• I2C deadlock imx6 imx8

    Hi,All I used the board customized by imx8mq and developed the code from imx8mq_evk.Encountered a problem: reboot when the i2c SDA pulled down after failed to restore the i2c lethal lock. I observed the board of imx8m...
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  • iMX6q sabersd OTA update for Android 9

    Dear NXP,   I am trying to update ota images over USB. OTA update done properly,I am following the below steps,   1. $source build/envsetup.sh 2. $lunch sabresd_6dq-user 3. $make otapackage -j4 And I ...
    vinothkumar s
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  • IMX6Quad board using Network File System (NFS)

    Hi All,   We're trying to boot Android Nougat (7.1) IMX6Quad board using Network File System (NFS) After a lot of trail & errors, we reached to some point. Now kernel is loaded successfully, but it got stuc...
    Saran Vonteddu
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  • imx6 add spi slave mode cause other problems

    HI: I use imx6ul  ,linux kenerl version branch imx_4.1.15_1.0.0_ga, I refrence branch imx_4.14.98_2.0.0_ga add spi slave mode to imx_4.1.15_1.0.0_ga, and spi slave mode is proper functioning, but it affects ecsp...
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  • i.MX6Q rcu_preempt cpu stall

    We are dealing with an intermittent CPU stall which eventually locks/hangs the system.   Here is the relevant backtrace: [307362.408117] INFO: rcu_preempt detected stalls on CPUs/tasks: [307362.412514]  &#...
    Jordan Salm
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  • SPI read/write with changing modes fail

    Hi all, I am testing spi read and write in imx6 as master. The method of my testing includes testing read/write for all modes. So, first I test read/write separately for SPI mode 0... then do the same read/write tes...
    Abhinandan B R
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  • VDDCORE, VDDSOC and VGEN5_3V3 voltages dropdown after booting

    Hi    We are using i.MX6Q MCIMX6Q6AVT10AE and PMIC MMPF0100F6AEP in one of our project. We found when device does not have image at that time we are getting voltage as follow   VDDCORE=...
    Sagar Kumar
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  • Clock setting for i.MX6QP in clk-imx6q.c is correct?

    Hello community,   I'm using i.MX6QP-SABRESD with Linux BSP L4.14.98-2.0.0-ga. In source file root/drivers/clk/imx/clk-imx6q.c of linux bsp, it have some condition branch as following.   } else if (clk_on_...
    Takayuki Ishii
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  • IMX8MQ Android 9.0.2 screen turned to 180, the video playback did not turn to 180.

    IMX8MQ  Android 9.0.1 and  9.0.2 screen turned to 180, the video playback did not turn to 180. Use this command: "settings put system user_rotation 2" Can someone help improve this problem?  
    Tico Chen
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  • Micro-Processor for DAC And ADC

    Hi All,   We are Designing ultrasound device for that we are using dual channel, high voltage Transmitter(TX517) and DAC(ADS4128). can anyone suggest me a  IMX 6 or any other micro- processor  part...
    Ashok b
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  • issue for SDK to develop Qt application

    I face one issue about using SDK built from yocto. I use the SDK to compile Qt applications, I found that the size of Debug version is similar to Release Version. Follow is my steps. 1. install SDK to /opt/fsl-imx-x1...
    leavs lee
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  • Console stops after buildroot login

    Hello,   I am using imx6q sabrelite board with sd card booting with buildroot has my development tool. I am able to boot till kernel and able to see buildroot login. But once password is provided. console stops...
    surajkumar mokhasi
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  • imx6q sabresd board could not running  for android P

    Hi: My board is imx6q sabresd. Enviroment: android9.0 My kernel is started, but it hangs when it boots up to android .  I don't know why log is here:   Connecting to /dev/ttyUSB1, speed 115200  Escape...
    zhang mike
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  • I.MX6 Parallel Video Capture Freeze on Oreo 8

    Hi, we're working on a custom board built around a Variscite DART MX6Q. On our carrier board we've an Analog Device ADV7280A used to capture and display an analog video source. The ADV7280A has four input channel a...
    Luca Bruni
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  • Display issue while using QTcreator5.0.1

    Problem statement: On our custom board I.MX6q based, we have ported qt5. Developed simple Hello world application and ported on hardware using QTcreator5.0.1. The application successfully copied into the home/root Pat...
    Abhijeet Gokar
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  • Error in setting up gstreamer pipeline in OpenCV Capture function

    I am using Ubuntu 14.04. The cmake version being used is 2.4 and gstreamer-1.0 is used.   1. When this command is run through command line,gst-launch-1.0 autovideosrc ! autovideosink The video is observed on th...
    Abhijeet Gokar
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  • I.MX6Q parallel camera input freeze (Oreo 8)

    Hi, we're working on a board built around a Variscite Dart-Mx6q. The board has an Analog Device ADV7181C to perform cvbs acquisition. All works fine but if the analog input is switched to an empty one (no camera co...
    Luca Bruni
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  • Bluetooth Profile for Android 9

    Dear NXP,   I am working on i.MX 6Quad SABRE-SD with Android 9. I am using Broadcom BCM4339 - BT & WiFi Combo. I needs to add some more Bluetooth profile to this module for Android 9.  &#...
    vinothkumar s
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  • Android OTA update fail when increased the system.img size

    Dear NXP,   I am working on IMX6Q with Android 7 for OTA update. Current system.img size 499 MB with this OTA update work. I increased this due to compilantion error. If system.img is above 499 MB ota update fail...
    vinothkumar s
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  • spinlock bad magic??

    this is my app VKFrame log (print this log,my system hung;kernel3.0.35 ;Constant temperature 40℃): BUG: spinlock bad magic on CPU#0, QThread/1441 lock: bf52aca8, .magic: 00000000, .owner: QThread/1441, .owner_cpu: 0...
    zhang xiaolong
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