• DMA support in Secure World for i.MX6

    Hi, I'm using MCIMX6Q-SDB which equiped i.MX 6Quad* processor. Now I can use SDMA to transmit data from non-secure memory to the peripheral‘s FIFO in Normal World. I want to use SDMA(Smart Direct Memory Access ...
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  • building U-boot failed: cannot find -lgcc

    Hi,   I'm following the BSP Porting Guide and created the u-boot building script:   #!/bin/bash export ARCH=arm export CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/poky/1.8.1/sysroots/i686-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/arm-poky-linux-gnu...
    Hepei Li
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  • RGMII TXC signal integrity

    Hi community,   I have a signal integrity problem on one of our new design. This board contains a IMX6QP5EYM1AB processor with associated components including DDR3 memory and a Marvell 88E6352 Ethernet switch. T...
    Daniel Kubiak
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  • Failed to use MfgTool for i.MX6 with Yocto Project

    We want to upgrade from i.MX6 DualLite to i.MX6 QuadPlus. In i.MX6DL, we used i.MX Yocto Project BSP with imx-4.1.15-2.1.0.   In i.MX6QP, we also used the same setting. We built image in the following commands...
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  • How to get into AR8035's 100M/1000M Ethernet Test mode for Compliance Test

    Hello everyone,   I have a custom board with imx6qp and ar8035, and i want to get into ar8035's 1000M Ethernet test mode.I had already set the reference clock to 125MHz, but it can't ping the gatewayip in u-boot...
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  • Imx6 yocto photo display distortion

    Hello  I met a problem on NXP imx6 yocot system, that is the photo display is distorted. The phenomenon is as follows photo files. please helps to analyze what causes it and how to solve it Version: Linux 4.14....
    feng chen
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  • mfgtool stuck at Jumping to OS image and no debug output

    Hi,   we're designing our custom board based on imx6QuadPlus SABRE-SD board, using the same DDR3 with the same size (1GB).   By using the mfgtool (L3.14.52_1.1.0_ga-mfg-tools), I noticed the program proces...
    Hepei Li
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  • imx6q display resolution 1280*800 fail

    Hi ,   I am using a custom board running android 6 on imx6q processor.   In kernel source Default resolution was set to 1920*1080 and i have changed it to 1280*800 and facing an issue with the display And...
    Dileep Reddy
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  • CS42888 | mx6q | sabreAI

    Hi All, I am working on custom SabreAI based custom board on android 7.1 platform. This is our cs42888 codec section which is also based on reference design. connected AOUT_1P connected to amplifier enabled speak...
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  • How to reset DRAM_RESET pin go to Low level?

    Hello community,   I checking a function around MMDC of i.MX6QP. After initialized DRAM(MDCTL[SDE_x]=1 and DRAM_RESET goed Hi and DRAM_SDCKE start working.), Does it have some method to DRAM_RESET go to Low le...
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    Hello Every one, Good morning to all   I am using a sgtl5000 in my console mixer project, I have interfacing through spi , Also I have set all the registers of sgtl5000 , but it doesn't respond any thing.  ...
    vikash chandra raman
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  • SPI 5 not working on IMX6QP

    Hello, I am writing my own SPI driver. I need to use ECSPI 5 on iMX6QP. I am following the instructions in the datasheet regarding the initialization of the the ECSPI 5 module. I am configuring the registers directly...
    Michal Olbrich
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  • a simple task fails for TCM_L and works well  for flash.

    hello Maybe it is an obvious question but i do not see correct answer. i use mx6sx mcu (a9 and m4 cores inside) and had created a FreeRTOS little test project for TCM_L memory of m4. The project has one little task -...
    oleg scherbinin
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  • How to add new entry in fstab.freescale?

    Hi All,   As I am working on AOSP 9.0 source and trying to modify the fstab.freescale file by adding new entry. Just we have added below entries in fstab.freescale and device-partitions-14GB.bpt file  ...
    Thanaraj Subramani
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  • Imx6 Autoboot stop

    Hello Team.   I am using the imx6q sabresd board i flash the android9 image for the board and  i set the uboot environmental variable  "setenv bootdelay 0" and saveenv, reset, after doing this i am ab...
    Nandish SG
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  • i.MX6 video output at only 30Hz

    Hello- I have a baremetal install on an i.MX6 SABRE and it does not work with most monitors or projectors via HDMI. Based on my investigation, it only works with monitors that can support 30Hz. Any ideas on why this ...
    Pavel Gerasimov
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  • gplay-1.0 to play a music file and click into back camera,then music can not playing

    when i use gplay-1.0 to play a music file, then i click into back camera,gstreamer has a warn:    alsa gstalsasink.c:989:xrun_recovery:<alsasink1> xrun recovery -32: Broken pipe   ...
    Max orange
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  • i.MX6 VPU library source and firmware

    Hello, I need to support VPU encoding/decoding on Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (Windows CE). My intention is to port linux code, but I have some problems finding the source code. I'm definitely not a ...
    Stefano Voulaz
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  • IMX6QP vbmeta.img file building.

    I'm trying to build android 8 for MCIMX6QP-SDB. I followed the android user guide(IMX_O8.0.0_1.0.0_ANDROID_DOCS) and build was completed successfully.   When i try to use MFG tool to flash the image there is an...
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  • imx6dq ecspi1 slave mode

    Hello,  I am working with a new application and now I configure the device tree . I have one FPGA system which communicates with my imx6 by ecspi1 but the fpga is working as master and the ss is only connected t...
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