• defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "org.qt-project.qt.camera"

    Dear Community,     hardware and software info:    imx6qsabresd+L4.1.15_2.1.0   i make rootfs by used bitbake fsl-image-qt5  i want use Qt5 camera Example,but it has some problem...
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  • Yocto&Soft AP

    Hi, Team:            I try using  soft AP based on yocto. When I run the command of "hostapd -B /etc/hostapd.conf -dd", the hot spot can be found , but my p...
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  • Patching u-boot "can't find file to patch", how to fetch source?

    I'm trying to patch mx6dqscm.c in u-boot IMX with a bbappend file in my custom layer. I get the following error: ERROR: u-boot-imx-2016.03-r0 do_patch: Command Error: 'quilt --quiltrc /home/ubuntu/imx6/ build-x11/tmp/...
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  • How to extend a V4L2 control

    Hello, I work with a i.MX6Q and connected an quad video encoder chip over CSI-0 interface. The encoder chip streams the data via BT656 and has a I2C control bus. On software side I use the mxc_v4l2_capture.c drive a...
    Michael Stahl
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  • U Boot how to make SPI Flash configuration

    Hi guys,   I'm working on i.MX6UL custom board. Trying to configure SPI Flash (Model = Winbond W25Q128JV), Here's the changes that I've made and the parts that I've added; ## arch/arm/dts/imx6ul-14x14-evk.dts; ...
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  • MIracast on imx6Q sdp board using wireless USB Adaptor.

    Hi      I am trying to intergrate wifi display (or Miracast ) on imx6Q SDP board. I have used COMFAST WU825N which has a RTL8192CU chipset. I have used the rtl8192cu driver available from Realtek...
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  • ADV7181 on IMX6Q board

    We are using ADV7181c on our board with iMX6Q and I am trying to modify adv7180.c for ADV7181. I have two questions when I modified the driver.   1.   In adv7180_hard_reset function, there are many set...
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  • How to add new entry in fstab.freescale?

    Hi All,   As I am working on AOSP 9.0 source and trying to modify the fstab.freescale file by adding new entry. Just we have added below entries in fstab.freescale and device-partitions-14GB.bpt file  ...
  • Can ECSPI PERIODREG be modified any time?

    I'm developing an application where I use the ECSPI peripheral to trigger an external ADC to perform a conversion and simultaneously read back the previous conversion. The sample rate is a (slow) 100Hz and I generate ...
    Patrick McHenry
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  • Missing lines of image

    Hello, I have a RGB display with a resolution of 800x480px. Then I have a V4L2 source that is a capture device with 720x576 (PAL) resolution. When I show the image of the capture device with GStreamer there is alway...
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  • WiFi (Murata chip) is not working on i.MX6Q board

    Hi NXP team,   We are using i.MX6Q custom board with WiFi + BT (LBEE5KL1DX-883) module having chipset CYW4343W.   We have used the firmware files as below,   ---------------------------------------...
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  • Implement A2B stack with iMX-Android 9

    Dear NXP,       I working on IMX8QM with Android 9. I needs to integrate the (Automotive Audio Bus) A2B stack in IMX board.       Will you please provide the steps to i...
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  • i.mx6 dual with (2) MT41K256M16 DDR3L

    Hello, We are planning on configuring an i.mx6 dual with (2) MT41K256M16 DDR3L memories.  I can't find an eval version with this configuration; most have 4 devices.  I have just a few simple connection...
    David Matthews
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  • IMX6Q Android 7.1 Camera HAL 去隔行补丁寻求

    Dear NXP  IMX6Q Android 7.1 Camera HAL 去隔行补丁寻求,需要在HAL层实现去隔行功能,有这个补丁吗?
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  • GPU (Galcore.ko) is not working on .mx6-SOLOsabresd

    In one of our boards we use i.mx6-SOLOsabresd  (MCIMX6S5EVM10AC) with Embedded Linux. Our current versions are:          Kernel 4.1.15          Jethro (Yoct...
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  • imx6 flexcan question

    Hi all,   just testing some communications using PEAK usb CAN simulator. I have seen that i can communicate up to 2Mbit/sec. Is this ok ?   With ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 2000000 on bo...
    Angelo Dureghello
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  • What is the interruption of twd in IMX6?

    Hello everyone:     My development board is IMX6Q-sabresd, and the version of my linux operating system is: 3.14.52. I have a 554 extended serial port driver that generates a large number of external in...
    其东 刘
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  • v4l2 capture max9272 deserializer parrallel cam input

    Hi, I'm developing the parallel camera on a custom board:   iMX6Q(TinyRex module) with max9272(deserializer) + max9271(serializer) + ISP + AR0143AT(image sensor) The deserializer(max9272) pa...
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  • How to Android apk information send to seial port

    We are using imx6q-sdb with oreo   how to create and include serial port details on android apk, when we press the apk option that information should send to the serial port(ttymxc0 or ttymxc2 or ttymxc3) cons...
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  • Making Battery charger gpio as Wakeup-Source

    Hi All,        I am facing a issue in setting battery charger gpio as wakeup-source on imx6q-sabresd Android naugat. following are the code snapshots.   In fuel-Gauge driver : we a...
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