q processor. Attachet to this SPI Master is a FRAM. The SPI itself runs (SCLK, MISO, MOSI) and also the CS. But the CS doesn't work how I expect it.   I use 8 bit per transfer an...
    Michael Stahl
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  • DP83867IR integration on IMX solo

    Hi,   I am using DP83867IR module  and want to integrate to IMX solo custom board. I have done changes in dtsi and enable configuration in kegrnel Kconfg Below are the changes.    fec: ethernet...
    Amit Priye
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  • File is missing:imx-gpu-g2d-6.4.0.p1.0-aarch32.bin

    I tried to build the image for my imx6solo custom board with the latest buildroot but failed while fetching the "imx-gpu-g2d-6.4.0.p1.0-aarch32.bin"   I can download the aarch64 https://www.nxp.com/lgfiles/NMG/...
    Vincent Zhong
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  • AOSP 9.0 OTA update for iMX8M Mini

    Hi Sir,   I am using iMX8M Mini EVK and AOSP 9.0 version and I am able to run AOSP successfully on my EVK board.   Now I am trying to test OTA update on iMX8M Mini EVK for that I referred steps given in in ...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • Early console patch for iMX 3.1x kernel to print debug messages from debug UART port

    From iMX 3.1x kernel, all kernel debug messages will be print to debug serial port after UART driver loaded, so if the kernel hang up before tty console driver ready, there will be no kernel boot up messages.   ...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • Patch to support MPU 8080 LCD on iMX6UL and iMX7D

    1. Description     These patches are used to support MPU 8080 LCD on L3.14.52_1.1.0_GA BSP.     They are based on ELCDIF hardware module, iMX6UL and iMX7D is the reference platform. ...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • ov7670 camera on imx6ul

    Hi everyone,             Greetings of the day...   kernel version: 4.9          I m interfacing the ov76...
    Ganesh Koda
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  • Qt app freezes when touch screen after a time

    Hello, I have a big problem with a qt app. The qt version is 5.9, build It in qt creator 4.2.1 and cross-compiler to an Imx6 Linux board. The Imx6 was built with Yocto 2.4.  My qt app is a big project, has spi...
    emmanuel perea
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  • UART Sending Extra 0x00 Bytes

    Hello,   I am working on a IMX6 Solo X chip with Linux and using 3 UARTS (RS485) to send/receive data from the serial ports interfacing with another board. I'm simply testing these ports with a simple C program ...
    Jon Clay
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  • How to configure IMX6-DQ  MIPI DSI Generic FIFOs size?

    APB to Generic block bridges APB operations into FIFOs holding the Generic commands. The block interfaces with 3 FIFOS, a command FIFO, a write payload FIFO and a read payload FIFO.   How to configure wri...
    Lee Shuai
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  • Read LICELL Voltage in Software (Linux) from MMPF0200

    Hello,   I am currently running a system with an i.MX6 Solo X and a PF 200 power manager component. I am also running Linux.   I want to read the current voltage of the coin cell from the power manager dev...
    Jon Clay
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  • LVDS on IMX6 Linux split-mode

    I'm try to working with an APALIS from TORADEX (IMX6 quad) to work with an LVDS dual channel display 1920x1200, but I get this result:       This is the configuration for ldb: &ldb { status = "...
    Cristian Sicilia
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  • Disappeaed a result of DDR Calibration test

    Hi all,   My customer evaluate their board and try to fix DDR calibration values. They tried several times in some boards and found some results is disappeared in calibration test. i.MX6/7 DDR Stress Test Tool...
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  • I.MX8QMAX : bitbake fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx -c populate_sdk Error

    Hi,   I have got below error when doing bitbake fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx -c populate_sdk   Computing transaction...error: Can't install packagegroup-core-ssh-dropbear-1.0-r1@all: it's locked   ...
    Santhosh Kumar
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  • i.MX SoloLite / SLL: eInk Compatibility, Firmware, EoL

    Hello,   I am planning on using the i.MX 6 SoloLite for a navigation tablet that my team is designing. I have several questions: - is the i.MX SoloLite compatible with both Carta 1.2 and Pearl? - Does NXP prov...
    Erwan Kerebel
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