• How to download Linux image files through the usb2.0 interface on imx8qm

    Hi NXP:           By default,Imx8qm dewnload linux image files through the type-C interface. As shown in the picture "Default Download". But now i want download linux image files througt the ...
    yingjin yan
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  • HAB4 - CST descendant key compromised

    Hello, I am using HAB4 and CST. I read that SRK key can be revoked by blowing appropriate fuse. Suppose I signed an image with an IMG1 key, subordinate , for example, to SRK1 key. Suppose that IMG1 key g...
    Antonio Santagiuliana
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  • runqemu imx8mmevk not working

    i build the yocto image for hardware imx8mmevk by following steps 1)Downloaded meta-freescale-thud bsp and added at poky_thud directory and mentioned layed in bblayer.conf 2)changed machine at local.conf to imx8mmev...
    Omkar Teli
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    Hi,  I am using the imx8 in my project, with two spi controllers i.e ECSPI1 & ECSPI2. After checking imx6 spi controller source code i came to know that spi controller can be configured in slave mode,now i w...
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  • REDLIB Include for C++ Project

    Dears collegues,   I am porting the example sdk evkbimxrt1050_csi_fragment_gray from C to C++. I found errors due to not using of REDLIB include. However, the REDLIB include is not compatible with C++. What...
    Rubens Junior
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  • i.mx53 GPU - does not work

    Hi everyone. Someone might explain, step by step, how to start the GPU in the Yocto Zeus (  i.mx53 ). My parameter: MACHINE ?? = imx53gsb             ...
    Alex Berenshtein
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  • i.MX53 (also i.MX6) PWM Glitches on Duty Cycle Change

    I'm using PWM on the i.MX53 as an LCD Backlight Driver control.   When the brightness is ramped up it all works fine. When it is ramped down there are glitches.   That happens a lot on old and cheap PWM ti...
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  • Patch to support adv7180 TVin chip for Freescale Android R10.4 BSP on iMX53 -blog archive

        Freescale Android BSP doesn't support TVin chips, this patch enabled the adv7180 chip for Android.     The followed functions are supported:     1) Android camera app...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • spi first time op error in imx6ull with kernel 4.19.35

    hardware: imx6ull kernel: kernel 4.19.35 in custom board, i use ecspi1 controller two devices,  dts as follow: ecspi1 {    fsl,spi-num-chipselects = <2>;    cs-gpios = <...
    he lun
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  • i.MX51 WINCE600 eCSPI Support Multiple Bursts Mode and Wait States

    In the i.MX51 default WINCE6  release, the eCSPI doesn't support multiple bursts mode and set the wait states. Attached was the document and code for how to enable the multiple bursts mode and how to set the wai...
    Justin Jiang
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  • How to enable SSI1 double FIFO on i.MX51 WINCE600

    In the default release the SSI1 doesn't suport double FIFO in audio driver. Attached was the code to support double FIFO with updated DMA script.
    Justin Jiang
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  • iMX53 camera patch to support CSI->VDI->IC->MEM capture

    The patches are based on iMX53 L2.6.35_ER1109 BSP.   In default linux BSP, the followed two pathes were supported in kernel driver mxc_v4l2_capture.c: CSI->IC->MEM CSI->MEM   After appied these ...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • Handling Heap/Stack - Sample application RT1050

    Dear friends,   In developing of a project with i.MXRT1052, I are having difficulty testing the handling of Heap / Stack regions so that the program runs on external RAM (64Mb) rather than internal RAM (96kb). P...
    Rubens Junior
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  • QSPI Flash RT1050 failure

    Dear,   I'm working on a project with the NXP i.MXRT1050 family MIMXRT1052DVL6B processor. For preliminary testing I'm using the MIMXRT1050-EVK development kit. For the initial tests we are using the SDX provide...
    Rubens Junior
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  • LOCSC Interface

    Dear collegues! Happy 2020!   Does anyone know of an interface called locsc for NXP processors?   Best regards. Rubens Júnior.
    Rubens Junior
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  • LOCSC Interface

    Dear collegues! Happy 2020!   Does anyone know of an interface called locsc for NXP processors?   Best regards. Rubens Júnior.
    Rubens Junior
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  • Fixed chip ID reporting in FXOS8700 driver

    Fixed bug in FXOS8700 driver where chip ID would always be reported as 0x0 in an error message when chip id read fails or returns unexpected value during FXOS87000 initialization.
    venkata shuressh
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    Hello Every one, Good morning to all   I am using a sgtl5000 in my console mixer project, I have interfacing through spi , Also I have set all the registers of sgtl5000 , but it doesn't respond any thing.  ...
    vikash chandra raman
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  • a simple task fails for TCM_L and works well  for flash.

    hello Maybe it is an obvious question but i do not see correct answer. i use mx6sx mcu (a9 and m4 cores inside) and had created a FreeRTOS little test project for TCM_L memory of m4. The project has one little task -...
    oleg scherbinin
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  • iMX51 and boundary scan

    When connected via JTAG, 3 devices are detected. Using TOPJTAG! Two devices are known - the i MX51 chip itself and the core! The third device is identified with ID=0, most likely it is SDMA! IR length?
    Sergei Molotkov
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