• Yocto error : sh: no job control in this shell

    I'm getting the error "sh: no job control in this shell" when i run my custom yocto image. I found out after some experiments and test that adding an IMAGE of one of my drivers in the local.conf file is making my imag...
    Hector Sanchez
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  • OV5640.C   Questions to ask

    Hi: now I have a problem. i'd like to add a new one sensor,  the new sensor does not need to be initialized. Do I need to refer to OV5640.c? help me ,thank you!
    袁 野
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  • Pad register value for i.mx6

    Hii, How do we determine/set the value of pad register value in dtsi file?? I mean how do we calculate it exactly?? For example,  MX6QDL_PAD_KEY_COL2__FLEXCAN1_TX    0x1b0b0, On which factor is the&...
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  • How does the IMX6 SPI use DMA to transfer data?

    Hello everyone I am using the IMX6Q development board of NXP official website. When I was using SPI for communication, I found that the SPI only uses DMA transfers when the bytes I transfer are larger than 64 bytes. W...
    其东 刘
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  • iMX6Q display adjustment

    Hi   I would like to control of display brightness, contrast, hue and color saturation on iMX6Q. But I could not find the control interface on kernel sources. Is there any sample source code or documents ? &#...
    Taro Yamamoto
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  • Patch for iMX6 BSP to support interlaced display on HDMI and LCD interface

    1. Description     1) Support HDMI interlaced display mode, the followed format had been verified.         CEA format 5: 1920x1080i @60Hz     ...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • 4GB RAM with GPU - Galcore driver issue

    hi,   We are using a IMX6 Quad core SOM with 4GM RAM. we are using the Vivante/galcore driver and having problems with the integration if we are using the 4GB RAM. If we limit the kernel(in linux OS) to hav...
  • Board Lock-Up on Watchdog Reset

    Developed a custom board based on the i.MX6Q. We are using the internal watchdog timer and the watchdog reset works fine when we perform a reboot command.The WDOG_B signal is being routed to the POR signal of the i.MX...
    Paul DeMetrotion
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  • I.MX6Q of HDMI hardware design

    I have a client who wants to project our display using HDMI,I refer to the design board,I find that need IC of CM2020,Can we not use this IC design?Whether there is a reference design?
    tommy duan
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  • Oreo BTcrash, unable to get scan results on Android GUI

    Hi,   I am porting our BT module into OREO, able to ON BT from GUI and getting BT device MAC address,but I am unable to get list of BT scanned devices on GUI, I am seeing this crash on logcat, Please help me to ...
  • IMX6Q Android8.0 Ethernet Static IP Not work

    Hi, I have one imx6q device which run Android 8.0 system, I need to set Static IP, so I use com.fsl.ethernet to do that, I can set the right IP, but I can't communication to other. I use follow command to test: ...
    leavs lee
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  • I.MX6Q Mic. Recording Problem!!

    Good Day! My name is Jason Oh from Korea(South).   I have ported android 7.1.2 successfully to our custom  i.mx6q board. CPU       : i.MX6Q OS     &...
    Jason Oh
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  • Can someone help me,ERROR: ExpansionError during parsing /home/imax6/imx-yocto-bsp/sources/meta-fsl-bsp-release/imx/meta-sdk/recipes-graphics/vulkan/vkmark_1.0.bb

    When I first compiled it,i have the error, ERROR: ExpansionError during parsing /home/imax6/imx-yocto-bsp/sources/meta-fsl-bsp-release/imx/meta-sdk/recipes-graphics/vulkan/vkmark_1.0.bb   The project has been com...
    袁 野
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  • Question about VPU EncOpenParam

    Hi all,     Let me ask about a EncOpenParam for VPU operation.   Q1. If EncOpenParam's bitRate is set to something other than "0", will it exceed the specified bitRate? * Will it be controlled at a ...
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  • yocto  add pam module

    hi,    How can make the  pam module to rootfs?  i use imx6  yocto enviroment!   1. i  add this in the local.conf  IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " pam"   2. then,  b...
    一海 陈
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  • Any way to reboot i.MX6 via MfgTool2 WITHOUT returning to serial download mode?

    I am attempting to reboot an i.MX6 based system after deploying new uboot/kernel/rootfs images via MfgTool2.  I am not on location, so I don't have access to the physical unit in order to perform a hardware reset...
    Erik Schumacher
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  • Serial communication permissions Nitrogen 6x Android 7.1

    I am trying to configure a Nitrogen 6x board (uses i.MX6 quad processor) running Android 7.1 to communicate with another board via Serial Port.  I am getting a permission denied error within the application I am ...
    Jonathan Nisbet
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  • RTOS & Linux in i.MX6 quad

    Hi,   We're planning to transfer our app from OMAPL138 dualcore to a modern environment. i.MX6 dual/quad core is a very potential candidate. We need to run RTOS in at least one core while rest of the cores are r...
    Risto Hedman
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    I use i.mx6q as my cpu,now i want to use RGMII,and i know its working electric level is 1.5V. The RGMII IO link to a ETH Switch,but the ETH Switch is working at 3.3V,2.5V or 1.8V. How can i use the RGMII at this sit...
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  • IMX6Q EIM (16bit :D0~D15) problem

    We're using i.MX6Q with EIM interfacing to an FPGA, using synch 16 bit none multiplexed mode with burst mode. we use EIM_D0~EIM_D15 as DATA bus; address and data bus work well except EIM_D6 and EIM_D7:   when i...
    jianmin li
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