• Intermittent Hangup on Custom Hardware

    A new and interesting bug has landed on my lap, and I am fishing for ideas to trap it beyond those I list at the bottom of this note: I THINK this is more MX6 than Android or Linux, but it is a 'fun' bug to try and t...
    Steve Anderson
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  • LVDS Display Interface with i.MX6Q

    Hello,   I need to interface an OLED display with an i.MX6Q using both i.MX6Q LVDS channels. Parameters for the devices are shown below and the OLED LVDS pin equivalent circuit is attached.  The receiver do...
    Rodney Roeber
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  • imx6q udhcpc 获取IP问题

    使用imx6q与4G模组(AG35)做上网功能。硬件连接方式为SGMII。AG35配置后,电脑直连可以正常获取IP和上网。 imx6q与路由器网线直连也可以正常获取IP和上网。 同时,imx6q使用4.1.15(官网)的内核和文件系统,直连AG35,udhcpc命令也是可以正常获取IP和上网。 但是,imx6q使用4.9.88的内核和文件系统,直连AG35,udhcpc命令却不能获取IP。 从使用4.1.15版本来看,硬件...
    一笑 独孤
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  • Console stops after buildroot login

    Hello,   I am using imx6q sabrelite board with sd card booting with buildroot has my development tool. I am able to boot till kernel and able to see buildroot login. But once password is provided. console stops...
    surajkumar mokhasi
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  • imx8 fastboot and UUU tools

    I used imx8mq, android 9.0.In the uboot, I use fastboot 0 to enter the fastboot mode, and I can use the UUU tool to download the firmware.However, in the Windows CMD environment, using fastboot devices does not see an...
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  • iMX6 gstreamer multiple encode

    Hi, I have a board receiving 1920x1080p25 hdmi via the TC358743 HDMI->CSI chip, all is working well but I would like to be able to do two simultaneous H264 encodings of the stream, one for recording and one for st...
    Andreas Eriksson
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  • Kernel 4.1.15 support in AOSP 9.0

    Hi All,   As we want to use kernel 4.1.15 in AOSP 9.0. Is possible to use it in AOSP 9.0 ?   Please give a some technical tips, how we can use or why we can't use?   Thanks   Thanaraj.
    Thanaraj Subramani
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  • 4.9.88版本内核yocto 生成的rootfs下usr/include为空

    大神们,好, 以前编译4.1.15的版本内核,生成的rootfs下usr/include都有相关头文件。 但是最近在Ubuntu下编译4.9.88版本内核yocto 生成的rootfs下usr/include为空。 看bb文件也没看到啥差异。 但是在 /home/ubuntu/imx-yocto-bsp/build/tmp/work/imx6qsabresd-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minim...
    一笑 独孤
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  • imx6q camera 摄像头图像上下两层

    sensor  -> tw9992(video decoder) -> MIPI CSI2 -> IPU 使用mxc-v4l2-overlay测试(直接运行命令无参数):     能看到在上下出现两幅一样的图像,并且有个现象是红色变成蓝色,蓝色变成红色,   命令执行log如下:   root@sabresd_6dq:/ # mxc-v4l2-over...
    jianxin wu
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  • ar8031

    版主 你好,  参考MCIMX6DQ-SDB 设计一个板子,ARM6可以配置ar8031  IP地址等,但是没有物理连接,AR8031时钟、各级电压都正常
    song yang
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  • Interfacing I2C and ADV7180

    The ultimate aim is to recognize ad7180 driver from the i2c2 bus. We have defined the analog videoIn adv 7180 in the i2c2 node in imx6qdl-sabresd.dtsi. Using the u-boot I2Ccommands: i2c probe, the driver of i2c-2 is ...
    Abhijeet Gokar
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  • eMMC lifetime with iMX6

    This is really a memory question, but since I am using an iMX6 maybe someone can help or have used similar setup   I have an embedded system using iMX6 that uses this eMMC (8 GB) as memory for the Android BSP an...
    Gustavo Oliveira
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  • Quick and dirty setup of an i.MX evaluation board to program an i.MX board thru USB

    i.MX evaluation board can be a simple solution to program i.MX boards in a factory for instance. i.MX evaluation board are not for industrial usage, but you can find plenty of cheap i.MX insdustrial boards on the web...
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  • Measure (RAW) NAND flash performances

    Using a RAW NAND is more difficult compared to eMMC, but for lower capacity it is still cheaper. Even with the ONFI (Open NAND Flash Interface) you can face initialization issue you can find by measure performan...
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  • Android OTA update fail when increased the system.img size

    Dear NXP,   I am working on IMX6Q with Android 7 for OTA update. Current system.img size 499 MB with this OTA update work. I increased this due to compilantion error. If system.img is above 499 MB ota update fail...
    vinothkumar s
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  • modprobe command not listing all the drivers

    We have included the layers of meta-multimedia and appended packages like v4l2 and other video packages to the image. After bitbaking the image, the 'modprobe' command is not listing all the drivers. The main driver t...
    Abhijeet Gokar
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  • I tried to create a  yocoto development environment for i.MX6 and i.MX8, but I have trouble.

    Dear All,   I tried to create a  yocoto development environment for i.MX6 and i.MX8. The Ubuntu revision is 16.04 LTS, and I follow up  i.MX Yocto Project User's Guide (Rev.L4.14.98-2.0.0_ga, 04/2...
    Anderson Hu
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  • How to create partitions in imx6 over the AIR?

    Hi , We have devices running marshmallow on imx6 and now want to upgrade it to pie. Android pie has A/B partition layout  i need to create a vendor_a and vendor_b partition . How do i create those partition ove...
    Ramesh Krishnan N
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  • Gstreamer MP4 Video Recording

    Hi,   I am using below command to record mp4 video using gstreamer.   gst-launch-1.0 -e imxv4l2videosrc device=/dev/video0 imx-capture-mode=3 ! imxipuvideotransform ! imxvpuenc_h264 ! filesink location=/ho...
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  • imx6q

    网络链接的时候发生pipe broken系统就会挂掉
    xie sj
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